winter warmer: win my coat with wallis


 what i'm wearing:
ASOS grey striped top
wallis pink boyfriend coat*
topshop black high waisted joni jeans
gel nails and art by skullen nail design*
daniel wellington classic sheffield watch*
aldo cross body bag (similar here) + H&M ring
H&M mixed pointed boots (similar but better version here)

ah less than a week until christmas now! i'm pleasantly suprised at this week it's been a lot warmer to the point gloves and scarves haven't even been needed. in the theme of christmas and gifts, ive finally finished my shopping for everyone which means i can now get back to treating myself. which is perfectly timed with all the sales finally starting. the ASOS sale has some great stuff, which i may or may not have had a splurge on my break at work earlier today... maybe. also i have a funny feeling the zara starts tonight. HOLD ME BACK GUYS. serious damage could be done. what about you have you bagged any bargains?

also as excitement has well and truly kicked in, to keep up with the spirit i have a giveaway for you today. thanks to wallis you could potentially win 'my' coat; however it's not available online so as soon as i found out what coat you will actually be winning it will be included here :)

all you have to do is tell me your name, how you're following me and a method of contact information. i'll be announcing the winner a week today so don't miss out on. good luck x

what girl doesn't love flowers?


appleyard london 40 rose bouquet - £39.99*

so as it's hump day i thought it would be appropriate to post a beautiful bouquet of flowers the lovely people from appleyard london sent me on saturday! considering they only popped an e-mail over to me on friday i'm pleasantly surprised to see a floral company who can deliver so quickly. fourty roses for under £40 is a steal in my eyes; £1 per rose, what an absolute bargain. i think a bouquet of flowers is a great gift idea for christmas (or valentines day if you want to be mega organised) for the women in your lives. regardless of age, personality or style i think 99.9% of the time it will be a winning gift for her. they've definitely already been a gift i've ordered for a couple of my loved ones this year. so what do you think? have you already ordered a beautiful bouquet for someone, or now planning to? let me know! 

p.s. don't forget to check out the appleyard london website, they have so many other stunning bunches of flowers available to order.

all that glitters


what i'm wearing:
mango crew neck jumper via ASOS
ASOS mid-rise ripped skinny jeans*
missguided premium waterfall camel coat

steve madden jewelled heels c/o john lewis*
daniel wellington classic sheffield watch*
 gel nails and art by skullen nail design*
aldo cross body bag via zalando
DKNY purse c/o john lewis*

oh it feels so good to not have any horrid roots. when it's the christmas season there is one theme that springs to mind; glitter! glitter is here, there and everywhere and it's nice to add that bit of sparkle when outside is dark and dingy. whether it's just doing what i've done in today's post through my nails and heels, or go all out by getting super dressed up. this definitely won't be the last time i'm wearing these steve madden beauts featured in the john lewis gliteratti edit. it's even more of a relief knowing they are mega comfy too, especially as i expected them to be murder my poor toes in seconds.

i am also the proud owner of a camel coat! yeah i know i am totally behind with the times as the camel coat was so a month or two ago but i bagged it with 50% off thanks to black friday and i could not be be happier. if i'm honest i've worn it nearly everyday since i've got it. it goes with everything. don't forget you can still get 15% off over at daniel wellington with the code 'holidaycharissa' with free shipping. the clock is running out for ordering online and getting it on time for christmas so don't miss out.

the ultimate takeaway experience with JUST EAT


if there's one thing i am a total sucker for on a weekend, it's a takeaway. there's something a little satisfying knowing you can just press a few buttons (phone, internet or app) and voilà in half an hour or so someone will be knocking on your door with a nice hot meal. not only that but it's incredibly, deliciously bad for you. oops, just one negative but hey! we are all allowed a treat now and a again. i'm a sucker for pizza so when JUST EAT asked me to get involved in the 'ultimate takeaway experience' i didn't even need to think about it. winding down after my first week in full time employment i was delighted with just how easy it is to use the JUST EAT app to place an order with takeaways in your local area. simply just pop in your postcode and use the filter to find what you're looking for; italian, chinese, indian or desserts, and tonnes of takeaway menus will be at your fingertips ready to add to the basket! i wanted to share my experience with my boyfriend and his parents so we all decided italian (aka PIZZA) would be the best option as we can try a bit of everything. within placing our order; remember you can add in the notes if you have any special requirements such as taking items out of the meal etc, it came in less than half an hour which is really quick for a friday night at 7pm. it was piping hot and so so good. i definitely was in a bit of a food hole afterwards but it was worth it. sorry if i've now given you the takeaway bug, especially as it is a saturday night. just think you could download the app straight now if you wanted to... go on! you'll thank me later, haha. 

