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just because spring is on the doorstep doesn’t mean we’re not going to need layers to keep us going until the summer. unfortunately, UK weather can be incredibly unpredictable, with instances of snow in april not being out of the question, so we need to ensure that we have some layers tucked away in our wardrobe should the cold spell stick around for longer than we had hoped.
even in the height of spring and summer, having some layers in our wardrobes can really help on the dull days. here are some great items that will ensure you’re covered, no matter what the weather brings.

jumpers - while the chunky winter knits can probably be put away for another year, a few lighter jumpers can be very handy. cashmere sweaters are always a great option, which would look fabulous over a simple collared shirt with a pair of skinnies or skirt.
pastel shades are bang on the money this season too, so take a look at the jumpers from george and grab yourself one that fits this trend, such as the ombre eyelash jumper, for £16.

hoodies - for those days where you want an ultimately casual look, make sure you have a hoody or two in your wardrobe. while they’re ideal for heading to the gym and lounging around at home, they’re also perfect for casual trips into town, to a friend’s house or to head out on the school run.

jackets - you can never guarantee a dry day in the UK; even if we’re in the middle of a heatwave, rain showers are never impossible. make sure you have a light jacket, or lightweight mac, for days when a jumper or a bodywarmer just won’t do.

blazer - whether you are looking at a blazer for work or otherwise, having a tailored blazer in your clothing collection will mean that you have something smart and cool to wear over plenty of your outfits. choose one in a simple colour, such as black or navy, so that you have something versatile. whether you add it to a simple t and pair of skinny jeans or you wear it with a smart pencil skirt or tailored pants, a blazer is a must.

long sleeve tops - you may be hoping to pull out the strappy vests and capped sleeve t’s, but a few long sleeve tops on your rail won’t go amiss either. stripes are bang on trend, while simple plain cottons have versatility, too. they also look great underneath dresses, and at least you're still warm whilst looking good!

remember that our climate in the UK isn’t always as pleasant as we’d like and you can never be too certain. layer up where necessary with some of these top items and you’ll be ready to take on whatever mother nature throws at you.

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  1. Great advice, it's always that time where it's not cold enough for a massive coat but not warm enough for no jacket!

  2. I think interesting textures can really make a look pop too. Here in California I can only layer up for so long before the weather warms up, but I do love the look of layers.


  3. Good suggestions here :)


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