#experienceeverything with boohoo: katy perry prismatic tour


huge thanks to boohoo and phones4u arena

so just over a week ago i was lucky enough to venture down to manchester not only to catch up with a friend, but boohoo and phones4u kindly gave us two tickets to spend one night seeing katy perry. i'm not going to lie before going i was a little dubious; of course i was grateful for the tickets, i never really listened to katy perry out of choice and only really knew the songs that made it to the charts. i much prefer alternative, rock music but i must admit when i got there i got sucked in to the whole production of it all and had a whale of a time! now i know why people enjoy her concerts so much, because she really does put on one hell of a show. my phone died just before the end when she was flying through the air with balloons which was amazing and the fact she got a fan onto the stage i just thought shows she isn't a total diva. overall i had a really good experience and who knows maybe if she does another tour in the future


  1. youre so lucky! looks so amazing xx


  2. Looks amazing! :) xx


  3. sounds amazing!!!


  4. Great pictures, sounds like an amazing experience.



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