CitizenM | Bankside, London


CitizenM is the perfect boutique hotel for those looking for great wi-fi and an all nighter with plenty of espressos. Suited to local young professionals alike, the 24-hour 'living room' made the perfect accompaniment to the incredibly stylish lobby; filled with several books to purchase and amazing art to analyse. Of all the quirky interiors hidden within the walls or throughout the hotel, what struck me most were the contemporary light fixtures. With a cup of tea in one hand at almost 1am, as I sat below the lights with Liam we watched all the other professionals staying who were living much more fast-paced than ourselves at that time. It was one of my fondest moments of our trip.

As we ascended the spiral staircase that lead us to our room as we opened the door we were welcomed with the extra large king-size bed that stretches across an entire side of the room, touching all three walls. The samsung tablet equipped to the room allowed us to control everything from the room’s mood lighting and temperature, to on-demand movies and TV. It’s so interesting to see how CitizenM are pushing boundaries with modern, innovate touches to further appeal to their target customer, the business traveller. I myself, certainly approve and will definitely stay again when I return to London. The hotel is perfectly situated in South Bank. Allowing us to be close enough to the centre in order to visit Covent Garden, Soho and Regent Street. Although we still had plenty to do with the Borough Market just a ten minute walk away. Whenever I make the visit to London I absorb it all in its entirety as though I was a giant sponge. Feeling incredibly sad when the time comes for me to leave. 


  1. What a lovely hotel! I can imagine it's a great stay.

    Emma x

  2. This looks like a great little hotel! x

  3. Looks a lovely place to stay, love how you can change the lights with the tablet!

  4. Beautiful place!

  5. This help me a lot! Thank you! You've earned a new subscriber :)


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