baker boy


what i'm wearing:
new look ribbed turtleneck via ASOS 
topshop black high waisted joni jeans 
H&M oversized boyfriend coat (similar here)
NEXT pointed loafers & H&M ring (similar)
daniel wellington classic sheffield watch*
gel nails and art by skullen nail design*
aldo cross-body bag via zalando
ASOS baker boy hat

sometimes we all love a mega casual outfit, and i'm not gonna lie in the colder months i am all for it. this isn't exactly the most colourful either but hey-ho i still really like it. for bad hair days the baker boy is perfect, especially as my roots were god awful when i shot with amy the other week (don't worry, they've been sorted now in preparation for christmas). 

i don't really have much else to say regarding this outfit, but i am pretty stressed regarding my blog if i'm honest so cue a wee rant. the dark nights are ruining my schedule; i can't shoot after work, or even try shooting indoor posts as its too dark still, and as i'm now only free weekends everyone who could lend a hand is busy! not that i ever would expect anyone to just drop everything for my blog of course, just it does add another obstacle in maintaining my little ol' blog. i will post whenever i physically can as i am back into my mindset of wanting to post. so please keep reading! anyway hope you like the post. 

p.s two weeks until christmas - ahhhh! who's excited?!

Kiss the moon: Sleep Beautifully


kiss the moon essential oils (glow & love)*

i'm totally into everything related to a night in; loungewear, relaxation, candles, you know name it. sometimes a good pamper session is exactly what you need and believe me, after the end of this week i know the first thing i'll be doing come friday night is running a bath and popping a face mask on. kiss the moon is a brand new range of 100% natural bath and face oils helping prepare you for a good night's rest. in the colder months dry skin is something you have to prepare yourself for, so every once in a while adding a face oil before sleeping will do wonders for keeping it moisturised. even though this is just a quick post from me definitely keep up your winter skin routine as it seems snow is right around the corner! 

christmas gift guide: one for the girls



sorry for the late post, i forgot to put the links together for it and my laptop has a tendency to overheat constantly when i need it most. even so here is a christmas gift guide for us beauty/fashion lovers (or just pretty much everything i'm lusting after at the moment) that may be good if you're still looking for inspiration for yourself or to buy for others this christmas.

now i know most people will have grabbed most of their christmas gifts via the black friday weekend but if you're still looking i think everything up above are clear winners! if you're anything like me and can't wait to see if you get it off santa and just buy it yourself; *cough* the zoeva rose gold brush set *cough*, hold your horses because zoeva have only gone and just released an eye set too - need, now. purses, perfume and candles are all sure winners for us females at christmas and all the ones above are no exception.

with the code 'holidaycharissa' you can get 15% off your order at daniel wellington - make someones christmas extra special this year!

feeling rusty


what i'm wearing:
H&M lace skater dress (similar here 1 & 2)
gel nails and art by skullen nail design*
aldo cross-body bag via zalando
NEXT suede thigh high boots
ASOS camel fedora hat (similar here)
H&M peach stone ring (similar here)

oh man i can't even tell you how amazing/nervous it felt editing and putting this post together. with almost six weeks out of the game from shooting it felt really odd to be standing in the middle of street with a camera put in front of me. even more so when yesterday was the first time i've properly put on make up in almost two weeks. living the glamorous lifestyle right here guys; picture PJ's, fluffy slippers and a nice messy up-do. if i'm honest i haven't really been taking care of myself, one week i can eat next to nothing then the next eat everything non-stop. shooting again and actually seeing how i look may sound stupid, but it's made me realise i need to start a good ol' detox to get all the bad stuff out and start looking and feeling better like i used to.

i also realised i haven't mentioned it on here, but i recently decided to leave my job at H&M for personal reasons and on monday i'm actually starting a full-time job. i hate that it means i won't be able to shoot as often i used to but i am going to still try and blog as regularly as i can. even if the first few weeks will be tough as i won't be used to working that much. especially as i've been out of work for so long already. i just hope that despite it not being my "dream" job it can provide enough financially so maybe one day i can try it out being a full-time blogger. anyway, i hope you like my outfit as i was pretty much freezing to death whilst shooting it. and thank you to all of you for sticking with me whilst my blog has been absolutely dismal for content over the last couple of months. love you guys.

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