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so can you believe i've never done a post like this?! i'm sorry i am aware quite a few of you have asked for waving tips or a how-to vid but considering how MAJOR CRAAAAZY my schedule is right now i figured this was the next big thing. now even though my hair has been chopped (RIP locks) since the photo i attached was taken, i do still somehow manage to wave my short hair. good haircare has always been a important thing to me as i do unfortunately have slightly dry/damaged hair; as a result of  not being blessed with natural blonde multi-tonal hair. thus having to resort to bleach (note: always have a trained hair colourist do it for you) to achieve it. now there are five basic steps that i always take into consideration when waving my hair and i just thought i'd do a quick run through them and who knows, you might find some of it helpful.
find the right shape for you
now i know this may sound a bit bizarre but in your head you know what kind of wave you want, and not everyone is the same. i like mine to be about an inch in width just because my hair is short now so thick barrel tongs are out of the question. i also have naturally straight hair so i need a tool that can create the whole wave for me not just slightly help me along. the babyliss 25mm pro curling iron is great for those who want to achieve a similar look to myself as i like to play around with directions of each wave but they'll all be the same size approximately.
a little guidance never did do any harm
like it just said in my last tip my hair is naturally straight, and when i wave my hair i don't like to go for uniform curls i want it messy and beachy. surf spray is great for this as i just spray it on when my hair is damp and then with some cool air blowing it can really help start the process of achieving my desired look.
treat your hair like you would treat your skin

out of all my tips this is the most important of them all. using heat on your hair on a regular basis is not going to be good for it, so treatments are a must. if you can't afford to splurge on a hair treatment, if you have a free day when you are just chilling in the house with your normal conditioner just pop it all over the hair, tie it up and leave it for an hour or so before rinsing. it will do wonders. for me the redken anti-snap lotion is just my hair holy grail. a dry in treatment is the best as it means when you are applying heat to your hair you are actually coating it with the treatment instead of breaking it. and as my hair already has quite a lot of fall out, the anti-snap is just perfect at reducing that massively.

one more spritz goes a long way
so it's all fine and dandy waving your hair and being really happy with it after using a curling iron, but guess what? it ain't gonna hold itself. especially if you're hair doesn't naturally fall that way. i need my hair to hold but i don't like my hair to look like it has a lot of product on it. even though in reality i use fair amount! the paul mitchell spray wax again is a product i could not live without. my hairdresser introduced me to it last month and ever since i've been hooked. a little on the pricier side compared to hairspray, but all i have to say to that is... spray wax: one application in the morning and done, hairspray: far too many applications throughout the day and waves fall out. point proven? you use the smallest amount of the product and it mattifies your hair in place without it looking stiff. and it can be brushed out with ease. 
let's even all those edges out

and finally, a good brush is always great to smoothen everything you've just worked so hard to achieve. a tangle teezer is a great way of brushing all the product out without pulling away at the hair and causing anymore damage.

anyway that's all my haircare tips when it comes to waving hair. sorry for the rant, i got a bit overexcited and rambled. i haven't done a beauty related post in a while so it was fun. let me know if anything i said helped. i'd love to know.


  1. Ah this post is literally so helpful, I have similar hair and I struggle so much having nice waves. But ahh the Babyliss curling iron looks so good! Hopefully soon I can purchase it.


  2. You made a pretty good points here. Great post!

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  3. I love my tangle teezer it's my hair saviour!
    I will definitely be looking into the babyliss curling irons, i wonder if there's one with a larger barrel . . .

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. great tips, i love your hair! definitely need a tangle teezer in my life aswell :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  5. Really nice tips ! Your hair do look lovely !


  6. These are really useful tips, I couldn't live with out my tangle teezer xx

    Jorden xx http://fourbluemondays.blogspot.co.uk/

  7. Great post. I like the look of the babyliss curling barrel, I need a new curler as my enrapture ones sadly gave in on me :( xx


  8. Loved this post. You have lovely hair. xxx

  9. This is so useful!
    I love knowing about other peoples habits
    S xx

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