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considering these photos were done in ten minutes, i cannot complain. as we were still in the park it was just another excuse to get amongst all the autumn-ness. the outfit is a little simple for me just because if i'm honest i wish i'd popped a crisp white shirt underneath the jumper just to add a more classic, clean look but with a bit of edge. where right now i feel like i just look like i'm having a casual day at the office. expect the jumper to make another appearance! at the moment i really don't have a set blog schedule, life is in a bit of a chaos at the moment. a lot of things are changing, some bad and some good and i really don't know where blogging is going to fit in at the moment. all i do know is i will post as often as i can and that i have an awesome giveaway coming soon which i'm sure all you guys will love. let me know what you think on this outfit and have a fab weekend <3

bloggers i'm loving


just a quick post from me today as i have a busy day ahead. i really enjoy these kind of posts as it's always a great way to find new blogs to read, although if i'm honest i am almost positive you will already be following these beauts! 

kim photographs are the holy grail in blogging. every time i see a post i just wish my photos could look that great. she is always dressed wonderfully and looking perfect, even if it's just her styling up a pair of jeans. i also have the biggest hair envy, look at those locks!

megan's blog i have always promoted and told people to follow and i am so glad that she finally gets the hype she deserves. it's no shock with her being an ASOS personal stylist (dream job fyi) that she always dressed perfectly and isn't afraid to push the boundaries. i love that she loves making masculine looks feminine which is quite similar to me. just better.

finally, grace is blowing up in the blog world. the girl works incredibly hard and she oozes feminine and classic looks! a true english rose and she is a beautiful soul aswell and has became a great friend of mine. please check her out! her blog deserves all the success. 

let me know if you check them out!

wishlist | too much mock-croc? never!


1 (similar here),2,3,4,5,6

so the student loans are in which means mass spending on a new wardrobe has begun! not for me myself unfortunately as i am a working gal but when i did do one year of being a student i did know there was no greater feeling than new loan day. the student promotions are EVERYWHERE and everyone gets super excited and go crazy spending. so this could be quite dangerous if you are fortunate enough to have money to burn. this wishlist is definitely a/w focused and it's pretty darn good in my eyes. now i know the coat is a bit on the pricey side, hence why i searched to find a cheaper alternative on the lovely missguided website (they have 20% off for students at the moment FYI, wink wink). another thing that is a winner from them are the pointed mock-croc brogues which i am super gutted i didn't bag when i had a nice voucher to spending after winning a little twitter competition. how well would they have gone with my mango mock-croc bag? which is also super inexpensive also! saving the best til last of course has has has to be the selfridges advent calendar. let's be honest with ourselves, this will be sold out pretty darn soon. so if i was you i would bag it quickly. all the amazing brands inside it is just utter madness. anyone care to spare me £85 so i can treat myself to it?anyway hope you like! sorry about the slight delay in a post, the weather and combination of enduring a four day migraine means i have no outfit posts shot at the moment. don't worry i will do my best to keep you interested and still reading, even though i know most of you do like my styling posts :)

how style blogging has helped me


details of this outfit here: http://www.liketk.it/v5FI
so i saw this type of post on a couple of other blogs and i really enjoyed reading them; as i'm always curious to find how others in a similar environment feel, so i thought it would be great to sit down and write about how style blogging has helped me as a person.

to those from the outside style blogging can be perceived as a higher form of vanity; conveying the "me me me" attitude onto others, and it is easy for it to be manipulated and twisted to be seen as egotism. so why would someone be interested in a twenty-one year old individual taking a few pictures of how they wear garments like myself? i'm stumped on this answer, but i know i absolutely love reading other style blogs. i love that i am able to educate myself on styling and finding new inspiration to branch out and improve my wardrobe. beneath the surface running this style blog for the past two more years has given me so much more than i ever thought when i popped up my first post. before i had this i was a creative soul that felt pressured into taking a more academic route. it was the more responsible decision, more likely to give me a "well-earned" career and therefore at the age of 16 i chose to give up doing a textiles a-level despite getting an a*, to do three a-levels that led to going to university to start a history degree. needless to say that didn't work out, i dropped out on the basis i had no passion for it and ended up working in retail to keep me on my feet. starting this blog gave me my passion back for all things fashion related and helped me realise that this really is the path i (always) wanted to take.

it's crazy to think that from just posting online about clothes i like and talking with others i have become more comfortable within myself. style blogging has given me my confidence and has changed me so much as a person. in school i never really felt like i fit in; struggling with my image and never feeling good enough, and although i did have a group of friends i still found myself withdrawn. i don't want to go on about it a great deal but i did battle a spell of depression in my late teens whereas now i feel accepted just for being myself. there is nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself and having love for yourself! don't get me wrong i'm not like this 24/7, i do have bad days where i feel down but for the vast majority i am happy. style blogging has done this for me as i'm a lot more adventurous and creative with how i style on a daily basis. it has helped me to dress the way i want to dress without caring what anyone else thinks with the reassurance that even if i don't fit in where i live, most importantly i feel good.

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