to my sister, this mothers day


thank you for being the most important female in my life. you're my worst enemy sometimes but also my greatest supporter. i've recently learnt mothers day does not need to be a negative one if you aren't fortunate enough to have a mother figure in your life; of course if you have a mother who's passed that's a completely different kettle of fish and i can't sympathise enough. for me i've decided to focus on making it a day to appreciate the other women i do have, and making sure they know how grateful i am for them.

my blog provides amazing opportunities for myself, but the most rewarding are when it can benefit my loved ones. we were kindly put up for the night by mecure norton grange hotel & spa and after breakfast in bed we made our way down to the spa for a treatment each. beth opted for the manicure and polish (they didn't let me sit with her during the process hence no photos!) whilst i decided to go all out for the neck, back and shoulder massage. it was my first ever massage; or trip to a spa for that matter, however i think i need to go more by the sound of all the knots that came out in the half hour time slot. one word, ouch. afterwards we ventured into the town centre and made our way over to the white stuff store for her to feel like a kid in a candy store... in a literal sense, kind of.

the white stuff store provide a shopping experience i've never quite encountered before and we both loved it! you are welcomed with the staff asking if you would like a hot drink (i obviously asked for a cuppa) giving you a sense of comfort and homeliness. the whole store was full of quirky bits of decor which is right up my street. especially the hangers, i wish i could have stolen one. i didn't take a great deal of photos, mainly due to the fact i had to make sure my sister was doing okay taking over my social channels and did a few snaps which you can see over on my instagram or she was active on twitter/facebook too. plus i had to make sure she was making sensible decisions as the white stuff were kind enough to gift her some pieces from the store which she was able to chose herself. below you can see one of the items; a beautiful tan leather purse, along with her newly manicured and polished nails. overall, we really had a great time and it was nice for us to spend a whole weekend together as we don't see each other much now we live separately. a huge thank you to virgin experiences and the white stuff store in manchester for allowing my sister to feel the love by giving her a taste of some benefits i get to encounter on a regular basis due to my blog.


  1. Such a lovely post, I cant think of anything better than being offered a cup of tea whilst I shop! :)

  2. This is looking so lovely ! Nice photos !

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  3. Such a lovely post! I couldn't agree more especially on international women's day

    ellie xo

  4. I had my first ever massage recently too and yep apparently I have lots of tension and knots haha. Ouch indeed. This was a really sweet post. xx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  5. Looks / sounds like you had a lovely time! I think it's so important to have quality time with sisters. I'm definitely debating a massage but I've been put off as I've heard they can be quite painful x

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  6. Lovely post !

  7. That's so lovely that you got to spend such a wonderful week with your sister! Sounds like you had a great time, The White Stuff sounds like a fab store...I always walk past my local one but next time I'm definitely going to pop in! x

    Josie’s Journal


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