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isn't nice to just sit down and have a little chat once in a while? amongst the haste of scheduling/working on posts and working full time, besides reading your comments i don't really get to have a chat with you. i really would like to change that s i'm always here to talk to so please don't hestitate to pop me a tweet/message via e-mail if you would like. i can't promise a reply instantly but i will come back to you as quickly as i can. whether it's a question you want answering or a chit-chat don't hesitate. honestly! :)

now it might just me but now i'm starting to settle into my new job i'm getting more into a frequent routine with my blog, have you noticed? it was hard to accept at the beginning i wouldn't be able to continue at my previous pace of style posts (mainly due to the weather ruining chances on my free days when i tried) but now i've realised i enjoyed adding a bit of versatility to my posts and it keeps it exciting with a bit of beauty and lifestyle chucked in there. and i'm hoping to get some baking posts involved too! it means i'm no longer limited to one field of blogging, even if style posts are probably my most favourite posts to do as i love the response i get from you guys. plus i'm surprised with myself how much i can still do with only two days off a week. little pat on the back to me right? but really this post was just to say thank you for sticking by me whilst i had all the changes going on. without you reading i wouldn't still be getting e-mails in my inbox offering me collaborations and you keep www.charissarae.com going! i love you guys and hello to all you newbies who have recently just started following me. i'm in double digits now to 3,000 on bloglovin' and it's just mind-blowing. lots and lots of love.


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  2. It's so nice to read a post every once in a while that's just chatty, I find it so refreshing. I work full time too and find it hard to get time to focus on my new blog, but seeing how you juggle a job and blog just makes me realise that with a little planning and organizing it can be done x

  3. It's nice to read a little catch up post once in a while. I know the feeling of fitting in blogging around work x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. I love chit-chat posts every so often :) Looking forward to your baking posts too! xxx

    Maisy Meow | Fashion and Beauty Blog

  5. You deserve it hun! I think sometimes people don't realise how hard it is to work full time, blog and actually have a life! I am currently struggling to get things finished with the house and fit in wedding planning with it all, there just isn't enough time in the day! But I try not to stress about it :) xxx

  6. Kudos on working full time, on managing to do beauty fashion and style blogging, and on keeping in touch with your commenters. I enjoy reading your blog posts and the Tweets on your Twitter @CRMcAneny as well.


  7. Amazing that you work full time and have such a fab blog, I love your blog and all your gorgeous outfits :-) xxx


  8. looking forward to more outfit posts. I do love them a lot :) And yes doing a blog with a full time job is hard work x


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