earth fairy


what i'm wearing:
H&M lace cropped vest
ASOS oval stone ring & ASOS triangle ring
gel nail and art by skullen nail design
primark tan sandals (last year)

so the reason for my title is because when i tried this combination on at work, a colleague described me as looking like an "earth fairy" when wearing it. now i can only assume she meant it as a compliment, whatever it means haha. although not the most flattering to a figure wearing a loose vest top and then a flowing skirt, i love each piece too much to even begin to care about it. neutrals you should know by now are my new favourite; replacing my once attachment to black, and i am quite enjoying choosing more bohemian-esque pieces to wear over the summer. as much as i love taking photos in the sunshine as opposed to the rain, you always find problems when shooting. yes that's me complaining AGAIN, sorry! you really do need to find that perfect place behind the sun otherwise it can cast a shadow on your face.

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#experienceeverything with boohoo


all the contents were gifted to me via boohoo*

as a blogger; where communication is essential, there isn't a great opportunity for elements of surprise when it comes to collaborations or ideas for blogposts. which is why when i walked through the door early last week and saw a boohoo parcel on my staircase i instantly thought "have i bought something from boohoo that i've forgotten about?". i was almost certain i hadn't but obviously like i've just said as a blogger we need to know what collaborations we are working on so we don't get confused and unorganised, which is why the idea of it didn't even cross my mind. so by the time i finally sat down and open it i was left dumb founded to see that all these amazing goodies had been sent to me from boohoo. especially two tickets to go and see katy perry when i'm in manchester next month! boohoo are running a campaign #experienceeverything where if you use the hashtag via instagram (or twitter too) documenting what you're up to, you can be in with the chance to win your ultimate holiday! if you keep your eye on there twitter page they will keep you up to date on the competitions they are running. currently there is the chance to win festival tickets, so get your entry in if you fancy it. i can't wait to be able to experience things i wouldn't normally have chosen to do thanks boohoo; especially the hair chalk and katy perry tickets, and i'm looking forward to documenting it via instagram too.

ruined by rain


so considering i've been away from blogging for another week in the hopes of getting better quality blog posts, this one kinda sucks. unfortunately the one day me and rachael had free to shoot it decides to be dark, foggy and then rain. which is of course typical as the rest of the week whilst we were at work it was lovely and sunny. this outfit isn't really me which is maybe why i don't look comfortable as i normally am. although some people might think i'm pathetic it does genuinely get me upset when i don't get photos i'm 100% happy with as i want my blog to be perfect and it's such a shame when silly factors i can't control ruin it. especially when i did try really hard. so in the end we had to give up and take cover in a tearoom in durham, which wasn't so bad. so the debut of my new hair sums up how i feel about it really; sucky. i'll do my best to make sure my photos are top notch next time. at least my new nails by nicole are amazing though, please check her out and give her a follow on instagram where you can see a photo! i'll make sure to get one in my next post.



what i'm wearing:

so one major change since taking photos for this post is.... i've chopped my hair off! now i already liked my hair don't get me wrong but as i'm naturally really straight it was so limp i could never wear it. which meant i had to curl my hair everytime i wanted to wear it down. in other words, i'm too lazy for that. so i've let the hairdresser take about 3 inches off so its a little just past my shoulders. i'm still undecided to how much i like it... i don't hate it though! i think it's more because i need to learn a whole new way of styling it because it's short. meaning after work today i'll have a look at laura from tiny twists youtube vid on it! anyway hope you like the outfit, it's a little bold and i did get quite a few stares but i wanted to go all out to bring the trousers to life! hope you all have great easter plans. i'm unfortunately at work today and tomorrow (starting a 7 - eugh) as i work in the wonderful realms of retail. even so i hope everyone else has a great time and stuffs there face with loads of choc! i'm just counting down the hours until i have fish and chips tonight. mmmm.

