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ASOS black fedora hat

so as it's slowly shifting into autumn now it only felt right to bring my trusty fedora back into the picture. it only seemed right as i didn't know what to do with myself without any sunglasses on! french connection have always been a wonderful brand that i have enjoyed wearing and admired for years. i feel like they have always get classic british pieces, such as the mighty trench coat absolutely spot on. in my opinion the quality of the coat is totally faultless. i know i rarely talk about pieces like this but i do feel like it needs to be said, especially as with a coat of that price you don't just want it to look good. it's heavy enough to keep you warm and stay structured but not weigh you down. as far as an autumnal piece i feel like every girl needs a trench-coat! i must admit though it was pretty daunting shooting slap-bang in the centre of newcastle all in the name of putting the french connection sign in the backdrop. geordies love a good ol' stare. anyway i hope you like it, and are enjoying your weekend :)

p.s who spotted the cyclist totally taking centre stage in the photos? haha. 

the great british cupcakery, queen st. newcastle




what i'm wearing:
zara suede hobo bag (similar here)
MAC lipstick in 'so chaud'*

so i'm not gonna lie i totally haven't done this dress any justice whatsoever. i was lusting after it for about four weeks or so but had zero money but thanks to working extra hours at work when i got paid last week i was able to afford it. it's now firmly placed in my wardrobe as i'm keeping it until i go to venice, i just couldn't wait that long before i could show you it. it's just a quick post from me today as i'm off to work but i hope you all have a lovely bank holiday unless you're in retail (like me) and if so good luck to us all! hope you like the outfit. let me know <3

p.s my boots have now been reduced from £40 to £20 in the sale since i bought them - sucks when that happens, but if you wanted them then it's great for you. :D



what i'm wearing:
H&M leopard print coat (similar here)

well, it looks like the heatwave stages of our summer are finally over. this means one thing and one thing only... AUTUMN CLOTHES. autumn has always been my favourite season as it includes all the best things; wearing boots on a regular basis, soup, hot chocolate, orange leaves, brisk air and thin jumpers. something came over me last week and i just went A/W'14 mad and stocked up on some new perfect transitional pieces. one being this amazing leopard print coat. not too thick to be bulky which you need in winter, but more structured than a cotton blazer. i can see myself getting so much wear out of it as it was definitely love at first sight. saying that though, i'm not ready to let go of the sunglasses just yet. i wonder how i will feel when it really is no longer acceptable to wear them in every outfit post.... anyway hope you like!

in more personal news, in the past couple of weeks it's been pretty hectic managing work and blogging and as a result my gym motivation has took a serious shift. i was averaging 3/4 times a week where now i have to force myself to go even just the once. with it only being a month to the date that i go away to venice it got me thinking about how the success of a holiday can be based on how you feel about your body. even with a city break like mine i'm still thinking "oh god i do not want to look like a monumental moon face in all my photos with a side of lump added in". so it got me thinking i can't be the only one and can you believe that 45% of brits are unhappy with the waistlines, myself included in that statistic. if i'm being perfectly honest i would have thought the percentage would be higher. having looked at ongoing reasearch has found that they would change this over any other body part. definitely my generation have been brought up with the media emphasising a toned physique is what is deemed as attractive and heaven forbid a slice of pizza ever crosses your lips. so what part of body if you could, would you change? hopefully for me a healthy diet and maybe one last (forceful) push at the gym may help me look toward my figure in a more positive light but i'm just thankful i don't have to squeeze myself into a bikini for this holiday!

ernest, boyd st. ouseburn


visit for more details

i really enjoyed my first food blogging post so much so that i've decided i'm going to try and do them as regular as i can. of course my outfit posts come first, but i like to cover all aspects to make my blog more versatile. now newcastle isn't my home town but it's only a twenty minute drive to the centre, where there is a huge variety of all different restaurants, and i'm going to make an attempt to try as many as j can. i had heard nothing but positive reviews about ernest, so when the weather was a little too naff to be able to do outfit shots me and amy decided to take a trip here instead. now an all brunch menu is already a winner in my eyes so i was so bloomin' excited and it took me forever to decide on what i wanted. in the end i went for the 'eggs ernesto'; a culmination of poached eggs, hollandaise, pesto, pancetta and halloumi. considering i had only tried eggs florentine for the first time two months ago i felt like this was a very brave decision and i was not disappointed at all. all the components of the dish went together harmoniously and i was left wishing the plate could never empty. i highly recommend visiting if it is possible for you to do so. it was reasonably priced with a great atmosphere and the taste was first class too.

