Dress for the job you want, not the job you have


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Isn’t it strange that inspiration comes to you when you least expect it? I was in the shower yesterday thinking about life (as you do) when suddenly I had the idea for today’s post. I won’t disclose the field of work I'm in nor go in to it a great deal, but since I made the switch to full-time in December last year I have experienced comments made on how I’m dressed on quite a regular occurrence. However when you are used to a community such as the bloggersphere; who are extremely supporting and accepting of everyone’s differences, when you take a step-back into the ‘regular’ world, you realise how archaic attitudes can be. I'm fortunate enough to not be confined to a uniform dress-code therefore it allows me to dress as I'd like. As I'm aspiring to stay within the fashion industry; whether that be as a full-time blogger eventually or within marketing, PR roles, I enjoy have the freedom to dress in a way that reflects myself and my interests. I have had a dress and boots on before and had comments similar to "who are you getting your legs out for?" or when I wear a coloured lipstick or do my make-up slightly more made up than usual, again remarks asking why I'm making an effort. It still dumbfounds me that in 2015 there is still a sense of questioning for a justification behind the reason for how I'm dressed.

I'm not outspoken nor have I ever made comments towards other choices, as I understand everyone is entitled to be there own individual. Therefore I find it difficult that I am constantly questioned on my choices on a regular basis. If I want to wear pom-pom shoes to work, I can. I'm not offending anyone, I'm not hurting anyone's feelings. So who cares?! They're not worn for a reaction or a comment, but solely because at that moment it is what I wanted to wear. Above all I pride myself on presenting myself in a professional manner but still making sure my personality shines through. I see others coming in the office in loungewear, no make-up and UGG boots and then I hear them stating that they have no motivation or they are unhappy in their role. Just because my field isn't face-to-face with customers and other clients even if it continues to make me be judged by others or have double takes I will continue to dress for the job I want in the long run, not the job I have. Because in my eyes a red lipstick and the occasional bare leg doesn't take away my worth for a respected, higher role. Today's post was albeit a rant as opposed to anything interesting. So well done if you stuck with me and read it until the end. I think I just wish I was surrounded by others who loved fashion and beauty as much as I do.


  1. Me too I think the same, I live by this motto, also because I dress up for myself, it's a personal pleasure and therefore I love to put nice clothes on and use my makeup to look a better version of myself :) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

  2. I completely agree with this. I am just about to start a full time office job in Marketing and will have to wear my own outfits on a daily basis, which I actually prefer, I feel much more like me in my own clothes! Presenting yourself in a certain way has a big effect on state of mind and mood in my opinion. I feel so much more ready for the day when I'm properly dressed and makeup on.

    Don't stop being yourself!

    Paige | www.taketwentyone.co.uk

  3. I totally understand what you mean. Fashion for me is about expressing your personality, and there should be no restrictions to that (as long as you don't come in your underwear to work, haha). A lot of people don't understand this, they are jealous and simply unsatisfied with themselves. I mean what other reason is there to dress in ugg boots and jeans every day? :D They simply lead an uninspiring life.

    xo Stefanie

  4. This is so spot on. Expressing yourself on the outside is as important as what comes from the inside and out of your mouth! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  5. Well done for this, I also think you should dress however you like and people should just deal with it, if it were the other way round and you were asking people why they always appeared to be dressed boringly and implied they never made an effort, people would think you were horrible.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  6. Great post. I have a job where I get to dress up for the office (or down if I want) and I love it. Fashion is so much fun when you can express your personality through it! xx

  7. I had the exact same experience when i entered the industry I work in now. No one made an effort at work but as I love fashion I couldnt pretend I was someone I wasn't, i got so many comments but now were at the point where other people in the office actually make more of an effort with their appearance so it's turned out quite well. Just smile and get on with your day knowing you look rad! :)

  8. Completely agree - you shouldn't be made to feel intimidated or conscious of other's jealous judgements. Be sure there are people who are loving your style also :) x

  9. Whomever it was who commented "who are you getting your legs out for?" needs their face slapped! It's bad enough when people are ignorant sexist bigots, but being extremely rude and wanting to impose their idiotic views on others is megalomanic , obnoxious, and warrants a rant or three on how they should take their heads out of their butts and STFU. I suspect that if they venture onto the internet they are amongst the trolls.
    Like most of the fashionistas I follow, you have excellent fashion taste. ALL of your coworkers should feel privileged to have such a beautiful fashion forward professional in their midst. I agree, it would be nice to be surrounded by the lovely and appreciative people who comment on our blogs! :)


  10. Yes! I have been lucky enough to work in a creative role for the last few years which has let me wear pretty much what I like and I always enjoy looking that little bit more together than I need to be, or experimenting a little with what I want to wear. Other peoples' expectations of what you *should* wear is always the only extra stressful thing.
    Chambray & Curls // Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  11. Beautiful picture. Love your post!!

    Shay x

  12. Ah I love this - it's so true! You wear those pom pom shoes with pride haha! :) xox

    Maisy Meow | Fashion and Lifestyle


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