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complete my summer look and win with #flannelsSOS



so the holiday season is slowly creeping on us so we better get those summer essentials at the ready! i've put together a mood board of some of my favourites from the flannels website and i would love you to pick the final item. i would love you to visit the flannels website yourself to pick an item, and in the comments section leave the name of the item and the URL for me to have a look at. don't worry making the effort to do this will be worth it. come the 25th of april (next friday) i will look through them all and my favourite will win a summer survival kit courtesy of flannels worth £150! if you are struggling for inspiration you could always visit flannels blog before making your decision on the item to enter. with the selection of items that are to up for grabs (see the image below) i wish i could enter myself! i look forward to seeing what you pick from flannels to complete my summer essentials mood board.

quick note - you must be a follower of my blog for the entry to be valid. i will be checking at the end before announcing my winner.

wonderbra meets basso & brooke


wonderbra basso & brooke lingerie set*

so a few weeks ago i was contacted by the lovely people at wonderbra and asked if was interested in being an ambassador for them; promoting body confidence, and how it's important to fit pieces around what's right for you. not only that but for the first time ever, wonderbra have collaborated with textiles and fashion designers basso & brooke to bring out the most stunning baroque style printed bra and briefs. the B&B strapless fits like a dream and the print is just absolutely beautiful, plus the structured padding inside the cups gives you ultimate palm-like support. although usually i don't wear briefs very often (due to VPL, uh-oh) this set it so lovely that you just want to wear it as it makes you feel classy. even if no one is going to see it, it's still great to pop an underwear set on that makes you feel sexy. i think as the structured bra is such a statement print and a little bit away from the normal bras you would pick up, you could definitely get away with "underwear as outerwear" with it. just think a sheer shirt, tied and maybe a pencil skirt for a night out i'm sure you'd get some heads turning. obviously it's all down to how comfortable you feel. the more i post for wonderbra i'll probably talk a little bit more about how us girls with smaller chests have to go for certain styles and what difference they can make to your confidence. hope you like these kind of posts as they are a little different to my usual. 

at one with nature


what i'm wearing:

so of all the blog posts i've ever done, this is by far my favourite of all time. i think once you've had the experience of someone taking photos for you, doing them yourself in your front garden is never going to quite have the same effect. and thus as a result i've been naff with posting again as i had to wait until me and rachael ventured out to take some photos. so as coachella is currently ongoing *crying* i thought i'd do a outfit chanelling the "boho chic" look everyone will be going for who's actually there. so i equipped myself with a fedora and a bit of fringing and i was good to go. obviously if i was actually there i'd swap the jeans for shorts but as i reside in the north of the UK and it's still pretty cold i didn't want to walk around bearing all. this weeks been pretty fun; i treated myself to getting my nails done for the first time in such a long time and also i've been trialling the new nokia lumia 1520. unfortunately i only have it for a week and in a few short days i've became pretty darn attached to it. the camera quality is amazing and i love the layout of it all. i'll probably try and do a few snaps of it before it goes back but you could always check out my twitter as i've been posting some pictures of the phone/photos i took on it. hope everyone has a great day! if you're local to the north east and are looking for someone to do nail art/gel nails/acrylics you can look at she has an amazing portfolio and can do whatever nail art you ask and only charges £20, she does it all by hand so please check her out and give her some love! she's on instagram too @skullennaildesign.

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photos taken by rachael you can find her blogging over at 

i need it all



so with payday approaching on friday i am so excited to finally treat myself to a couple new things, especially after the eventful weekend i've had; living without any money for an entire week due to having my purse stolen whilst in york for the day out! thus it's only fair that all the retail therapy i should have been doing during the week can all be done in one day. i'd never heard of lolita lempicka until recently and when i caught a scent of it i knew it will be perfect for summer coconut and beach in a bottle i just need it so much. it's definitely on my birthday list to ask from a family member. out of all the things on my wishlist i don't even think i can wait until friday to buy the ALDO parfum clutch... i'm considering making a purchase before i make this post live. i absolutely love it! i just absolutely love everything on my wishlist post, although i may have to put a few weeks savings away before i can afford the whistles flats. although they are absolutely stunning. 

'bee'have yourself


what i'm wearing:
ASOS vest with drop armhole

yay i'm back! so after a nine day blogging draught ( sorry :( ) i am back with an outfit post at last. although i must admit it wasn't entirely my fault. if you are from the UK you will be aware that we've had pretty horrible weather at the moment, thick fog all day everyday. however london seemed to nab an extra couple of days of sun compared to us northerners who had to endure it for the whole week. thus making outfit posts impossible. luckily when me and my friend rachael; who blogs over at, please check her out!, went to an event on friday evening it was clear enough to try and do some snaps and i think she did an amazing job. dressed pretty much head-to-toe in ASOS i think it's a simple but effective outfit which i actually really love. also yes, this is probably my sixth midi skirt i've bought in the last two months or so. anyway i'm glad to be back blogging and i hope you are too!

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