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hey i'm back! well actually, i was home thursday but i was straight back to work the next day so this is the first time i have been able to sit down and write something for you guys since then. i just wanna apologise straight up that i hardly took any photos with my camera. it was pretty heavy and as we were walking around quite a lot i wanted to be able to carry a small bag. i took plenty of pictures via my iphone though if you follow me on instagram; if you wanting to have a look at outfits etc, if that's what you want to see. venice was amazing and i well and truly have the holiday blues. not only was the weather the vast majority of the time beautiful (may have had one mega thunderstorm/90% downpour on our first night), but it was constantly a stunning place to wander around and discover. everyday we must have walked about 6 miles and our muscles paid the price but it was so worth it! also the slices of pizza were huge and only cost €2, which is so cheap and resulted in umpteen amounts being consumed obv. the only speed bump was that i was almost pick-pocketed by a homeless guy on the last night when we were getting the bus back to the hotel which was pretty scary as i caught him with his hand in my bag. but luckily he got nothing! either way i had the most wonderful break and it was the greatest birthday present ever, even if i waited three months to experience it. i have to hold my hands up to liam here and give him a big gold star for being a brill other half by pulling this out of the bag!


  1. Amazing photos!
    Sounds and looks amazing
    S xx

  2. Oh my... These pictures are looking so dreamy !


  3. Venice looks beautiful and i'm glad you had a good birthday, what an amazing present!

    Emma at

  4. Wow, Venice looks so beautiful. Your photography is so perfectly dreamy Charissa x

  5. Looks amazing! Trying to take my mum there for her 50th, would you recommend your hotel? x

  6. Lovely pictures, Venice looks beautiful! xx


  7. Stunning photos!

  8. Wow looks amazing, definitely somewhere I need to visit!

    Tilly xx

  9. Looks like you had a lovely time in Venice, I'm planning on going for a trip there next year xx


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