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If you follow me on social media you may already know that recently I changed jobs. My role requires me to dress more professionally than I have previously, however it's quickly became apparent that "workwear" is marketed as simply a white shirt, black trouser and blazer combination, and not much else. I already mentioned in a previous post (which you can read here) that although I have always prided myself on being smartly presented, it is important for my personality to show through. Which made me realise how difficult it can be for the more fashion-savvy individuals to find weather appropriate workwear without being perceived as looking too casual.  


When you are working 8-9 hour days, being comfortable is absolutely essential. Not only that but when the sun makes an appearance you need to make sure sweat-patches are an absolute no go. All the items featured above are made from lightweight fabrics; cotton, crepe and grosgrain in the hope of keeping the perspiring to a minimum. Quite a lot of people tend to disagree with me but when I am investing the amount of money I do on clothes each month I don't want to dedicate it to two days I have in the week as it's not cost-effective. For me nearly every item I purchase is something I can wear for all occasions, whether that is for work, lunch with friends or a cinema date with Liam. Therefore I feel as though all the items in my workwear wish list can be worn outside of work too.

My favourite item of all those shown above has got to be the floral a-line mini skirt from Topshop. Such a versatile piece that would be suitable for all seasons; whether that is with a thick knit jumper, tights and heeled boots or with a crisp white shirt and lace-up shoes, it will look amazing. For the amount of detail and quality of the fabric too I think £39 is more than reasonable. I can't wait to pick it up on my next pay day. Do you agree that these would pass as acceptable workwear choices? What are your thoughts? I'd love to know, let me know in the comments below.

Alternatives to the Ruffled Shirt:

Alternatives to Gold Brogues:


  1. Cigarette pants are my favourites! x

  2. The skirt is absolutely gorgeous and was the first thing that caught my eye! My next year of study will involve placements in veterinary practices where 'shirt + chinos' under scrubs are the normal uniform (not my type of things at all) so trying to find alternatives that are practical but still smart is going to be a challenge! Cigarette trousers may be the way to go x


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