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teapot chakboard, sass & belle*

as much as i am missing shooting my outfit posts (thank you snow for ruining my schedule on sunday...) it does feel nice to get into more lifestyle/beauty posts again. variety is the spice of life y'know *wink wink* i don't know if i've spoken about it anywhere on my blog but me and my friend will be moving in together soon. once we find the right apartment of course! i'm really looking forward to being able to decorate my own space exactly how i want to; i'm thinking clean but with mismatched quirky accessories. flamingo gifts were kind enough to gift me a few things from the website and i absolutely adore them all and can't wait to have them in my new home. for now i have them just in my bedroom and i can't keep swooning over the mustard phone. two words, pinterest worthy. also the teapot chalkboard will be perfect now i'm planning on getting into baking more so i'll make sure i'll have all my to-do recipes in the kitchen. no excuses then for slacking, right? 

i also was lucky enough to receive another flamingo candle this time in a more S/S scent; applecurrant crumble... so good. when a candle smells so good that makes you hungry, that's when you know you've hit the jackpot. and prepping for the mass make up storage i will have to do this large canvas bag will be perfect. 

so what do you think of my homeware pieces? do you think they will make great additions to add personality? let me know. 


  1. Lovely pictures ! Good luck with the move !

    Many giveaways on my blog right now !

  2. Ahh such cute candles :) I know what you mean with the snow- I hate it! x


  3. The candle looks like it would smell so good!

  4. That phone is perfect! I'm also a big fan of the Flamingo candles - their scents are lovely.

  5. I am also enjoying moving away from outfit posts and doing more beauty/lifestyle stuff. I just can't rely on the bloody British weather for taking pictures on a weekend (the only time I have). Love these piccies and that yellow phone is flipping brilliant xx

  6. These are all so pretty and I really want to pick up some home bits.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  7. I have an obsession with old fashioned phones and I love that mustard shade. Very cute!

    The Crown Wings

  8. I'm so in love with that telephone! :)

    Hannah xx
    Raspberry Kitsch | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  9. Wowzers, Flamingo Gifts looks like a fab little site. I'm definitely having a look now. Love the sound of the candle too. You're just as bad as Tilly with them. AND CACTI COME TO THINK OF IT! No wonder we're all friends! Gx



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