my secret valentine with anthropologie



so it's absolutely no secret that i am besotted with anthropologie since discovering it last month.
so when i saw an e-mail dropped into my inbox about a collaboration i didn't even think twice about doing it. the 'my secret valentine' campaign allowed me to make some selections of pieces i'd love to choose to be sent out to a fellow blogger (who shall remain nameless) and in return receive a surprise myself come the 14th of february! i've shared above some of my favourite anthropologie valentines day's gifts and three of those are my picks to be sent out.

i chose links 3,4 and 5 and my reasons are that i wanted my secret valentine to feel the romance with a feminine vibe. it's a wonderful thing being able to pop on that statement red lip with a spritz of parfum... et voila, oozing sex appeal. and isn't that what valentines day is all about? i also wanted to stick with the romance theme obv, hence my choice of the paris (city of love and all that) jewellery dish. i really do hope my blogger i was chosen to pick items for love them as much as i would! what do you think? have i picked well? i love the lip tinties, aren't they mega cute? let me know what you think. 

p.s if you haven't already you should definitely check out the anthropologie website. my homeware wishlist is absolutely through the roof!


  1. This is looking so lovely !


  2. Love everything they always have the cutest things available, love love this store :-)

    Great post thanks!!

    Leslie xoxo

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the mugs and earrings in particular!

  4. I love the feminine and romantic vibes of your lovely Anthroplogie Valentine's choices! Yes, those lip tinties are mega cute!


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