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It’s that time of year again; the sun comes out, flights are booked, strict diets begin and summer clothes are bought.  Despite all of this being standard practice for a summer holiday, I think no woman can ever be prepared enough to have all the essentials waiting and ready.  Is it just me or are the beauty necessities always the last pieces you buy? Even so it’s time to get stocked up and I’ve put together some of my top tips to ensure you’re holiday ready.

Preparation is key – Looking after your body before you fly is just as important whilst you’re away. I love designating one of my days to solely pampering myself, so I’m in tip top condition from day one. Hair removal; usually seen as a dreaded chore that us ladies have been tarnished with, is a must for holiday. If not done right it can sometimes be quite drying on your skin, which won’t be a good look paired with your beach dresses. However nair have recently introduced their new argan oil collection providing several treatments designed to remove even the shortest of hairs, but keep the skin beautifully soft and smooth. This means that you now have the perfect foundation not only for great skin, but forms a perfect base for your summer wardrobe and further beauty regimes.

Keep moisturised – A huge dose of sun; although great for the tan you’ve been so desperate to build, is not great for the hydration of your skin. Whilst away I like to always keep a couple of intense moisturisers handy, one to keep in my beach bag to top up before my sun-cream and again to re-apply before I go to sleep. Just think, do you really want to sport the half-amphibian look? Facial sprays, lip-balms will be great additions to keep on you at all times also. So now not only do you now have silky smooth skin thanks to all your preparation done before your holiday but it should stay the whole time you are away.

Stay topped up –  A huge misconception with tanning is the lower factor sunscreen you wear, the better tan you will have. This can lead to some people not wearing the right protection and damaging the skin and therefore increasing the chance of potentially having skin cancer in the future. I know it’s never an easy topic to discuss as it can be scary but it’s so important and I cannot stress that enough. Throughout the day I make sure every couple of hours I re-apply my sunscreen so I’m giving my body the maximum protection.

P.S. All those sunglasses you’ve bought as accessories will come in handy too, giving your eyes a break from all the sunlight (just make sure they have UV protection!).

By following these small steps and taking care of my body it really does impact my confidence over the summer months. Getting into a bikini or stepping out of your comfort zone with fashion; by showing more skin, when you’re not 100% body confident can be difficult. Yet the positive feeling smooth skin can give you will shine through in your body language, meaning so much more to you than what it seems from the surface. For more details of products that Nair include in the new collection you can check out directly at or see what others are using with the hashtag #SkinByNair.

*this post is sponsored by nair – words are my own*


  1. A good moisturizer is a must have! I really want to try argan oil too xx

  2. Does that Nair really work? Sounds really good that might need to use it in future.

  3. This help me a lot! Thank you! You've earned a new subscriber :)


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