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there's a huge market for dieting plans out there, some of them simple and reasonable, others... a little more complex, and well - less reasonable. all carbs, no carbs, meat only, liquid only. the list goes on, believe me i've tried 'em. but what really is the best way to try and shed those pounds?

i truly believe that there's something for everyone, and perhaps you just need to find something that works for you. finding balance is the key -  and part of this balance is convenience. having a mobile device is key to achieving this balance, and there are so many on the market that it's hard to decide which is right one for you. we've compiled a list of some of the best and most recent apps that help with diet management for us ladies who want to trim the fat!

bmi calculator

your body mass index calculates your body fat by combining your mass and weight. the bmi calculator app works out your body fat percentage and how many calories you have consumed throughout the day. this makes it easier to manage your calorie intake and helps you work out your ideal (but keep it healthy) weight.

diet assistant (weight loss)

this is one of the highest rated weight-loss apps on the google play store, and is incredibly comprehensive. it offers a variety of helpful tips and feature, including: multiple diet plan options with a shopping list to help, guidance on meals, a forum where users can discuss and share dieting tips, a BMI calculator, with mutiple diet categories included (for example, vegetarian, low GI, high protein etc..)

ideal weight

this app helps you figure out whether you are on your ideal weight or not. this app calculates your bmi and helps you obtain an idea of what your ideal weight should be. all you need to do to work it out is run your finger over the yellow measuring tape on the screen, enter your height and weight, and let the app do the rest for you.
lose it!

a great app that achieves weight-loss balance. the idea is that the user is required to burn more calories than they consume in a day, and works out a tailored plan for the user to achieve this. in addition to that, your calories are counted, in combination with the amount of exercise you do. the app also encourages you to sleep better and consume more nutritious food.

fitness buddy

this app helps you get fit by providing more than 1,700 exercises, with photos and videos to help you master the technique.

calorie counter PRO

this app has a huge food database, with hundreds of thousands of foods on it. the app calculates the amount of calories in each food and meal, to help you minimise your calorie intake if necessary. calorie counter PRO also helps you obtain your goal weight by tailoring a diet plan for you, with an exercise schedule included as well. 

so if you are looking to get healthy or lose some weight why don't you try some of these apps out? i'm sure if you are dedicated enough you're bound to see results soon! if this post has just no interest to you whatsoever why don't you use your phone to immerse yourself in online casino games, like euro palace progressive jackpots, where you could win millions. there's nothing better that the feeling of elation that comes with landing a big win to motivate you.

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