introducing AKA clothing...


what i'm wearing:
primark zodiac necklace

manchester based? check. minimalistic? check. affordable? double-check. AKA clothing are ticking all the right boxes for me and i can't believe they haven't swooped into my life sooner. as i always say on my blog i love finding pieces that can be dressed up or down; it means your money goes that little bit further and you definitely get more wear out of your clothes, and this dress is definitely a perfect example of something you should have in your wardrobe. because it's minimalistic it means it's versatile all year round and because it's not super heavy it means i could tuck it into skirts/jeans and make it look like a top, or alternatively could throw a jumper over when it get's a bit colder so it becomes a skirt. there are just so many options going through my head right now. also just want to include that primark take the top spot on the high-street leader board for fashionable pieces at the moment, as you can see by this outfit being dominated by them. there are just so many more items i can't wait to feature when i have the time to get through them all as i know they don't have a online store for me to link what i've been buying. alternatively a primark haul could be a good idea... anyway hope you like this outfit. let me know. :)

tight squeeze


what i'm wearing:
h&m satin shirt (similar here)
zara faux leather vest - sale (similar here)
zara striped trousers - sale (similar here)
olivia burton wonderland paisley watch via ASOS
gel nails and art by skullen nail design*
ray-ban 3447 round metal sunglasses*
aldo crossbody bag via zalando
choies gold and black sliders

i haven't really done these trousers justice in today's post. i bagged them for £15.99 a couple of weeks ago and since then i barely have been out of them! they go with so much i love love love 'em. i think they are a great staple piece as they are super versatile; can be dress up or down, and are able to worn to fit each of our own sense of style. in other news non-trouser related i finally will be getting my haircut this week - what a relief! can you believe it's been seven weeks already since i braved and got the chop? and now i want to go that little bit shorter. i wish my sunday was being spent as a lazy day instead of being at work but hey-ho every penny matters at the moment. i'm skint, payday can't come sooner. anyway hope you like it, let me know. and also if you haven't go check out fridays post. i didn't really get many comments on it, and i always recognise all you regulars who usually do and i miss you guys!



what i'm wearing:
topshop bracelet set* (similar here)
checked shirt; liams (similar here)
primark double band sliders

just wanna start of and apologise first of all that i didn't get a post up yesterday. most of you probably don't realise that i post every other day but to me it's something i'm keen to stick to, but yesterday i had totally forgotten to schedule something as i knew i was out shooting for the most of the day and then by the time i had gotten in after the gym (by this point it was about 7-8 o'clock) to have put a post together and made it live it would almost be the end of the day. so i decided to wait until the earliest possible opportunity on a glorious friday morning to do it for you instead! 

it's pretty funny to me that i've decided to pair a designer t-shirt (my first ever designer clothing - ah!) with a £3 sale skirt... maybe the world of high fashion just is not ready for me yet. i can imagine that i'll definitely have a few more outfit posts featuring this t-shirt as it's the perfect basic to wear all year round. this is a super casual look as it was absolutely scorching hot yesterday and i just couldn't even bear to put jeans on. so even if you don't think this look is very you but want to know how to style up a basic white tee, don't worry i'll be popping more up soon. it was sunny it obviously meant my new absolute beautiful sunglasses had to get an outing! cat-eye, mirrored and stella mccartney could there be a more perfect combination? they are so oversized on my tiny face but i love 'em and i hope you do too! also, with the code RED10 if there are any sunglasses that catch your eye on you can get 10% off. anyway, i know this outfit isn't massively fashion forward or "street style" but i like to show you every part of how i style myself. whether it's dressed up or like todays post; dressed down. let me know what you think and i hope you have a lovely weekend. speak to you on sunday. x

revolution bar, collingwood st. newcastle


so here i am dipping my toe into the pool of food blogging, and i must say i quite enjoyed it. the lovely people from revolution bars invited me down last week to try the new summer menu and who would turn that kind of opportunity down? i have been to revolution for food quite a few times; as on mondays they do 50% off food until 7pm, and i've always enjoyed it but normally i just would pick something to share such as a pizza. so this time it was nice to have a good look at the menu and decide to try something new and interesting. broaden my horizons and all that jazz. even though i was offered to try the cocktail menu also, due to driving i chose the 'strawberry nojito' the non-alcoholic alternative. it was super refreshing with the addition of mint and lime, plus the absence of alcohol didn't bother me at all. now to get to the good stuff, the food. for my main i ordered the 'fried chicken wrap' (the diet was on hold) with a portion of 'skinny fries' and 'green salad' to share. the idea of fruit being in with a salad would normally be my worst nightmare, but the host recommended it to me and when it came boy was i surprised. it added a light, refreshing touch to my meal with a hint of sweetness from the apples but wasn't overpowering at all. i wouldn't really recommend trying it if you haven't already, when i go back i'll definitely be adding it to my order.

of course after i had cleaned the plate i still had room in my tum for dessert, so i opted for the 'chocolate and blueberry fluffwich'. this again is something i wouldn't normally go for but was excited to try. my first initial response when it was placed on the table was that as far as a dessert goes there is just far too much. although it would be great to go for if you are a sharer (or a big dessert fan!). the 'fluffwich' was chocolate, marshmellow doughy goodness that was super tasty but again i could never have been able to finish off the whole plate. the blueberry sauce that accompanied it for dipping i felt like it was too big for the dessert, and for me i would have preferred it in a pouring jug to add the amount i wanted.

