Does your lifestyle affect the safety of your home?


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It really struck home with me finding out a couple of weeks ago the lovely Becca Rose (check out her YouTube she's amazing!) had her house broken into. It's such a scary and traumatic experience that no-one ever deserves to happen to them, luckily she's getting back to normality in a new home and the main thing is that she and her pug Rupert are safe. However it got me thinking can our lifestyle affect the safety of our home? To springboard your blog as a career, the best place for bloggers is to be situated in London. It is very unlikely that in London any of us could be able to afford to buy a home there, so the assumption would be that the majority of us rent a place. The same also applies for living outside of London too as most bloggers I know in there 20's are also renting. Legal & General have posted a report on burglaries and it is quite astonishing that by being a renter you are statistically more likely to be broken into. Not only that but I will openly admit I love having all my favourite things on show. By doing this if I was to be broken into, as burglars like to be in and out as quick as possible they will usually grab what is on view. Meaning everything of value to me would be taken. The article highlights another trait that can be a factor; technology. Social Media is key for bloggers and we share our life through the internet. I know that if I tallied up the value of my smartphone, laptop, camera and tablets that are all used on a daily basis that is easily over £2,000. A thieves jackpot, really. I won't live in fear of a burglary happening or change my lifestyle because of this, I haven't created this post to state any of us should do that either. But from experience I know that my sister and her flat-mate do not have any contents insurance and even typing that makes me anxious. Having home insurance is definitely the safety net that we all need. If criminals are going to take our property at least the conciliation can we can take from an awful situation would be that by having insurance we can some of the items replaced. If we are statistically more likely to be broken in to let's just ensure we are taking all the steps we can to prevent it as much as possible. There is some great hints and tips on the article so if you have recently moved out, whether that is for university or you were ready to take the next step I definitely think it's worth checking out. 


  1. I live in London and as you said buying a house here is almost impossible at such a young age. I think home insurance is crucial when living in such a big city, mainly after what you just said in this post! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  2. I was thinking this exact thing when I heard about Becca, and it's a shame that she may have to think about that more. It was probably just an unfortunate random break in, but to think that it may not have been random? That's scary and so sad.


  3. I'm always paranoid about break ins, I have a couple of huge German Shepherds though and I'm sure that helps my feeling of safety because those bad boys are super protective.

    Rosy |


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