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fancy doing something different for your birthday this year? or perhaps you are hoping to plan a surprise bash for your other half or bestie, and would like to do something a little special? parties are a fabulous way of bringing everyone together to enjoy each other’s company, and while you’d likely be happy with a gathering of buddies in your home, what’s stopping you from pushing the boat out this year? hosting a casino party may seem too much like hard work, but with the right tips and advice, you’d be amazed at how quickly, and seamlessly, it can come together. so, grab your evening dress and pull the dapper suit out of your other half’s wardrobe – casino parties are a great excuse to dress to the nines and let your hair down, while also maybe winning a few quid too!

hire the gear - while you may have a set of poker chips gathering dust in your cupboard, there’s nothing quite like the real thing. you can easily hire casino equipment from various suppliers across the UK, who will bring everything you could possibly need – blackjack tables, roulette wheels and suchlike – to your venue so that your casino bash can be as authentic as possible. you can also hire croupiers, too, so you don’t have to worry about staffing the event. while this will, of course, add to the overall cost of the evening, it does mean you can relax in the knowledge that everything is under control. if you do decide to go without the croupiers, you could always rope in some friends to help you – this can be the cheaper option, because most of the time, they won’t expect to be paid at all (other than a drink or two!).

theme it - true, a casino alone is a theme, but why not make it truly special? go for the traditional las vegas theme, or a bond theme, where you can enjoy your martini shaken, not stirred. pay attention to the decorations so that you don’t miss anything – you don’t have to spend a fortune, but little additions will make the world of difference.

provide a dress code - if you would like your guests to all look the part, make sure you provide them with a suitable dress code well in advance so that they can organise something. a typical dress code would be black tie, or cocktail attire, so that your guests can look sophisticated and elegant aside the casino backdrop. a cocktail or evening dress, and a smart tailored suit, would be perfect.

make sure you play! - it can be easy to get waylaid when you’re hosting a casino party so make sure you try and have a go at a couple of the games before it’s too late. earlier on in the evening is best, before everyone else is comfortably enjoying the various games available. the tables can get mega busy the later on the evening it is, so make the most of the quiet and have a flutter yourself!

make your next event truly memorable with a casino party for an evening that’s as special as possible, i must admit i'm considering it for my 21st in june.

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what i'm wearing:

so not really a photo heavy post today, due to the fact whilst trying to do these photos i got hurled abuse from my next door neighbour for being a weirdo for having my camera out in the garden so i couldn't be bothered with the hassle and retreated back indoors. small minded individuals. i'm not usually one to be drawn to neon clothing but i absolutely fell in love with this love jumper from bank fashion. it's add the pop you need if you fancy just keeping warm by throwing a jumper on; especially as most jumpers are pretty muted colours. i popped it with my bargain ASOS skirt which i bagged for the grand total of £21 (IT'S NOW ONLY £13.50!), which i am besotted with. although it does have that horrible chemically smell still from the glue that i'm trying to aerate before i wear it properly otherwise i think people will think i smell :( happy wednesday everyone, let me know your thoughts. i have so many new things coming in the post as i've been getting a little excited with the online shopping recently so i'm super excited to show them and if i can be bothered i might pop up a haul video. especially as i've been neglecting my youtube massively for two months now.

just peachy


what i'm wearing:
h&m cropped blouse
zara pinafore dungarees (similar here)
h&m leather belt

it's always nice to find a casual outfit you feel comfortable in, but still look like you've made an effort. my zara dungarees are always great for dressing up or down an outfit and although it's from last year i have found a pretty similar one via ASOS which i've linked for you :) because the outfit is quite simple for me i decided it was time to add my new delilah dust necklace for an added extra. it's absolutely beautiful and i think it compliments the outfit so well, so thanks again the lovely ladies from becky white PR and delilah dust for sending it over for me! the same goes to ravel aswell as i was just moaning via twitter yesterday that i don't really like wearing flats anymore, but obviously that isn't practical for everyday life. but these beautiful pair of low heeled loafers allow me to have an added height without looking overdressed. so what do you think?



what i'm wearing:
primark lace cut out t-shirt
primark statement necklace
next ochre court heels

so all of yous down south seem to be having lush weather at the moment, as a northerner however the sun is deceiving. i think i almost got blown over at least five times, had my hair in my mouth and eyes more times than i can count AND because of how long it took to get these photos due to those factors i ended up getting really pervy comments from two post men walking past. note to self: not a highlight of my blog. even so i was desperate to show of that i finally have a new leather jacket! it couldn't be more perfectly timed as my ASOS one was falling to pieces, and i think it looks so much more expensive that it was. total bargain at £35! especially if you're like me and a leather jacket is your go-to garment all year round. i mainly just wanted to take these photos to show off my beautiful new heels i bought last week. the most gorgeous shade of yellow, perfect height and perfect for SS14. so what do you think? hope everyone is enjoying there friday and have the most wonderful weekend!

so much for a heatwave


what i'm wearing:
h&m leather pointed court heels

it feels so good to finally have an outfit post up and live on the blog after being inactive for almost a week. you don't realise how much you miss having blogging in your regular routine until you can't because you're so busy. i didn't think i was going about to shoot today as the weather decided to go from sunny in the early hours to raining heavily. although it was blowing a gale i was determined to get out and try my hardest and i'm more than happy with this. i absolutely love this combination i put together on whim as it's so perfect for SS14. i never thought i was going to be able to get on board with culottes when they became a must-have for this season but i think these lavish alice one's tick all the boxes for me. i'm just excited to try and find other ways to wear them.

