Welcome back, old friend


what i'm wearing:
H&M last year's turtleneck jumper (similar here)

so it's looks like autumn is well and truly settling in now and what better way to celebrate than getting my trusty collection of turtlenecks out! if you know me autumn is my favourite season, and turtlenecks are my ultimate piece of clothing that everyone should own. i know not everyone is into turtlenecks but ARK.co.uk have a great selection of knitwear online, so i'm sure you will find something that is your cup of tea. as well as getting my knitwear back into my wardrobe, i was able to pop my knee high boots back on and feel okay about it! although i did have some weird man ask me if i was russian when i was shooting; let's hope i don't look like a street walker in this look? anyway i hope you like it, and it's good to be getting back into the swing of blogging as this is the first time i've sat down to write an outfit post for about two weeks now (thank god for scheduling over holiday). although i just will apologise now that there might be a lack of outfit posts for a week or so. this is the only post i was able to shoot and i can't see the lovely amy until sunday due to work but i will be posting still!

venice - in a few


hey i'm back! well actually, i was home thursday but i was straight back to work the next day so this is the first time i have been able to sit down and write something for you guys since then. i just wanna apologise straight up that i hardly took any photos with my camera. it was pretty heavy and as we were walking around quite a lot i wanted to be able to carry a small bag. i took plenty of pictures via my iphone though if you follow me on instagram; if you wanting to have a look at outfits etc, if that's what you want to see. venice was amazing and i well and truly have the holiday blues. not only was the weather the vast majority of the time beautiful (may have had one mega thunderstorm/90% downpour on our first night), but it was constantly a stunning place to wander around and discover. everyday we must have walked about 6 miles and our muscles paid the price but it was so worth it! also the slices of pizza were huge and only cost €2, which is so cheap and resulted in umpteen amounts being consumed obv. the only speed bump was that i was almost pick-pocketed by a homeless guy on the last night when we were getting the bus back to the hotel which was pretty scary as i caught him with his hand in my bag. but luckily he got nothing! either way i had the most wonderful break and it was the greatest birthday present ever, even if i waited three months to experience it. i have to hold my hands up to liam here and give him a big gold star for being a brill other half by pulling this out of the bag!

guest post | the girl in the bowler hat



(Outfit Details: Coat - H&M, Dress - Mango, Hat - Primark, Backpack - Primark
Shoes - Topshop)

You're possibly looking at these photographs a little confused, but whilst the lovely Charissa is away on holiday is Venice (me, jealous? noooo) she asked whether I'd like to do a guest post and I was quick to say yes. So hello, my name is Amy, and I currently blog over at The Girl In The Bowler Hat. I've been mentioned a few times on this blog before, as I take the majority of Charissa's outfit photographs (I hope you like them!) but I've never had my own post, so this is rather exciting, huh?

I thought I'd show you some outfit photographs I shot the other week, whilst I enjoyed the last few days of summer in the North East before it was time to bring out the winter coat! I'm not really sure how I'd describe my style, masculine meets feminine with twist of sixties and pinch of hats maybe? I sure do love my hats, like my blog name would suggest. This beauty of a camel fedora I picked up a few weeks ago in Primark - I know right - and it's been glued to my head since. Even if I did end up having a man sing 'Inspector Gadget, Inspector Gadget' to me in the street just after shooting these photographs, I definitely think it's going to end up one of my autumn/winter staples, alongside this duster coat I absolutely love. The dress is one of those items of clothing that you love, yet forget you own and spends a lot of its lifetime gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe. I picked it up in Menorca a number of years ago whilst on holiday, and it's never really been worn since. It's one of those dresses that makes you want to skip around on sunny days and that's exactly what I did! Keeping the rest of the outfit quite simple, I stuck to my trusty backpack which has done me well over the summer months and these rather battered looking shoes. Their dainty ankle strap gives them a lady-like vibe and I love that about them, anything remotely 60s is just my cup of tea!

