weekend wishlist: orange



so, an unintentional theme occurred with this post. while composing it i realised everything i was lusting after was orange. oops. to be honest it's the perfect transitional colour as it's still great to be work for summer, but it's also an autumnal shade. for me it really is just lusting rather than purchasing this payday. a nice dose of money is leaving my account for the beautiful people who deal with car insurance. so so much money = one very poor and unhappy charissa. anyway i hope you like my picks which hopefully i can purchase soon. i've got dibs on the playsuit first, what a beaut. 


  1. I've had to pay both my car insurance AND my tax today, depressed isn't the word. I did manage to make a little Asos order last night, oops! ;)
    Jessica x

    1. Oh well at least you have a little treat for yourself! I need one :( x

  2. Gosh, I can empathise with this. There are so many things I am lusting after and I just don't have the money but yeah, the things I have bought are transitional pieces that will serve me for my summer holiday but can also be restyled for autumn (which I am SO excited for). Love the playsuit and also that clutch bag. So cute.

    Haaappy Summer!
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  3. Great selection! That make up bag is to die for. Can't believe it's £65 though! x

    Cup of Loveliness

  4. Really want to try the Nars matte lip pencils! And love the drawing by Rachel Linton btw
    Daniella x


  5. Oh wow, everything on here is just beautiful. Especially those shoes, they're divine! x


  6. That culotte jumpsuit is on my mental wishlist! Great picks!

    Tilly xx


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