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  1. Hi Charissa, hope you are well.

    We are creating a directory of ‘The Most Influential Fashion and Beauty Bloggers’ and would like to include you! Being part of this elite list of bloggers will offer you many advantages as well as exciting opportunities with Chiara Fashion. We are offering:

    - The opportunity to be our featured blogger of the month/week

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    - Get invited to our meetings, make-over days and meet other influential bloggers

    We will also be able to contact you directly with event invitations, review opportunities and advertising offers. We are planning style challenges (with fantastic prizes) and various blogger events which will benefit your blog as well as being part of some exciting experiences.

    If this is something you would be interested in participating in them please reply to this email so we can add you to the directory and begin our journey together!

    The Chiara Fashion Team


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