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so it's valentines day and what greater way to spend my day after my 3 day detox than with my one true love... CARBS. no i'm kidding, of course it's liam but i have realised how much i need carbohydrates to get by. the lovely people at JuicetoU were asking for bloggers via twitter to review there their 3 day detox so on a whim i popped over a tweet to say i was interested as i've always been intrigued after seeing how amazing some individual results were. i hope my experience on the 3 day detox answers questions to those who have wanted to try it and to see if it is right for you. as i know i am already a healthy size i will not be including whether i did lose weight from this or not, as i want it to be more about how i felt within myself.

the juices are delivered to you the day before you are set to start your detox in a cooled box with two lemons to pop straight in the fridge; however, if you know you already have lunch plans and won't be starting it for another couple of days they are okay to freeze! my juices were not delivered to me until 10.30am on tuesday but there was no way i was detoxing on valentines day so to stop me from eating until my juices came i had a cup of tea with skimmed milk. when you are detoxing you are not supposed to drink any caffeine, and are only allowed water and fruit tea alongside your juices so JuicetoU do not advise drinking tea. this was just my personal decision to do this so i could start my juice detox on that day. so here's a summary of each day on my 3 day detox.

day 1 - pretty successful if i'm honest. the 'clean green' juice was tolerable so i was able to get through them and make it last between my next juice three hours later. i only drank half though as i knew that i had that cup of tea earlier in the day. 'let's glow' was a lot fruitier and therefore a lot easier to drink but again i made sure to drink it slowly and often to keep me going until my next 'clean green' at 3pm, which i only drank half because i had to go to work at half four . i tried to drink some of my 6pm 'berry good' which was really yummy before i started as i wouldn't be finished until half eight, and surprisingly my shift went fine. i only felt hungry when i thought about food or people talked about food. i finished the rest of my juice when i got home and went to sleep fine and felt like the whole day i had a good amount of energy.

day 2 - a disaster of a day. woke up much earlier than i normally would at half 7 and was already really hungry but held on until 9am for my first juice. by then the first sip just didn't appeal to me at all and i didn't even want to drink it, at that point i'd rather have just felt sorry for myself and starved. even so i made sure i got through half of it, then i took a turn for the worst as when i went to get up after spending the whole time in my bed due to being so fatigued i almost passed out. that was when i decided that i'd give my 12 o'clock juice a go in an attempt to make me feel better but if i felt like that again i'd be stopping the detox. luckily after finishing it i did feel better. due to having a few busy hours afterwards i forgot to have my 3pm juice so by the time i finally got in at almost quarter past 6 i just could not have another juice and needed to eat. i made myself an organic salad of lettuce, avocado and lettuce with a poached egg and one bacon medallion and i felt a million times better than i had the entire time on the detox. i also noticed that my skin has broke out in strange places such as my hair-line and the top of my cheeks. places i never ever get pimples and they were really painful ones that are under the skin.

day 3 - even though i ate the previous night, which isn't what you are meant to do when detoxing i think if i hadn't i wouldn't have been able to do day 3. i made the decision to try and commit to the juices for the final day as the last thing i wanted to do was to see them go to waste. however if i needed, i would be making changes to the detox if my body required it. i slept at my dads the night before and i had forgot my 9am clean green, so i had to try and do my best to replace it. as it contained cucumber which i like i decided to cut up cucumber and eat that with some hot water. despite feeling hungry at least i wasn't horribly fatigued and weak today. i made it through my 12 o'clock juice just fine and then i had work at half three just in time for me make my way through my FINAL clean green (thank god, as it had became just undrinkable by now) before i started. i made it home by about eight o'clock meaning i was two hours off my final juice which by then i thought what's the point? i lasted five hours without the need for a juice so i realised i've done enough and had my first treat of REAL FOOD, biscuits!

