what’s the best way to sleep this summer?


as the weather begins to hot up, i’m looking forward to donning my favourite daisy dukes and hitting the beach to make the most of the sunshine. the warmer weather is great news for anyone who loves the outdoors, from barbecues to pool parties, but it can be a nightmare for those of us stuck on the inside – especially when we’re trying to sleep in the higher temperatures. to help you maintain comfort this summer, i’ve put together a few ways to help you sleep while still looking fabulous.

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go au naturel
while i’m all into my fashion, there are some experts out there who maintain that sleeping in the buff is the best way forward. remember what marilyn monroe said when she was asked what she wore to bed? “chanel no.5, of course.” it turns out that the hollywood starlet was talking sense – studies have shown that sleeping naked is great for regulating your body temperature to make sure you don’t sweat excessively. what’s more, for those of us who are trying to kiss goodbye to the pounds, sleeping naked helps to decrease the stress hormone cortisol, which can often make us reach for the junk food, so it’s win win!

bedtime fashion

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of course, there are those of us out there who feel a little too self-conscious to sleep completely in the nude, but you don’t have to go suffering in bulky winter nightwear if you don’t want to show off. today, more than ever fashion designers are turning their attentions to nightwear, and there are a number of fashionable pieces out there that can keep you cool. playsuits, for one, are making a huge comeback this summer, and their flimsy skimpy nature makes them perfect for keeping cool in bed. if you must wear pyjamas, try to wear breathable, organic materials such as cotton to make sure you don’t overheat.

keep your skin looking cool

you may have seen my review on the magnitone face and body cleanser that i posted last year, but the message still rings true – a good night time skin care routine will make you look and feel beautiful, while also benefitting your sleep too. each night, wash away the toils of the day with a little exfoliant, before applying a night cream to work wonders on your skin and repair any damaged cells. you can also avoid puffy eyes by changing your sleeping position – consider propping yourself up a bit to encourage fluid to drain away from your eyes. if you’re stuck for pillows, there are a great range at bedstar.co.uk, which will also help you guarantee a great night’s sleep.

so what do you think? are you in for a good nights sleep?

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  1. What a cute little playsuit! Great tips for a good nights sleep xx


  2. Great post! Loved the tips and that silk playsuit is a dream!

    The Style Rogue

  3. I like this post so much! Us fashion lovers are always talking about what to wear during every minute our waking hours - it's a nice change of pace to think about what we're wearing between the sheets, which very well may be nothing ;)


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