my new hair: sombré with live color XXL


products used: schwarzkopf live color XXL HD absolute platinum*

for the past five years i have trusted my hair to my a trained colourist, sat back and enjoyed my fresh highlighted hair every few months. the most stress this caused me was the moment before i popped my card into the reader to make a payment after hearing the price. if you do follow me on social media, for the past three weeks or so the occasional tweet kept popping up saying that i kept having urges to change my hair so this campaign from live color XXL could not have came at a more perfect time. so what is sombré? sombré is basically soft ombré, a lighter more natural way to the ever-popular ombré trend that popped onto the hair scene a few years ago. reaching twenty one i think i've grown out of the stages of crazy hair (i still fancy lilac hair from time to time, don't tell anyone) so this was perfect for me as it allowed me to try something new with my hair without scaring myself. i'm really happy with the results and it was really easy to do just by following the how-to video as a guide. it has given my hair it's energy back, with the illusion that it has more body and movement in it now. i cannot recommend the product enough as it didn't give me the brassy tones i was half-worrying i'd end up with. i hope you like it! if you would like to check out more details and also find out more details of how you could win with live color xxl i've popped a link here for you to check out.

dream on


what i'm wearing:
zara faux leather tank top (similar here)
H&M brown leather belt

so if i'm honest i'm in a bit of rut with not just my blog but life at the moment. i hate when you feel like nothing is panning out the way you imagined it, so 90% of the time i'm wasting away dreaming about the 'if only'. i've been making a weekly promise to myself that i will be postive and i'm slowly taking steps to ensure that. i have plenty of things to be grateful for; exciting things coming up with my blog, that i'm trying to focus all the while hoping that all my hard work will finally make that 'if only' a reality. i know my text hasn't really been about the outfit above; which i do really love and wanted to hype  about, but I just wanted to get these feelings off my chest. sorry for being a debbie downer on a saturday! i promise that my next post will contain much cheerful and informative content. hope you like the outfit, let me know <3

furry friend


what i'm wearing:
H&M basic vest top (similar here)
aldo crossbody bag via zalando
topshop pendant necklace (sale)

due to a combination of bad weather and working for the last seven days in a row i haven't been able to shoot any new posts this week. i can't wait for tomorrow as i'm just praying myself and amy can catch up and get some amazing new shots for you guys. this outfit was taken a few weeks ago on my standard 18-55mm lens when it was a mega heatwave so i was even melting wearing this. i won't lie we did get distracted (i blame the heat) by a cute little cat that strolled past us and decided to befriend us for about half an hour. anyway hope you like! speak to you on saturday <3

what’s the best way to sleep this summer?


as the weather begins to hot up, i’m looking forward to donning my favourite daisy dukes and hitting the beach to make the most of the sunshine. the warmer weather is great news for anyone who loves the outdoors, from barbecues to pool parties, but it can be a nightmare for those of us stuck on the inside – especially when we’re trying to sleep in the higher temperatures. to help you maintain comfort this summer, i’ve put together a few ways to help you sleep while still looking fabulous.

source: pinterest

go au naturel
while i’m all into my fashion, there are some experts out there who maintain that sleeping in the buff is the best way forward. remember what marilyn monroe said when she was asked what she wore to bed? “chanel no.5, of course.” it turns out that the hollywood starlet was talking sense – studies have shown that sleeping naked is great for regulating your body temperature to make sure you don’t sweat excessively. what’s more, for those of us who are trying to kiss goodbye to the pounds, sleeping naked helps to decrease the stress hormone cortisol, which can often make us reach for the junk food, so it’s win win!

bedtime fashion

source: pinterest

of course, there are those of us out there who feel a little too self-conscious to sleep completely in the nude, but you don’t have to go suffering in bulky winter nightwear if you don’t want to show off. today, more than ever fashion designers are turning their attentions to nightwear, and there are a number of fashionable pieces out there that can keep you cool. playsuits, for one, are making a huge comeback this summer, and their flimsy skimpy nature makes them perfect for keeping cool in bed. if you must wear pyjamas, try to wear breathable, organic materials such as cotton to make sure you don’t overheat.

keep your skin looking cool

you may have seen my review on the magnitone face and body cleanser that i posted last year, but the message still rings true – a good night time skin care routine will make you look and feel beautiful, while also benefitting your sleep too. each night, wash away the toils of the day with a little exfoliant, before applying a night cream to work wonders on your skin and repair any damaged cells. you can also avoid puffy eyes by changing your sleeping position – consider propping yourself up a bit to encourage fluid to drain away from your eyes. if you’re stuck for pillows, there are a great range at, which will also help you guarantee a great night’s sleep.

so what do you think? are you in for a good nights sleep?

*this is an editorial collaboration post*

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