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H&M leopard print coat (similar here)

well, it looks like the heatwave stages of our summer are finally over. this means one thing and one thing only... AUTUMN CLOTHES. autumn has always been my favourite season as it includes all the best things; wearing boots on a regular basis, soup, hot chocolate, orange leaves, brisk air and thin jumpers. something came over me last week and i just went A/W'14 mad and stocked up on some new perfect transitional pieces. one being this amazing leopard print coat. not too thick to be bulky which you need in winter, but more structured than a cotton blazer. i can see myself getting so much wear out of it as it was definitely love at first sight. saying that though, i'm not ready to let go of the sunglasses just yet. i wonder how i will feel when it really is no longer acceptable to wear them in every outfit post.... anyway hope you like!

in more personal news, in the past couple of weeks it's been pretty hectic managing work and blogging and as a result my gym motivation has took a serious shift. i was averaging 3/4 times a week where now i have to force myself to go even just the once. with it only being a month to the date that i go away to venice it got me thinking about how the success of a holiday can be based on how you feel about your body. even with a city break like mine i'm still thinking "oh god i do not want to look like a monumental moon face in all my photos with a side of lump added in". so it got me thinking i can't be the only one and can you believe that 45% of brits are unhappy with the waistlines, myself included in that statistic. if i'm being perfectly honest i would have thought the percentage would be higher. having looked at ongoing reasearch has found that they would change this over any other body part. definitely my generation have been brought up with the media emphasising a toned physique is what is deemed as attractive and heaven forbid a slice of pizza ever crosses your lips. so what part of body if you could, would you change? hopefully for me a healthy diet and maybe one last (forceful) push at the gym may help me look toward my figure in a more positive light but i'm just thankful i don't have to squeeze myself into a bikini for this holiday!


  1. You look gorgeous, love this transitional look! xx

  2. such a gorg outfit, i love your sunglasses!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  3. I love the text you've put along the bottom of the first image, makes me think of a magazine edit. Also, how gorgeous are those shades? I'm in love! xo

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the whole outfit especially the bag! x

    Jess at Where'sMyLipstick

  5. Replies
    1. I love then so much and they are fairly comfy too x

  6. Perfect as always. Such a classic outfit. And those boots are absolutely perfect! I'm so excited for A/W too!! It's by far my favourite season!

    Couttiepie | A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog |

  7. the boots and the bag are so beautiful! xx

  8. absolutely love that outfit, your booties are fab! x

  9. This is stunning, just so chic x

  10. WOW. You look gorgeous as always Charissa and I need that jacket in my life! if I could change anything about myself it'd be my upper body!!! xx

    Alice Isabelle

  11. Such a pretty look! I love those gorgeous booties <3

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  12. These boots are absolutely gorgeous!! You look gorgeous in all of these pictures!! :)

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

  13. You are looking super cute and chic !


  14. these boots and that coat are absolutely gorgeous :) i love your hair that length too it really suits you :) x

    1. Aw thank you, I've been missing my long hair like crazy recently x

  15. I really love this outfit. You hair looks gorgeous and the bag is so so pretty. I think you have a gorgeous body, Charissa! No stress haha xx

  16. This is the perfect transition look, love it x
    Twitter: @thestylemma
    Instagram: @thestylemma

  17. the bag and coat are just perfect! will need to have a search of Zara and H&M to see if they have either left in stock!

    Rose and Weston x


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