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my secret valentine with anthropologie


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home ready with flamingo gifts


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teapot chakboard, sass & belle*

as much as i am missing shooting my outfit posts (thank you snow for ruining my schedule on sunday...) it does feel nice to get into more lifestyle/beauty posts again. variety is the spice of life y'know *wink wink* i don't know if i've spoken about it anywhere on my blog but me and my friend will be moving in together soon. once we find the right apartment of course! i'm really looking forward to being able to decorate my own space exactly how i want to; i'm thinking clean but with mismatched quirky accessories. flamingo gifts were kind enough to gift me a few things from the website and i absolutely adore them all and can't wait to have them in my new home. for now i have them just in my bedroom and i can't keep swooning over the mustard phone. two words, pinterest worthy. also the teapot chalkboard will be perfect now i'm planning on getting into baking more so i'll make sure i'll have all my to-do recipes in the kitchen. no excuses then for slacking, right? 

i also was lucky enough to receive another flamingo candle this time in a more S/S scent; applecurrant crumble... so good. when a candle smells so good that makes you hungry, that's when you know you've hit the jackpot. and prepping for the mass make up storage i will have to do this large canvas bag will be perfect. 

so what do you think of my homeware pieces? do you think they will make great additions to add personality? let me know. 

What's in my make-up bag?


products photographed:
MAC keepsakes collection beige eyes palette (similar here)

just a quick post from me tonight, sorry for the delay in posts (again)... i sound like a broken record but it really wasn't my fault this time. my charger for my laptop had dropped off the face of the earth so even though i had content to edit i had no way of editing it until tonight. so i've got a post up for you as quick as humanly possible. srsly. so i thought over the weekend i would shoot a little beauty post from myself as it's been far far too long.

a lot of people over the year or so have asked about what products i use on my face, and i do tend to chop and change. up until the new year i was wearing estee lauder double wear in desert beige, however i realised it was becoming far too heavy on my skin for day-to-day use and even though it's still my HG foundation for shooting or nights out i wanted to give my face a break. i've never owned any bobbi brown products until i had a gift voucher to spend from christmas so did a little splurge and got the touch-up palette which is a life saver, and the matching foundation. the long-wear foundation is still medium to full coverage, but isn't half as dense when applying in comparison to DW. perfect for everyday wear.  the touch-up palette is the great thing since sliced bread for me at the moment. it includes a corrector; for someone who has always struggled with dark circles this has become revolutionary to my make-up routine, the matching concealer, a stick of my tone foundation to carry with me and setting powder. this means popping products beside this in my bag are no more! so worth the £34 in my opinion, even more so when it's limited edition it has me contemplating buying a spare incase it becomes unavailable. 

if i'm wanting to add a subtle glow to my complexion the cover FX illuminating powder has come in great. even more so again for nights out as it's keep those dark areas (under eyes i'm talking to you again) bright and open. pair that with my sephora duo and it gives my face a little more of shape thanks to the art of contouring. neutral eyes are always a must for me so a good palette is essential. i vary between the naked basics palette and my new MAC keepsakes palette i treated myself too before christmas. if i'm honest, urban decay is a lot better in pigmentation and longevity but the MAC palette is so purdy. and it gives me the option to switch to a glitter eye if i was in the mood for a change. finally, i use all of the zoeva rose gold luxury set alongside my real techniques brushes for my face and i can't recommend using brushes enough if you're a newbie and are looking for bits to invest in. i've had my RT brushes well over a year now and no problems what so ever. worth every penny. 

so what do you think? any products you are now interesting in getting, or already use and agree/disagree with me?

getting organised in 2015


products photographed:
fringe ball point pen in geometric print

i love that each new year means that it's another excuse for me to buy new stationary. i've always been a bit of a stationary collector (aka freak); notebooks, new pens, post-it notes, highlighters, you name it and i'm there. this means i can become a little bit over-bearing when it comes to writing things down and trying to stay organised. don't get me wrong i'm not a robot. sometimes i let myself slack and can live day-to-day, but nine times out of ten i like my week to be all planned out for me. 2015 is the year where i would say i now finally count myself as being a "grown up" and have a lot of things to micro manage. so christmas time/new year is perfect as it means i've bagged myself loads of new bits to keep me organised. by chance i spotted the 'blogger must-have' kate spade agenda with 75% off when shopping - what a steal right?!

i think for most bloggers, keeping up to date and making notes is essential to running any blog regardless of whether it's your full time job or you do it on the side of your normal job, like myself. it's the only way i would remember the mountain of to-do's that come with blogging; answering emails, managing when i'm free to shoot and planning campaigns i'm working on. i know it may sound stupid, but i like to write everything down just to myself so it feels like i'm in control. always knowing everything i need to. i'd hate to miss something important all because i didn't write it down as my memory is definitely getting a lot worse the older i become. not only that, but as i said earlier this year i have a lot more responsibilities and outgoings to keep an eye on. and i 100% believe that if i didn't keep up to date with it all, i'd end up blinking and all my money would be gone on clothes. then i'd be in a right ol' pickle. even though you could be sitting reading this thinking "really?" as though i'm that careless, i do think there are fair few other bloggers who are the same as me. judging by all the other journal/notebook pictures i've spotted the last couple of weeks. so how about it, are you going to be more organised this year? i'd love to see any shots of your notebooks/diaries so please send them over via twitter or tag me in your images on instagram for me to see. :)

new year, new things... right?



not that i'm counting or anything BUT payday is two weeks away and there's one thing on my mind; clothes! i'm sure that's no shock to you being that i am a self confessed shopaholic but what can i say? mo' money, mo' problems. so whilst making this post i caved and bought the blouse; which is a major relief as it's now sold out. well done instincts (or addiction) for coming the forefront. alongside that i'm a little trainer obsessed now since liam bought me a pair of stan smiths for christmas so yeah, any recommendations would be awesome. my goal for this month is start focusing back into getting some new make-up, as i want to get back into experimenting more. i've bought a neon yellow eyeshadow in the illamasqua sale already but CT glastonberry lipstick and the urban decay on the run set are definitely pieces i'm longing to try. so what do you think? what will be your payday/student loan treats? hope you all have a fab weekend and let's hope this horrid wind dies down. 

p.s today i was featured on yahoo lifestyle - ahhh! how amazing, you forget how amazing it feels to have your blog recognised on other outlets. here's the link if you're interested - http://yhoo.it/14yDKUd

Pale and no longer relevant


what i'm wearing:
zara navy ribbed jumper (similar here)
topshop faux leather trousers (similar here)
ASOS navy fedora hat (similar here)

you know when you've been away so long you struggle what to say? that's how i feel at the moment. now that i'm blogging for myself and when i want to; as opposed to taking on as much work as i can, i feel like i'm no longer relevant in the "bloggersphere" and all it's glory. don't get me wrong, i miss it. but what can i do when i work full time and struggle managing life on a daily basis never mind shooting/working on my blog as much as i used to! this week i've been so run down with cold it's definitely been a woe is me moment. cue a whole lotta tissues and a lot of moaning. hopefully i'll be on the mend soon. anyways here's a simple outfit i've really enjoyed wearing at the moment; as it's the perfect balance between looking like i've made an effort, but casual too. in other news i finally got round to getting a new car. it's been so long overdue as my old one was falling to pieces and i really was certain at some points i could have died in it but hey-ho luckily i'm 'driving in style' now, haha. anyway hope you like this outfit. let me know

p.s. hope you had the most amazing christmas and new year! my NY resolution is to bake more and make YouTube videos again... what's yours? 

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