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what i'm wearing:
mango black roll-neck jumper

i am so desperate for a re-vamp it's not even funny! thank goodness i'm getting my hair done finally on tuesday. i'm going for a little different look this time as i've been the same tone of blonde for so DAMN LONG. hopefully it'll put me in a better mental place as i'm stuck in such a rut with how i look at the moment. i know, i know... cue the violins right? i just think ever since i chopped my hair off last year i haven't felt happy with my look so hopefully a new-do will perk me up. i haven't done this cape justice as i've been loving it since i ordered it last week and it was such a bargain! it's so thick and cosy. love it.what do you think? sorry if you think this outfit is little mediocre cause i feel it's that way. but i haven't done an outfit post in a while so i wanted to post for you :) i'm totally worn out as i've had a 6 day week at work and thursday was my only day off and i went to shoot with helen. roll on my next day off. even though i'm having a working weekend and i'm being the biggest bore ever, i hope you're having a fab weekend!


  1. I think the outfits lovely :) I know how you feel with work! I'm always too tired to do anything when I finish haha


  2. That lip colour is a shade of perfection paired with the darker tones of the outfit!

    Vanessa xx

  3. You look so cute and stylish !


  4. Amazing look! I love capes :) I just bought one, can't wait to style it x

    Zandra //

  5. Well I think this outfit is perfect for winter, I love your cape and I'm obsessed with turtlenecks so I more than approved ! And I hope you'll feel better, but you should know that with shorter or longer hair, you are absolutely pretty Charissa ;)

  6. Really love the cape! Hope the haircut makes you feel like you've been pulled out of the rut - what are you having done?


  7. So so gorgeous, I'm in desperate need of a blanket wrap! Love these photos! x


  8. Love this look, that cape is gorgeous xo

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

  9. Nice cape !


  10. Gorgeous look - I love the sophisticated style :) Having you hair cut makes you feel like a whole new person afterwards! x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  11. So gorgeous Charissa! Wowser you look beautiful, such a stunning cape and your images are just beautiful xo

  12. Great outfit, love the cape!


  13. Love the cape, this outfit is perfect for a winters day. I know what you mean about being stuck in a hair rut, i've been trying to grow mine for agggesssss and it just isn't happening, I hope a new colour makes you feel a bit better though x

    Laura Charlotte // UK Fashion & Personal Style Blog

  14. I've felt exactly the same lately! Just haven't felt right. Possible early mid life crisis maybe?!
    Looking forward to seeing your new hair and love the cape!


  15. Amazing style, adore this cape and the sunglasses! x


  16. Love the cape! Can't wait to see your new do, I'm sure it'll give you the lift you need! It's always the little things in life that do!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  17. I think your hair looks beautiful. I know you have good taste, so if you decide you change your hair colour I'm sure that will turn out looking lovely too. I love the colour of your lipstick. Your layered winter outfit looks lovely.


  18. I love this look, the cape is gorgeous and the shades really finish off the whole outfit!
    and I have total hair envy also!



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