And just a little bit of self-promotion here, but I'd love it if you could check out my blog over at www.thegirlinthebowlerhat.com - I post regularly with outfits/lifestyle/beauty and it would mean the world. Let me know what you think!

back to school | slouchy


what i'm wearing:
H&M chunky necklace (similar here)
sometimes it's just gotta happen, you gotta go comfy. it may be those 6am last minute essay writing sessions you've just completed right on time for the deadline, or just simply you can't be bothered but hey when i signed up for this campaign i decided i would create honest looks, even if they are not something i would usually see myself in. now the whole time i shot this outfit, when i kept looking back at the photos all i kept saying is "why do i look like i'm trying to be ghetto?". it's probably because i'm not used to seeing myself be so slouchy (not in front of a camera lens anyway) and most importantly... wearing trainers. these bad boys were my investment piece for venice, as i knew we'd be doing a lot of walking. i had to add a pop of coloured lipstick on just so i did look camera friendly, but i know that if you were wearing this look for school/university lipstick would not be crossing your mind. anyway i hope you like it, even if it's not your thing. please let me know :)

Let's talk - Hair


so can you believe i've never done a post like this?! i'm sorry i am aware quite a few of you have asked for waving tips or a how-to vid but considering how MAJOR CRAAAAZY my schedule is right now i figured this was the next big thing. now even though my hair has been chopped (RIP locks) since the photo i attached was taken, i do still somehow manage to wave my short hair. good haircare has always been a important thing to me as i do unfortunately have slightly dry/damaged hair; as a result of  not being blessed with natural blonde multi-tonal hair. thus having to resort to bleach (note: always have a trained hair colourist do it for you) to achieve it. now there are five basic steps that i always take into consideration when waving my hair and i just thought i'd do a quick run through them and who knows, you might find some of it helpful.
find the right shape for you
now i know this may sound a bit bizarre but in your head you know what kind of wave you want, and not everyone is the same. i like mine to be about an inch in width just because my hair is short now so thick barrel tongs are out of the question. i also have naturally straight hair so i need a tool that can create the whole wave for me not just slightly help me along. the babyliss 25mm pro curling iron is great for those who want to achieve a similar look to myself as i like to play around with directions of each wave but they'll all be the same size approximately.
a little guidance never did do any harm
like it just said in my last tip my hair is naturally straight, and when i wave my hair i don't like to go for uniform curls i want it messy and beachy. surf spray is great for this as i just spray it on when my hair is damp and then with some cool air blowing it can really help start the process of achieving my desired look.
treat your hair like you would treat your skin

out of all my tips this is the most important of them all. using heat on your hair on a regular basis is not going to be good for it, so treatments are a must. if you can't afford to splurge on a hair treatment, if you have a free day when you are just chilling in the house with your normal conditioner just pop it all over the hair, tie it up and leave it for an hour or so before rinsing. it will do wonders. for me the redken anti-snap lotion is just my hair holy grail. a dry in treatment is the best as it means when you are applying heat to your hair you are actually coating it with the treatment instead of breaking it. and as my hair already has quite a lot of fall out, the anti-snap is just perfect at reducing that massively.

one more spritz goes a long way
so it's all fine and dandy waving your hair and being really happy with it after using a curling iron, but guess what? it ain't gonna hold itself. especially if you're hair doesn't naturally fall that way. i need my hair to hold but i don't like my hair to look like it has a lot of product on it. even though in reality i use fair amount! the paul mitchell spray wax again is a product i could not live without. my hairdresser introduced me to it last month and ever since i've been hooked. a little on the pricier side compared to hairspray, but all i have to say to that is... spray wax: one application in the morning and done, hairspray: far too many applications throughout the day and waves fall out. point proven? you use the smallest amount of the product and it mattifies your hair in place without it looking stiff. and it can be brushed out with ease. 
let's even all those edges out

and finally, a good brush is always great to smoothen everything you've just worked so hard to achieve. a tangle teezer is a great way of brushing all the product out without pulling away at the hair and causing anymore damage.

anyway that's all my haircare tips when it comes to waving hair. sorry for the rant, i got a bit overexcited and rambled. i haven't done a beauty related post in a while so it was fun. let me know if anything i said helped. i'd love to know.

back to school | preppy


what i'm wearing:
lavish alice collared dress (worn as top underneath)
H&M last seasons flared skirt in ponte (similar here)
so i get it, on a saturday the last thing you want to think about is school but just think of today's post as inspiration come monday? out of all the back to school looks i've worked on with ASOS fashion finder, this is definitely my favourite i've put together. this jumper is just awesome; it's so big it's super comfy, yet it's also fashion forward. it's great on it's own but for this look i decided to pop a shirt underneath just to make it more tailored and smart. with a flared skirt it definitely channels a "school-uniform" vibe but just think of it as uniform on steroids. paired with my insanely new loafers (which were so worth the three week wait to be delivered) that are going to be getting the life worn out of them on holiday... which may i add is TOMORROW! even though i'm leaving you guys for a little while don't worry i've put my heart and soul into making sure i have a schedule all set up so it's as if i never left. bi-daily posts will resume as normal. anyway i hope you like this outfit post, please let me know. :)