so overall, i've realised juicing isn't for me. i had more energy and my skin was better before i started. however, one positive is that it's nice to have no bloating so when i look at myself in the mirror i do think i look better. my diet was not bad to begin with, and neither was my weight. i think for people who are maybe more unhappier with how they look and want to see results this is more suited to them as i don't think it's a bad idea at all. it made me anti-social, boring and cranky with people and i did not like that i couldn't sit with people while they were eating without becoming agitated. i'm glad that i've done this review and i do not think it's a bad detox. i just think i already live a healthy lifestyle most of the time so it wasn't nice to have nothing substantial in my diet. i'm just proud that even though i ate half way through i finished it! if i was set to go on holiday and needed that bikini body to surface quickly i'd definitely invest in doing it again, but for a normal detox it just is not for me due to the fact that i love solid food too much.

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  1. Ah i really want to try a juice detox, i've just always backed out at the checkout, i completely agree about not being able to sit around people with food, so i think i'm better off just sticking to healthy eating x x

  2. Great post, I like that you were really honest :), shame it made you feel so unwell. Hope you're feeling better now that you can have solid food again lol. xx


  3. these are so expensive though! thanks for being honest in your review <3

  4. great honest review! i would definitely love to try these for myself some time but i'm glad i know a few of the side effects you had to deal with :)

    Beth | Hey It's Toots

  5. Great review! I have always wanted to try a juice detox, but I don't think there is a day where I'm not running around everywhere to be living off juice. I guess I should try it at least once but I think the smell of food would make me so hungry haha!
    Madeleine | Madeleine in Wonderland

  6. It's been quite a while since I've tried a juice fast. I hadn't heard of the JuiceToU system before. You seem quite young and in good shape so I doubt you needed it, but I had considered doing a juice fast again because I'm older, overweight and have probably built up some toxins. After some thought though, I don't think I'll exclude all protein because I don't want to lose muscle while I'm detoxifying. The JuiceToU still looks interesting. Sometimes fasting and detoxifying can result in some temporary acne but I'd rather not have painful pimples. I loved reading your honest and detailed review. I also loved watching your YouTube video titled: "The TMI tag with Charissa Rae - YouTube". I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day anyway.

  7. This sounds like a totally different experience to my own. I did a 3 day detox with Nosh, I felt really good and barely felt hungry. But with them there was 5 smoothies a day I think. I did a review of it on my blog if you want to have a read, I really loved it and will definitely do it again!


  8. I've just done my review on JuiceToU too and had a similar experience to you with eating salads too ;D I noticed they had a bit of a go at you on Twitter about having tea though, and they're now on at me about having the salads and changing the times I had the juices - really annoying because I explained why I changed the times and ate the salads (health reasons in particular), but they keep on tweeting me about how I shouldn't have done it! I still gave an honest review of how it worked for me - I stated beforehand too how I wasn't doing it to lose weight but to try to be a bit healthier and hopefully kick my snacking habit, but they keep insisting on Twitter to me that it's not to lose weight, which I know! I never claimed it was, weird!
    Anyway, just saw your review and had to vent haha! Not the greatest company I've worked with!
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

    1. Glad it's not just me who found them not great to work with. I got told by them to delete a tweet immediately as i had asked if anyone else had experienced sickness after the first one. They then kept on that there was nothing which would make me sick and wouldn't help. I carried on though but had to stop as I was so weak I fell (I have weak muscles as I have Muscular Dystrophy and explained this) and them emailed back saying if I had carried on I would have felt better.....don't worry about me injuring myself and collapsing. They don't seem to like it if you have anything mildly negative to say. Before I did it I tried to find from reviews any negatives and couldn't find much so I think that's the reason!

    2. Just had an awful experience with this company/product. Ordered the three day detox and when it arrived it was clear to see that something wasn't right. Some of the lids were bulging and the mixture had parted. Anyway I put them in the fridge and later tried one. It was awful and obvious when I tasted it that the mixture had fermented. When I opened the fridge a while later some of the bottles had exploded. I contacted the company to ask for a refund. Communication has been sketchy and I am still waiting. I have since contacted Jessica Gorst-Williams, the consumer expert for the Guardian Newspaper for her advice.
      Never again...

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