in the navy


what i'm wearing:
h&m navy jumpsuit (only £14.99!)
other rings from market and pandora

so compared to my last outfit post this is the complete opposite. i don't really think i am a natural 'casual dresser' as i always would pick heeled boots over flats, and a dress over jeans and a t-shirt. that being said when i saw this jumpsuit come in at work and spotted the super cheap price tag i told myself "sod it, get it before it goes". it seems i did the right thing too as within two days it sold out from my shop. i'm sure you can still get your hands on it though. now i know i don't look like the model wearing it on the H&M advert but i do like that i can wear it either dressed up; with heels and a statement necklace, or like i've worn it today simple with just some plimsolls. if you would like to see how i would dress it up also please let me know and i'll make a note to do it for a blog post. who knows you might be sick of seeing me show that you can style things more than one way. now i know i always ramble about feminine pieces in my outfits but i do think the only reason i can feel comfortable in this outfit is because the plimsolls are a floral pattern. how would you wear it?

p.s i'm in this weeks LOOK magazine! ah it's crazy as it's my first ever feature and yes i did cry when i found out... it's the post i did earlier in the month wearing my boohoo co-ordinate set which you can see here if you want to see it in more detail.

not just for kids



when i think of claire's accessories it reminds me of the beginning of my teenage years, buying quirky headbands and everything that had hello kitty printed on. however nowadays i've realised that it isn't just for kids and has some pretty great buys for someone like myself who is actually classed as an adult (ew). for those who are just getting into make up the perfect eyes kit is great for showing you how to create the perfect smokey eye look; something i could have benefited from greatly as i used to never blend in my crease colour and it just was blocked and looked ridiculous! every couple of months i like to buy myself a new cosmetic case to hold my ever growing collection of make up collection and i love that the one from claires is so inexpensive, and it reminds me of a similar one i saw on notonthehighstreet for twice the price. finally, as much as i love my case i have now from loving dot i can't help but long to buy the this one to keep the child in me alive. i do always enjoy when older people look at you like you're crazy when they spot you holding something like this when you're typing away answering e-mails on your phone. so will this make you think again about pigeon-holing claire's accessories as a kids brand as it most certainly is not in my case. 



what i'm wearing:
primark lace cut out t-shirt
h&m crinkled flared midi skirt
primark jewelled necklace
jana reinhardt butterfly eternity ring*
h&m long length trenchcoat
new look stone pointed heels

happy sunday everyone! i wanted to get this post live before i went to work earlier today but silly me forgot to schedule it so it's up a little later. better late than never though ey. has anyone noticed that i keep getting photobombed by vans or lorries in my outfit shots? bloody scamps. i'm really enjoying dressing smart at the moment so despite the windy weather whilst shooting, i wanted to show how much i loved wearing this combination of colours. with a skirt that is naturally dressy i didn't want to wear a blouse to over-do it, so this lace t-shirt is the perfect compromise. only £5 too i absolutely love it; the mixture of patterns between the skirt and the top just make me love this outfit so much more. you will have already seen this style skirt before on the blog as i own the black version too, but when i saw there was another colour available online i had to order it. since looking at these photos i've realised my fringe is overdue a trim to get the hair out of my eyes so that's my plan for tonight! hope you like it, let me know your thoughts.

one jacket, three ways #3


dressed up look:

so it's friday night which means one thing.. it's time to dress up and get ready for the weekend! or if you're me you are rota'd in to work all weekend, woo. let's just pretend that i'm going out though for my final installment of my styling challenge for dahlia fashion. i think for me this is my favourite of all three as you know that i love simple outfits with just one staple piece; in the case being the jacket. i decided to go for a mega bright blue nail which i'm not sure if it quite worked but what can you do, ey? i have a bit of a carb face at the moment as all i seem to be doing at the moment is over indulging, i blame the juice detox i did last week. when you starve a foodie she comes back fighting. another option for this outfit is that you can add a bold lip, which i've decided to add on below for you to have a look. so there you have it, all three looks. which was your favourite?

one jacket, three ways #2


edgy look:
h&m basic trimmed t-shirt (similar here)
h&m leather heeled ankle boots

so here's my second installment of styling this jacket differently. this look is my tougher and edgier look which i think depending on the individual is wearable during the day and night. as the look is quite loud and full of different textures and prints; lace, leopard print, leather and with a bold red lip, i wanted a laid back hair style which is why i went for my trusty plaited up-do. alternatively you could take the t-shirt out of the outfit and just wear it with the dress and jacket if you like, it's a little too cold and i'm a little too flat chested to carry that off though. so what do you think, is this more of a look you'd go for compared to my last one? or are would you save this jacket for a more dressed up look? if you do, that's my next look so keep your eyes peeled. 

