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A recent survey has revealed that women think the ideal man is six foot tall, has a short back and sides haircut and wears a suit. As well height, short hair and a suit, a survey commissioned by ladbrokes casino found the UK's perfect man also has blue eyes, a 45k salary (at least), a great personality and the same style as don draper. Oh, and they also look like David Beckham and work as a managing director. Of course everybody has different tastes, but some styles and trends are more popular than others. When it comes to fashion, the most popular style by far was the don draper-style; the suited and booted look. Almost a third of women asked in the survey said their perfect man would dress this way - interesting how so many women said their ideal man dress like a character from 'Mad Men', the popular TV series set in the 1960s.

Obviously some things never go out of style and women still prefer this classic, smart look. 8% of women however did say that their ideal man would be a beard-sporting, vintage-wearing hipster. Big bushy beards have become insanely popular in the last couple of years, but only one in seven women said that the man of their dreams has a beard. Recent research by the university of new south wales has found that as beards become more popular, the less attractive they are to women. 20% of those asked said that they preferred a man who is well groomed, even if goes so far as to wax his eyebrows. The metrosexual man is still popular with women, even if in fashion he has been replaced with the much burlier, and much hairier, ‘lumbersexual’. 17% of women said they liked the metrosexual look and 43% said they liked a man to have a naturally hairless and smooth body.

Another interesting fact to come out of the survey is that over half of the women surveyed said they prefer a man with 'short back and sides'. It seems as if the traditional, conservative haircut is more popular than fashionable hair styles like the quiff and the 'mun' (man bun). 96% of women said they hated the man bun and 90% said they hated the quiff. When it comes to attracting the ladies, it seems as if not following fashion is best way to go. Personally for me, I prefer liam when he has a bit of facial hair and his hair is quiffed back. Which just goes to show not everyone has the same taste. Being happy within yourself is the most important thing.

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