holiday shopping on a budget with asos sale



there's two things i love; sales and ASOS. so put them together and it's a match made in heaven. as it's twelve weeks until i'm jetting off to venice it couldn't be more perfect timing as of course want a whole new wardrobe to take with me... obviously. i've already delved into it and bought a couple of things (trainers and duster coat) but there's no harm in wanting more. as i'm going on a city break rather than a summer holiday it's a win-win as it's clothes that i can wear at home too when i come back! i definitely need to get myself some birkenstock's before i go, it just seems compulsory with being a blogger and all. wouldn't want to let the team down.


  1. i love the olivia burton watches! great picks :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. the birkenstocks are SUCH great value! I've just bought some of the madrid style from work as a replacement pair! so comfy! they'd be perfect if you're doing a lot of walking. And those sunglasses! love them. xo

    739051 personal style blog!

  3. those birkenstocks are definitely on my 'to buy' list. they're so gorgeous & comfy :)

  4. Love a good sale bargain! My fave is the stripy coat! xx

  5. I love the Olivia Burton watch - so pretty! Have an amazing time in Venice lovely xx

  6. Cool wishlist, i love a good bargain! Cool watch

    Love Emma xx

  7. bargain is exciting


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