one jacket, three ways


casual look:
h&m cross over blouse (really old)

so the lovely ladies from dahlia fashion have asked to be one of there dahlia girlfriends and my first task is to style one piece from the dahlia collection three ways. my first look i decided to style is aimed at every girl who just wants to find a way to add something extra on the days when they just want to pop their jeans on. to compliment the peach tones in the jacket i rummaged right to the back of my wardrobe and found this pale pink blouse from two or so years ago. i think it makes the look still look dressed up even when you are going casual on the bottom half. i wanted to wear a hat just because it was so windy when shooting but i do think it ties the whole outfit together. this is actually what i'm going to popping on when i finish work tonight when i meet up some old friends from school! my next look will be a little bit tougher and edgy so stay tuned and let me know what you think of this one!

not so romantic juicetou 3 day detox review


so it's valentines day and what greater way to spend my day after my 3 day detox than with my one true love... CARBS. no i'm kidding, of course it's liam but i have realised how much i need carbohydrates to get by. the lovely people at JuicetoU were asking for bloggers via twitter to review there their 3 day detox so on a whim i popped over a tweet to say i was interested as i've always been intrigued after seeing how amazing some individual results were. i hope my experience on the 3 day detox answers questions to those who have wanted to try it and to see if it is right for you. as i know i am already a healthy size i will not be including whether i did lose weight from this or not, as i want it to be more about how i felt within myself.

the juices are delivered to you the day before you are set to start your detox in a cooled box with two lemons to pop straight in the fridge; however, if you know you already have lunch plans and won't be starting it for another couple of days they are okay to freeze! my juices were not delivered to me until 10.30am on tuesday but there was no way i was detoxing on valentines day so to stop me from eating until my juices came i had a cup of tea with skimmed milk. when you are detoxing you are not supposed to drink any caffeine, and are only allowed water and fruit tea alongside your juices so JuicetoU do not advise drinking tea. this was just my personal decision to do this so i could start my juice detox on that day. so here's a summary of each day on my 3 day detox.

day 1 - pretty successful if i'm honest. the 'clean green' juice was tolerable so i was able to get through them and make it last between my next juice three hours later. i only drank half though as i knew that i had that cup of tea earlier in the day. 'let's glow' was a lot fruitier and therefore a lot easier to drink but again i made sure to drink it slowly and often to keep me going until my next 'clean green' at 3pm, which i only drank half because i had to go to work at half four . i tried to drink some of my 6pm 'berry good' which was really yummy before i started as i wouldn't be finished until half eight, and surprisingly my shift went fine. i only felt hungry when i thought about food or people talked about food. i finished the rest of my juice when i got home and went to sleep fine and felt like the whole day i had a good amount of energy.

day 2 - a disaster of a day. woke up much earlier than i normally would at half 7 and was already really hungry but held on until 9am for my first juice. by then the first sip just didn't appeal to me at all and i didn't even want to drink it, at that point i'd rather have just felt sorry for myself and starved. even so i made sure i got through half of it, then i took a turn for the worst as when i went to get up after spending the whole time in my bed due to being so fatigued i almost passed out. that was when i decided that i'd give my 12 o'clock juice a go in an attempt to make me feel better but if i felt like that again i'd be stopping the detox. luckily after finishing it i did feel better. due to having a few busy hours afterwards i forgot to have my 3pm juice so by the time i finally got in at almost quarter past 6 i just could not have another juice and needed to eat. i made myself an organic salad of lettuce, avocado and lettuce with a poached egg and one bacon medallion and i felt a million times better than i had the entire time on the detox. i also noticed that my skin has broke out in strange places such as my hair-line and the top of my cheeks. places i never ever get pimples and they were really painful ones that are under the skin.

day 3 - even though i ate the previous night, which isn't what you are meant to do when detoxing i think if i hadn't i wouldn't have been able to do day 3. i made the decision to try and commit to the juices for the final day as the last thing i wanted to do was to see them go to waste. however if i needed, i would be making changes to the detox if my body required it. i slept at my dads the night before and i had forgot my 9am clean green, so i had to try and do my best to replace it. as it contained cucumber which i like i decided to cut up cucumber and eat that with some hot water. despite feeling hungry at least i wasn't horribly fatigued and weak today. i made it through my 12 o'clock juice just fine and then i had work at half three just in time for me make my way through my FINAL clean green (thank god, as it had became just undrinkable by now) before i started. i made it home by about eight o'clock meaning i was two hours off my final juice which by then i thought what's the point? i lasted five hours without the need for a juice so i realised i've done enough and had my first treat of REAL FOOD, biscuits!

