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i can't actually believe it's been almost two weeks since my last outfit post, it seems like light years ago where in reality these two weeks have flown by. i'd been feeling a bit down and deflated about my blog around the time of my last outfit post, and if i'm being honest i did actually contemplate giving up blogging. it's a shame that i allowed myself to think like that; as if i reached my peak and that if this was my best i wasn't satisfied with it, because i really do love blogging and pretty much everything that comes with it. but taking a step back and allowing myself some time to look back over certain things has actually really helped me realise my blog is doing pretty darn good and i'm super proud of it. even if my photos aren't super professional who cares, i'm lucky enough to have a friend like rachael (click her name for her blog) who puts up with me enough to take photos for me and we put our heart and soul into making sure we have at least a few acceptable photos to show. even if we keep the super embarrassing and hideous ones for ourselves to laugh at. i've had some crappy things happen in my personal life recently and with that having all you lovely lot to talk to and pick me up makes me wish i could go out every second of the day just so i could thank you in tonnes of outfit posts, as i think you seem to like them. anyway i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm going to try and not put so much pressure on myself as it really does make me feel unwell. if i can't blog on a regular basis because of work, or for whatever reasons it's okay. all that matters is when i can i make sure i'm happy with it.

p.s if you got past all the emotional soppy stuff up above, how amazing is this dress please? i know i'm partial to a good smock dress but this one's a bloomin' beaut. chicwish have some awesome bits and pieces online at the moment and i'm trying to resist buying them.

how to holiday on a shoestring in a luxury resort

source: pinterest

if you love glitz and glamour but are more of a champagne lifestyle lemonade budget kind of girl, you can still have a luxury style holiday without a luxury price tag. you simply need to know how to get your money’s worth.

take, for example marbella, playground of the rich and famous. made even more well known for its luxury and party lifestyle by the gang from ITV2's the only way is essex in the last few years. so how can you party like lucy and sam without spending a fortune? read on:

your holiday wardrobe

you don't have to spend a fortune to look the part in marbella, or anywhere else for that matter. if you aren't going away this year and are hoping that amongst the usual dreary weather in the uk we get a hot summers day, all you'll need a is bikini or tankini; a george tankini is perfect as it's fashionable yet purse friendly enough to allow you to treat yourself to another one so you can alternate while you're away. alternatively you could also reach for a beach style cover up, a few dresses, sandals or flip flops and that is about it.  of course if you're planning on hitting some of the night spots in puerto banus you may want to pack a few more dressy outfits. dress to impress and all.

location, location, location

marbella town itself isn't actually the area you'll have seen on shows like TOWIE, instead they tend to stay in the surrounding areas and go out in puerto banus at night. if you decide to stay in puerto banus you are likely to pay a premium to do so because of its reputation as a luxury resort. marbella being a large town can also command higher prices in terms of hotel rooms, although you will find some gorgeous B&B's here in the old town that are great value for money. you will however find that accommodation becomes cheaper the further away from marbella you go. the key is to find something affordable within a short journey time to the centre without compromising on style.

live like a local

if you're anything like me you'll want to spoil yourself while you're away but not break the bank, right? drinks in in europe can be upwards of 10 euros a pint if you stick to the tourist bars. leave the marina and head a few streets back and you'll find a bustling bar scene that won't need you to remortgage just to buy a round. the same goes for restaurants, the further away from the main tourist hub you go the cheaper they become. you can however eat in top restaurants for a bargain price, just do it at lunchtime instead of dinner. every restaurant in spain has to offer a menu del dia by law, what they include in that is up to them, however you're likely to receive at least two course for a much reduced price. search around and you can easily have a fabulous three course meal, plus a bottle of wine and coffee for a fraction of what you'd pay at night.

with just a few adjustments to your holiday you really can experience what it's like to party like the stars no matter where you venture to whether it is within the european union or not! now... let's get holiday shopping!

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NE1's newcastle fashion week: ROX royalty


event held at ROX jewellery

ah so alas we reach the end of my posts for ne1's newcastle fashion week. right in the center lies ROX jewellery where the VIP event was held as one of the penultimate events over the course of the nine days. as melissa the illustrator was there again i thought i'd get another one done; which i love as i now have two completely different style of drawings to frame. there was also fancy canapés and cocktails that tasted of apple and gave off smoke which was pretty cool. towards the end of the night we had a nice glass of bubbly and myself and rachael had our hair styled by the lovely people at forever long salon. overall i really enjoyed the night and loved how the room was decorated. thanks for having me ROX. i'm definitely looking forward to popping back in soon with the boyfriend in the hope that he'll treat me to a piece of your fancy jewellery.

p.s popped a cheeky picture up of the food i had over at the fat hippo in jesmond, it was INCREDIBLE. desperate to go again.

