A spontaneous trip to Rome


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ASOS Lace-up Sandals (Similar here)
ALDO Cross Body Bag (Similar here)

If you keep up to date with me on Twitter, a couple of Sundays back myself and Liam decided to book a trip to Rome for four nights the following Sunday. One week to get everything sorted out?! For someone who would never be associated with the word 'spontaneous', once the excitement subdued, anxiety kicked in. Alongside being in work full-time until the day we flew as you can imagine it was total chaos for me. Even so I powered through with a couple of sleepless nights planning but it was totally and utterly worth it in the end. September is always a great month to travel to Italy as it is still warm however not too warm that you are confined to lying in a bikini all day. Which is great as I love to get out there and explore. Not only that but the prices of travelling are dropping which allows the possibility to book last minute if you want to.

Our time in Rome was a wonderful whirlwind experience. We were welcomed with thirty degree heat, a great space to explore and amazing food; both fresh and incredibly affordable, it was the perfect setting for a break from reality for a few days. This trip was also a personal triumph for me in so many ways. As I already have a zero tolerance for invasion of my personal space by strangers, being told several times that Rome is renowned for pick-pockets, being crushed upon others in rush hour on the tube (seriously like flesh on flesh) and the magnitude of people in the tourist locations, my anxiety was making more of an impact than it usually does. Even so, I chose to not let it defeat me and wanted to experience the whole of Rome how it should be done and I'm so glad I refused to let it hinder me, even if it meant I was on edge 99.9% of the time. Italian has always been my favourite cuisine, so having the opportunity to taste Rome street food I had never tried or heard of before was so much fun. I've discovered from our time away that garlic bread is not a normal side dish to accompany pasta, my portion sizes are far too big and I do not like an Aperol Spritz. I'm also still having major Suppli withdrawal symptoms. If you visit Rome you have to try it, you won't regret it. Also if you are thinking sandals are a good idea on cobbled streets, you could not be more wrong. Seriously, trainers are a must! I definitely learned the hard way. As a result of not taking suitable footwear for walking 10+ miles per day my feet are still traumatised and recovering four days later. My Olympus PEN e-pl7 was the perfect size to carry with me and not weigh me down without compromising on photo quality. Below is a few of the photos I captured whilst away however there are also more on my Instagram too.

Top: Chicwish | Shorts: ASOS | Bag: Zara (Similar here)


  1. ahh I've never been to Rome but I really want to - your photos are gorgeous! spontaneous trips are the best x

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  2. Rome is absolutely lovely. Good on you for taking a spontaneous trip! I went in September a few years ago with a friend and absolutely loved it, was warm enough to feel like summer but could still explore comfortably, would definitely go again :)

    Paige | www.taketwentyone.co.uk

  3. oh that is awesome that you took a spontaneous trip to Rome!! I miss it so much. I loved the gelato there!

    Winn | ♥
    winscribbles.blogspot.com | Instagram

  4. your pictures make me want to go back lol.

  5. Rome looks so beautiful!


  6. Such nice photos! I might be going to Rome sometimes next year, I can't wait :)

  7. I've always wanted to visit Rome! These pictures are just so so stunning Charissa x


  8. Ah i love Rome! I went a couple of years ago. A beautiful city! I want to go book a city break now!

    ​Leanne​ ​x​

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  9. Such a stunning beautiful post, love the pictures!! x


  10. rome looks amazing, i have always wanted to visit! adore the first outfit too xx


  11. I recently went to Rome, it's such a beautiful city! There's history and art everywhere you go, it's stunning!! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  12. I really want to start going on more city breaks. I've always had big places on my travel wishlist like America, Mexico etc. but there's so many amazing places in europe that I have never even been to. And I've no excuse since the flights can be so cheap! Looks like you had a fab time :)

    Maisy Meow | Fashion and Lifestyle

  13. I have always wanted to go to Rome! It looks wonderful and so nice:)

  14. Rome is beautiful, one of my favourite places to visit! I haven't been there in quite a few years and this post is making me want to go back so bad!
    Daniella x


  15. Cute bag :)
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    Maria V.

  16. Green with envy, would love to go to Rome. xx

  17. You look amazing in that Zara skirt girly and that gnocchi looks delicious too. Now missing Rome badly (and yes, it's been two years since I went eek!) Gx


  18. love the shape of the skirt! glad you had such a wonderful time in Rome - it's a city I'd love to visit!

    Rose and Weston x


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