overall, i thoroughly enjoyed my experience at revolution. the menu includes something for everyone and there are a variety of choices for vegetarians and if you are eating gluten free there is also something for you too! so what do you think is this somewhere you would go? i really do recommend it as it has a great relaxed atmosphere inside, the waiters were really attentive and most importantly the food is awesome.

the shoes of my dreams


what i'm wearing:
chicwish belted trench coat*
carvela tan "lad" brogues c/o debenhams*
zara striped skater dress (sale)
ray-ban 3447 round metal sunglasses*
gel nails and art by skullen nail design*
primark zodiac necklace

so here i am again, back in my favourite place; the stairs. i probably just like it because it allows me to shoot blog photos and be incredibly lazy at the same time. always a winner. clean layouts are hard to come by in newcastle so i feel as though when i find one i have to stick with it, over photographing in grubby areas. this outfit is just a firm favourite for when i want something that looks great but doesn't take a lot of thought. i'm thinking this combination will be perfect when i go to venice in a couple of months, don't you think? the shoes and coat are just perfection. i'm not sure if this coat is everywhere in the blogosphere so i apologise if you've seen it a few times; it's a new novelty for me! however if it isn't, it should be as it's the perfect coat for summer. brightens up any outfit. hope you are having a lovely weekend, i'm off to work soon (boo) but i'm ringing up and joining the gym. here's to a new and healthy me. hope you like the look, let me know. x



what i'm wearing:
aldo crossbody bag via zalando
zara strappy sandals (similar here)
topshop pendant necklace (sale)
primark zodiac 'gemini' necklace
polaroid cat-eye sunglasses*

so today's post isn't the cleanest background i've ever encountered but hey let's just say i'm going for 'dirty urban' vibe for it haha. yesterday me and rachael were lucky enough to be invited down to our local revolution to try out the new summer menu, so on our way we find a quiet area to take some photos. it's a shame that newcastle doesn't have tonnes of really nice places to shoot. travelling to other cities may have to become an option as i'm really enjoying doing nice backgrounds to my photos at the moment, and i want to keep it up. i can't get enough of my new missguided trench coat, it's just the most perfect thing i've ever laid my eyes upon. it's super lightweight and it just means if it's super hot (like it was yesterday) you won't be regretting leaving the house with a coat because your arms have plenty breathing space! not the best photos from me i'm not going to lie as i had a bit of a carb face and was trying to hide it best i could; over-indulged a little too much the past few days, but i really love this outfit and i hope you do too. hope you have a lovely weekend and i'll speak to you again on sunday! 

be mine... please?



so let's face it i will always have things i want to buy. and nine times of ten i cave and i end up with it all! i can't explain it, shopping just leaves me all happy and tingly inside and it makes everything feel better. suppose it's better to be like the than eat my feelings; well on the waistline anyway. here's a few pieces i desperately need, number one priority is some new high waisted shorts! it's just something with summer and sun that makes me drawn to denim as i'm usually a black jeans kinda girl or dresses. it's so hard to find ones that cover your bum though - these ones look quite generous though. 

what do you think? also... SHOES, AMAZING! 

wake up and smell the roses


primark zodiac necklace

signed, sealed and delivered to you my friends; a post without sunglasses! so as promised in my last post i have shown that i do infact own a pair of eyes and yes you can infact see them... well just about anyway. the weather is absolutely beautiful today and i have instead been confined indoors as i have household chores that need to be done; although red velvet cupcakes may have been baked and looking for holidays in the process. even in summer we can have colder days but i don't want to grab my dark winter pieces, so this fashion union yellow coat is perfect to brighten up and outfit on a chilly summers day! i also cannot get enough of my new sandals from chicwish at the moment. that little bit of height is perfect to make me feel more dressed up in comparison to sliders and here's the best part, THEY ARE SUPER COMFY. i did a test run of them at work on a 9 hour shift and they didn't even leave my feet sore or aching in anyway. that's a five star rating to them from me. anyway hope you like it, my next post on wednesday is a wishlist. is there anything you're lusting over at the moment?

dancing with myself


what i'm wearing:
gel nails and art by skullen nail design*

okay so before i start with my usual spiel that goes with each outfit post can i just say that if i promise my next outfit post i do is without sunglasses, that you can forgive that almost every post i've done has included myself wearing a pair. although if i'm going to do it, you have to do it right and what better way than a good old pair of ray-bans! so these are my first pair of designer sunglasses ever and i am aware that i am reppin' a little bit of john lennon with them on but ah i love them so much. i'm so scared everytime when i move with them on though because i genuinely believe my heart will shatter into a thousand pieces if i broke them. there is really much else to say on my outfit except that i've really loved wearing this outfit when it's been a little too warm for trousers. the shirt is a light material but isn't super see-through (always a bonus) which means you won't be sweating despite the heat, and the shorts are a great length so that you don't have your bottom hanging out. i think in blogging terms this is probably an understated outfit but i really love it and i love how these photos have come out from the other day when myself and amy did some shooting! please let me know what you think and have a lovely weekend. <3

ps. how long is my hair getting please? - i am in a desperate need of a chop!

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