i wish



so it's been a while since i've done a wishlist post but as my 21st birthday is slowly but surely approaching i find myself looking at more things more often than usual. in fairness it's a good cop out as i've had no free time to photograph any blog outfits - which sucks as i have SO many i have planned. it's a shame really as i keep getting motivation in bursts when i have no spare time, yet when i do have free time i feel the polar opposite and feel like giving up blogging. i'm stuck in a rut at the moment as i'm never happy with any of my content at the moment which sucks when your personality makes you a perfectionist. i'm not 100% on my decision on what i feel is the right thing to do - i would love to make this a full time career but unfortunately right now other factors get in the way.

anyway, to the post... i caved and bought the topshop tee before making the post live. i just couldn't help myself! i really love it on and got a pretty few compliments which is always nice. everything else is just new things to add to the collection of various other things i have. i must admit i wish i had the money to splurge on the boots! is there anything you're listing after at the moment?

NE1's newcastle fashion week: DYO jewellery


event held at nancy's bordello

so my second of three posts from newcastle fashion week i'm popping up today! sorry i haven't got more outfit posts ready for you, the weather sucks and i've had to work seven solid days at work so i could have the weekend off so i could travel down to manchester to see my friend and also see katy perry thanks to boohoo and phones 4 u arena; mega excited! so as i write this on the train down me and rach headed down to the DYO event last week. if i'm being completely honest i wasn't particularly expecting much; just a show of a companies jewellery and that would be it, i couldn't have been more wrong. although shown the jewellery which was amazing by the way, we also were given a discount (darn me for only having my card on me as i really wanted a couple of bits!) and also was given a great insight of how much care and effort goes into each jewellery. it's completely ethical and sourced from all over the world and what's great is each element used is unique. using the interface which will be launching soon you are able to design you necklace completely how you want it to look meaning no one else in the world will have one like yours. and it's not stupidly expensive either!

the masterclass for me was definitely my favourite part of the evening. choosing my materials from a selection of bits and bobs we made our own necklaces! i did it all on my own which i'm mega proud of and i can't wait to wear it!

en route


what i'm wearing:
ASOS navy fedora hat

so you know when you know you have to take outfit photos but despite getting ready you then forget, go for food fill yourself to the brim and then think "oh crumbs" and have to do them then? yeah that happened. so with two events on friday to go to for newcastle fashion week me and rachael had some time to kill inbetween so we ventured to jesmond as it was sunny. unfortunately for us nothing ever runs smoothly, so after walking for half an hour (we got off the wrong metro stop) with our feet KILLING us we went to the fat hippo and had the most ah-mazing chicken burger ever. it's the most painful thing ever when you know you're full but the food tastes so amazing that you know you can't leave any of it. i swear i couldn't breathe for a good five minutes afterwards. but on the way back to getting the metro we had to quickly take this in this beautifully unscenic scabby area... nice one. anyway i love this dress i got from week even though it's scarily short on the sides (hence the shot with lace cycling shorts on underneath; dignity 1 - wind 0) so i thought it was an appropriate time to be colourful with it being a sunny day and all. even though the photos aren't exactly picturesque i hope you still admire our determination to blog guys! and that you like the outfit.

p.s apologies for the paleness - my fake tan didn't stick in time i need to invest in an instant tan!

NE1's newcastle fashion week: clueless event


event held at house of smith

it's so frustrating as a blogger when you go to an event that is poorly lit (lol blogger problems). aesthetically i love those kind of places as it is totally up my street; giving it more character than a bog-standard building, but unfortunately when you are trying to take photos of that place to show other people it doesn't quite work so well. with what i had i tried to do my best to take some photos that were good enough to use for a blog post, but unfortunately couldn't even try to get a decent outfit shot! i did do a quick snap for instagram if you are interested in seeing which you can click here. so on sunday last week i was able to make my first event of ne1's newcastle fashion week, which was a shame as i'd missed the launch party and also the chance to meet julien mcdonald on another occasion! so finally with a day off work i made it over for the clueless event held at house of smith. there was the opportunity to try clueless inspired cocktails, have your hair and make up done clueless style with topshop and become a fashion sketch with an illustrator. as i was driving i had to opt for the mojito style mocktail which was actually really lovely and as i'd done my hair and make up already i popped myself in the queue to be illustrated. even with an hour wait i'm so glad i did it as i absolutely love the drawing she did of me and can't wait to pop it in a frame. i'm even more impressed as lucky old me when it was my turn to be drawn the lights went off as the film started to be shown so she had to do it with a little spotlight shone of her page. i didn't want to completely miss out of the film, so afterwards i went into a designated area for myself where there was the option to treat ourselves to champagne; not for, designated driver :(, and popcorn with the film. i didn't stay until the end as i went on my lonesome as i didn't know that i could take anyone with me and felt a little out of place but overall i really enjoyed my first event. if anything, the illustration i got was worth driving all the way through for anyway!