so overall, i've realised juicing isn't for me. i had more energy and my skin was better before i started. however, one positive is that it's nice to have no bloating so when i look at myself in the mirror i do think i look better. my diet was not bad to begin with, and neither was my weight. i think for people who are maybe more unhappier with how they look and want to see results this is more suited to them as i don't think it's a bad idea at all. it made me anti-social, boring and cranky with people and i did not like that i couldn't sit with people while they were eating without becoming agitated. i'm glad that i've done this review and i do not think it's a bad detox. i just think i already live a healthy lifestyle most of the time so it wasn't nice to have nothing substantial in my diet. i'm just proud that even though i ate half way through i finished it! if i was set to go on holiday and needed that bikini body to surface quickly i'd definitely invest in doing it again, but for a normal detox it just is not for me due to the fact that i love solid food too much.

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be good, feel good


what i'm wearing:
h&m oversized check shirt (sale)
h&m lace trimmed jersey skirt (only £3.99!)
daniel footwear diver taupe suede ankle boots*

so today has not been a good day so far. i'm onto my second day of the juicetou detox which i'll be reviewing in full on friday's post but i am not coping very well and have been bed ridden thus far as i literally have zero energy. to soothe the pain i had ordered myself some floral plimsolls from ASOS and a couple of pieces came from inlovewithfashion yesterday, so it was nice to have some new shiny things to pine over. today's outfit is another H&M special, i know it's probably annoying and i am sorry but if you had 25% staff discount it would be the only place you'd shop the majority of the time as well! i really like it for when i don't feel like being incredibly dressed up and sway towards a more casual look, and i cannot believe that these skirts are only £3.99. they fit so well and i can't wait to pair it with chunky jumpers to add a bit of a softer dimension to my outfits. a lot of people turn to checked shirts with leggings, jeans or skirts when they feel like being laid back so i love that i've finally found one that's on trend as it's pastel blues and pinks. i also thought i'd give my lush new purse some airtime that the lovely ladies from flannels sent to me after i traveled down to visit them in manchester the other week. what do you think of it? is this something you'd wear on a lazy day? let me know.

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different scenery


what i'm wearing:
h&m textured t-shirt (in-store £19.99)
topshop gingham joni jeans
vintage coat (found in my nanas wardrobe)
chelsea doll sunflower circle plate necklace*
h&m leather court heels (similar here)
h&m checked scarf

i know what you're thinking, this isn't right... where's the brown fence background i normally see in charissa's outfit posts?! but yes, i have finally tried to take my posts with a different scenery behind myself. let me know if you prefer it this way or you want it to stay the old way :) i've been lusting after the gingham joni jeans forever and last week they finally came back in stock in my size, so i bought them in a heartbeat. i wish it was acceptable to wear them everyday but i'm enjoying pairing them with pieces to either dress them up or down. for some people all the prints and patterns might be too much and consider it a fashion car crash but i really enjoy mixing patterns and textures at the moment. what do you think? let me know.

p.s i'm starting a three day juice detox tomorrow for reviewing purposes on the blog. i'm slightly worried as i'm such a foody so if anyone can give me tips and advice that would be amazing. i'm going to be 100% honest in my review, i just hope all the fruit and veggies make me feel super refreshed by the end! 

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another day in heels


what i'm wearing:
topshop earrings

happy saturday everyone! my hair sucks in these photos but this has to be one of my favourite outfits i've been wearing recently. of course on a more casual day i'd swap the heels for boots but if just shows that it's only a simple change of shoes that can change this outfit from normal to dressy. i think this skirt has to be one of the best pieces of clothing i've invested in for a while. such a simple, easy to dress but statement piece. and it adds the perfect amount of feminity to it. it can be worn with shirts or crops and it really does go with everything. i tried to be a little more daring as i usually pick safe lip colours but as i was sent a few pieces from missguided as they finally stock rimmel make up now so i figured its time to branch out! i tried to create an ombré effect of a brighter pink to a darker but i don't really think it translated very well in the photos. i will try to do show it a little better in a future post. let me know what you think.

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