Benefit 'Gimme Brow'


benefit 'gimme brow' gel - medium/deep £17.50*

another beauty post today; i did intend to try and shoot some outfit posts as it was the only day of the week i had off (yay for overtime at work...) and after four days of lovely sunshine, today was met with fog and darkness. what are the chances? i promise from next week i'll be on top form with the outfit posts as i have lots of new combinations that i'm excited to put together and style. i'm lucky that i am well endowed in the eyebrow department meaning that i don't need to use eyebrow kits to shape and fill and create the illusion of thick full eyebrows. although i could go out with no product on my eyebrows, there are certain areas that are a little sparse and need attended to for occasions where i'm going for a more put together look. i absolutely love that with gimme brow with a few quick sweeps of a brush my brows look fuller and better shaped. what's even better is that when i first tested it out for a shift at work, when i had finished i was shocked that they looked just as good as they did when i first applied it. you don't have to worry about it smudging as it's a liquid formula aswell. when applied it dries really naturally and doesn't go anywhere. which is what i'm all about, looking as natural as possible. i think this product is worth every penny and i can't recommend it enough.

Lulu Guinness X Birchbox


i can't believe of all the beauty boxes i've been subscribed to over the past couple of years the only one i seem to have missed the memo on was the birchbox, and boy have i really been missing out. even more so that this one is a collaboration with one of my favour toe designers at the moment lulu guinness. so not only for the price do you get some really great smallest but also a £20 off voucher as long as you spend over £100, which is perfect for me as i am getting one her purses as my 21st presents. what i love about birchbox compared to other beauty boxes i've had is the presentation is so much better. yes i do love the glossyboxes for storage, but the birchbox puts everything in a cute bag which can also be recycled for bath bombs or whatever you can think of. overall, i'm absolutely loving this months box and the samples are really great too. i'm excited to try another eye primer especially as it's one of my favourite brands 'benefit'. oh and not to mention the candy rock that was popped in was a lovely treat!

take me to paris


what i'm wearing:
h&m chiffon flared midi skirt (similar here)

now i know you're probably thinking "charissa seriously stop with the h&m stuff we get it you work there", but honestly when i saw these two pieces come in delivery last week i think my heart skipped a beat. before i put them on together i wasn't sure whether it was all in my head that it would compliment each other so well but i love it when a plan comes together as this is hands down my all time favourite outfit. for some reason neither item is available to buy online but if you love them as much as i do i am pretty certain they will be in your local store. all i have been rambling about is going to paris; whether it is on here, via twitter or instagram i seriously will not shut up about it. i have become besotted with the city again since PFW and i don't think i will stop going on about it until i get there. so if anyone fancies setting up shop and giving me tickets for a flight over, i'll be forever grateful *wink wink*. this is definitely something that reminds me of carrie in paris in sex and the city and i love channelling my inner carrie. all i need is my own name necklace and i'll be done. what do you think of this look?

p.s after this outfit post it i'm going to put beauty back into my schedule this week, if there is anything you would like to see? please let me know!

update denim with a statement necklace



it's been so long since i've done a styling post! UNIQLO have launched an exclusive collaboration with top french model and style icon inès de la fressange set to be available online from the 13th of march and one of her 'parisian style rules' i was challenged to put together was to show how i would update denim with a statement necklace. denim shirts are normally chosen to be worn in more of a casual way, but i decided to show it if i were to wear it with the intention of making a whole statement look. pairing with some culottes which are major on-trend at the moment (i know i said i could not understand how they were in fashion but i am so wrong as they look so good and i have completely changed my opinion on them) and some simple silver court heels i just know that this would turn heads worn either during the day or night. i'd love to wear something like this during the day if i didn't live in such a boring place where no one is really fashion forward like you would find in manchester, london etc. BUT i am hoping to get myself to paris this year so i would definitely wear this combination when i finally go!

i bet you're sick of this jacket


what i'm wearing:
glamorous swing shirt dress* (worn as top)
primark gingham flared midi skirt

you know when you see something on another blogger and fall in love with it instantly? this happened to me with the skirt on the lovely hannah from hannahlouisef, however i will have to admit defeat as i don't think it looks that great on me... darn. to be honest i should have took my sisters advise as soon as she said it didn't flatter my figure. everyone has a bad fashion moment, this seems to be mine! i decided to go all out with the pink and used my new glamorous dress tucked in as a shirt. i used to love this leather jacket but i think i've worn it that much over the year that it's just turned to mush now and looks pretty naff so i am going to vow to no longer wear it, and start the hunt for a new one. so what do you think, did i get it wrong this time or do you actually like it? let me know and i hope you're having a fab friday. 

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