competition winner


what i'm wearing:
urban outfitters leopard print sunglasses
MAC lipstick in rebel

i'm shocked i really am, i thought when you bought something from the nicole scherzinger collection from missguided it meant you'd look like nicole in it... darn. instead i'm still my awkward self giving a little smile that makes me look like a competition winner. anyway this was the outfit i wore to go to one of my newcastle fashion week events on thursday. i went along with rachael (obvs) from beautypea; check her out and give her a follow please, and it was actually a lot of fun. we were able to look at some great handmade jewellery pieces by DYO jewellery and then had the opportunity to have a masterclass where we made our own. i'll be make a small post on it of course so i'll not say to much now but i totally will be wearing my necklace in all seriousness as one point. missguided were kind enough to give me a couple pieces to wear for events and i hope people think it looks as good as i thought it was. i don't think it's been conveyed that well on camera though. i hope you like it though, don't be a stranger. x

want glowing skin? don't sweat... erm, actually...


source: pinterest

oh the irony, despite the fact that this winter’s been wetter than most, our skin still suffers from winter dry out, resulting in dull complexions, flaky skin and cracked, dry lips and hands. the main reason we struggle so much is that although it’s wet outside we retreat indoors to put the heating on and stay put. the longer we spend in those warm, dry indoor conditions, at home or in the workplace, the drier our skin becomes. now that warm weather is on it's way, it's time to say no and fight back so we're left looking better than ever this summer.

so, what’s the solution for your skin? well of course most of us just reach straight for the moisturiser and slap it on as liberally as we can afford or as often as we remember. however, the trouble is that moisturisers only really have any effect on that top layer of skin and given that it's actually a layer of dead skin cells (ewww) anyway, unless you use a face mask, exfoliate or steam before moisturising, the moisturiser itself (however expensive) is actually only going to offer limited effects.

taking inspiration from old-style winter remedies. most of us are familiar with that good old-fashioned remedy of head-over-basin-of-steaming-water, especially recommended for seasonal colds, but although it’s been shown that humidity does benefit dried up sinuses, cracked lips, and some respiratory problems which go hand in hand with chesty colds, it’s taken a while for the message to come through about benefits to the skin too. a humidifier is one of the best contemporary solutions for dry indoor air which relentlessly removes the moisture from your skin.

different types of humidifiers

there are many different types of humidifier on the market, to suit most budgets and environments. below humidification experts air and water centre discuss the pros and cons of the most common humidifier types.

1. ultrasonic humidifiers: these expel a cool mist, using an ultrasonic vibration.
2. air washers: these too expel a cool mist, but using a rotating disk.
3. central humidifiers: these act like central heating and air conditioning and can raise humidity throughout your home. however humidifiers like this tend to be used for commercial or industrial purposes.
4. evaporators: an evaporator is essentially a fan which blows air through a wet filter, wick or belt, adding moisture into the air as it’s pushed through.
5. steam vapourisers: these heat water via electricity, to create steam which then cools before leaving the machine. a common downside is that, when switched on, these hold hot water inside which can causes burns if spilled, so these are not really recommended around children.

using a humidifier correctly can hold significant health and skin benefits and leave your skin feeling soft and supple again. so what do you think? are you just going to go for a dewy foundation and hope for the best? or give your skin a little more TLC.

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stumps for legs


what i'm wearing:
urban outfitters leopard print sunglasses via depop

happy thursday everyone! i'm in a particularly good mood today because it's pay day tomorrow, yaaaaay. there is no greater feeling as a working gal getting paid as it means simple things like filling your petrol tank and buying snacks can now be done without thinking "oh god, how much have i got left?". also as i treat myself quite a fair amount shall we say with my last pay i have now being living a little bit like a pauper for the last couple of weeks. which basically means beans on toast for dinner every night. as summer is slowly coming i thought let's get the legs out and pop some shades on. i bagged this dress when ASOS had a 25% off last week and i'm glad i did as it's pretty much sold out now. my only problem is as it's petite it's super short so i have been to be very aware with all movements in a bid to not expose anything. this outfit was quite festival inspired (of course i'd swap the sandals for boots) and at festivals where the only liquids you can get your hands on are alcohol of bottles of water, you sometimes desire a little bit of flavour. i love drinking juice anyway but at a festival you can't carry around a huge bottle of juice to try and manoeuvre into a tiny bottle which is why robinsons squash'd is an absolute genius idea. as you can see from the images below it's tiny enough to carry around with you in your bag and you can just whip it out and squeeze a bit into some water and voilà you have juice! anyway i hope you like the outfit, let me know. :)

*thank you to iris-worldwide for providing me with the robinsons squash'd and £30 credit towards a bag of my choice on ASOS*

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