The best kept secrets of Newcastle


Photo credit: Hannah Layford, the rest are my own.

I'm just going to say this right now at the beginning so you have been warned, but this probably won't be the best post to read if you haven't eaten (or are on a diet like me).

It saddens me that as a result of the perception that has been portrayed by the media of the North East the great elements of Newcastle; that as a local I come across on a daily basis, can be completely side-tracked in favour of a concoction of excessive drinking and reckless behaviour. Travelodge have challenged me to write a post of what I think are some of the best kept secrets in Newcastle which I feel is a great opportunity to enlighten you all on some absolute gems. Over the last year on my blog I have regularly shared great food spots I would recommend visiting which if you are interested I have linked here which I would love if you gave a read, but today I thought I would talk about two of my new go-to events. The first and my absolute favourite has to be The Boiler Shop Steamer. Firmly secured in Newcastle's social calendar for the last few years, The Boiler Shop Steamer celebrates all that is great about food, drink, music and art. Heading through Newcastle’s railway arches, behind Central Station and you will discover a great variety of street food vendors you may have never heard of are now right at your fingertips. The aroma of savoury (and sweet) delights is overwhelmingly divine and each and every time I go, my food decision becomes harder and harder. The warm, friendly atmosphere allows this event to be a wholesome family day out. Although it has closed it's doors until next year I still think it is a good idea to show you show photos from a couple of my visits below.

In addition to this, last weekend was the first time I visited Jesmond Food Market on Armstrong Bridge. After hearing it was the 'new kid on the block' in the culinary market (obviously, right), I decided it would be a great excuse for myself and Hannah to stuff our faces with great northern cuisine. An array of local producers can be found trading; from sausages, to cheese, bread, cakes, pastries, and pies. You get the idea? However it was also really nice to see that the market included stalls for organic green grocers, local florists and also to-go food stands suitable for vegetarians and vegans allowing the event to be tailored to everyone. Because it is so brand new there are a few flaws, one being the queues for hot food stalls were crazy. We ended up standing for well over twenty minutes for a wrap from the renowned middle-eastern vendor Papa Ganoush. They are 100% worth the wait though, if you are from the North East and have never grabbed one of there Chicken (or falafel for the veggies) Shawarma wraps you really need to get out more. As it has only been running for three months I can be forgiving and I firmly believe that it has potential for it to become just as great as both the already established Quayside and Tynemouth Market. It is scheduled for the third Saturday of the month so make sure you get down for the next one!


  1. the best kept secrets of a city are always food places! everything looks amazing and has made me super hungry!

    Rose and Weston x

  2. Beautiful photos and sounds so lovely! I'm always really interested in the smaller, hidden yet incredible places in a city, definitely makes days out far more exciting, you feel like you're part of a big secret! x

    India Charlotte♥

  3.  I always love the images you share.

  4. Ok I am so hungry right now!!! Love your pictures and your Blog!!!
    Love Katie

  5. 2016 is my last year at Durham University so I need to make the most of being so close to Newcastle and visit more. These recommendations are definitely going to the top of my list. Thank you x


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