back to school | smart


what i'm wearing:
so... this feels a little strange writing this knowing that the last post i put up was extremely personal. thank you for all your lovely comments and support :) so getting back on to things here is another back to school look i've put together. a staple coat is an essential for going back to school/university but you can't splurge either as you'll need to watch the pennies with that student loan! h&m have only just put on the shelves this wonderful wool-like coat for £24.99. yes you heard right. i'm not going to lie i was shocked at the price; considering how well made and heavy the fabric is. appearances go a long way in school, so presentation is important. even if you feel a little down just take an extra five minutes to make yourself look smart and it will make the world of difference. i really love this outfit as it's just clean and minimalistic which is just perfect in my books. if you want to be taken seriously then this is the look for you!

what do you think? let me know.

p.s. i've had my hair chopped off even shorter now, ahh! hopefully i'll have an outfit post debuting the new locks up soon! 

sometimes it just gets too much


i have a lot on my plate right now and i'm writing this at 11 o'clock on a sunday night after spending almost four hours trying to writing a to-do list for an extremely jam packed week realising i literally do not have one spare second to myself between now and going away on sunday. don't get me wrong i am super grateful that i have so many opportunities and a busy life that keeps it interesting. it means my life is going somewhere and i'm working hard, but as a twenty-one year old girl all the responsibility i have forced upon me at the moment i'm sat here thinking i've just had enough of absolutely everything. i want to wrap myself up in my bedsheets and stay under there and only get back out when everything is stress free and everything that needs doing, is done.

guess what? i'm not a millionaire. i'm just an ordinary human being trying to manage a fashion blog; with a constant supply of new and exciting outfits, all the while trying to make ends meet in my daily life. with what seems like a never ending amount of payments going out such as car tax, MOT and whatever repairs i need all in one heft sitting not to mention monthly bills on a part-time wage (which i've chosen to restrict myself to) all so i can maintain blogging as often as i can, it can be really difficult.

i have only briefly spoke about the fact that i'm going through a bit of a health issue at the moment. it's not something i feel comfortable talking about via my blog as it is personal and it is quite scary if i sit down and think about (i try not to). but not knowing what it is actually wrong with you and having to wait for countless doctors appointments and going through tests is stressful and probably isn't helping. especially when you know something is wrong, and has escalated after suffering for well over a year with the same problem and having little to no support from previous doctors. being in pain on an almost daily basis; whether it's for fifteen minutes to two-to-three hours, is not fun and to be quite frank is exhausting. at the moment i just have to push through it and get on with daily life because at this current moment no-one knows what is wrong with me.

you guys are my beacon of light when i'm having dark moments such as right now which is why i'm writing this in the hope that you see it as me just getting feelings out. not that i am ungrateful or find my blog a burden, because that isn't the case at all. would my life be probably simpler without blogging? probably. but i wouldn't have something to work towards whole hearted where i know when i do have the time to work on it, makes me 100% happy. i'm just struggling to micro-manage everything at the moment despite my best efforts and i know that i won't feel like this forever. i just needed to write it down and get it out as i felt like i was one more thing away from a breakdown. if you have actually made it through and read everything, you deserve a medal for getting through it all
*tuesday update: before making this live i decided not to re-word or take anything out of this post. i wanted it to be as un-cut and as honest as i wrote it in the moment*

back to school | casual


what i'm wearing:
ASOS ultimate chunky jumper*
H&M burgundy fedora hat (similar here)
TK maxx printed notebook (similar here)
ASOS bonjour canvas tote bag*
H&M various stone rings 

yay i finally have had my hair done! i know it sounds a little mental but the difference it can make to how you feel about yourself is unparalleled. i'd been feeling a bit lazy with my look before; always having it tied up in a top-knot, but now i'm looking forward to making the effort again. i've gonna for a mega cool toned, clean blonde and i just hope i can keep it up looking this way.

anyway to the actual outfit post, many of us are either back to school or will be soon. whether it's secondary school, university or even just at home trying to do some self education. asos challenged me to be able to create five back to school looks with five pieces so here is my first; and probably the most likely, back-to-school look. when you're at university sometimes practical prioritises style, but don't try and compromise it completely! jeans are always a staple piece and with a knitted jumper i just love how simple it looks. with a good pair of loafers and added hat (perfect for bad-hair days if you've woke up late - you know it happens!) for good measure. comfortable but still looking good, right? what do you think? is this something you would think of wearing when you're back to school/uni? let me know!

p.s my lipstick shade is YASH by MAC - it's matte finish and i am obsessed with wearing it all the time.

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