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MAC cosmetics lipstick

i love lip colour; wearing different shades on different days or for different moods, whatever the reason i'll find one so i can get away with it. most people think wearing lipstick is a sign of dressing up or making an effort but there's no harm in wearing it day to day if you want to! i certainly do. the older and more invested i've become in make-up the less i go for drugstore brands if i'm honest. just because i feel like high end lipsticks last so much longer and i know it sounds ridiculous but they smell better. as if there are less chemicals in them... is that weird?

when you first start branching out into the world of high end make-up your first point of call is probably MAC, right? don't get me wrong i love their lipsticks; based on the fact i have an entire cup full over them on my side table, but there are plenty other good brands out there that i'm investing in and trying out. if sephora products were UK based i would probably have a tonne more of them. i bought this lip stain whilst in venice and it's so pigmented and believe me once it's on it aint budging. be careful and take your time when applying though because if you make a mistake it's a whole new make-up job to try and correct the mistake. so affordable though and cannot recommend enough. i did pop a link to a similar product by NYX above also though if like me you're UK based. i do own a couple of the lip creams by them and they are great for pigmentation, just not as great for staying power in comparison to sephora. NARS and bobbi brown are both new brands i've finally decided to take the plunge into after seeing raving reviews and they're really great too. the purpose of this post is just to show there is no clear winner when thinking about buying a lip product. it's about reading good reviews, deciding on a shade that's right for you and if you're gettting what you want out of your lipstick. for instance with myself vibrant colours i want staying power and pigmentation. in comparison to finding "your lips but better" nude tones that you'll wear for a pick me up i'm more interested in a moisturising finish and a good colour match. what are your favourite lip brands and would you recommend any in particular? if you're interested in particular shades i love wearing let me know and i can do a post on that too!


  1. Great picks - my favourite choices at the moment are my MAC Velvet Teddy and Bobbi Brown Matter Nude <3 xx

  2. I agree, and love to wear bold and dark shades even day to day! It can come across as if I'm dolling myself up a lot but I just enjoy wearing different colours! :)

  3. Lovely post, I think I'd like to wear lipstick more often. I have a collection of Mac shades but they're mostly nudes and light pinks so if like to be braver with my choices and reach out to different brands at the same time. x

  4. I'd recommend the matte lip laquers by MUA, quite drying but for £3, the pigmentation and colour choices are incredible!

  5. These are all lovely recommendations and I like trying new brands.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

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  7. I've heard great things about the Clinique Chubby Sticks.. So tempted to try one! x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog


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