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just before christmas i was lucky enough to be invited to visit the new opening of the fragrance shop in eldon square, newcastle. what used to be a small, closed off, behind the counter frangrance store has now became a much more inviting open space allowing you to try and test the perfumes you like without having to ask someone beforehand. i was very impressed with the new layout as reminded me of the layout you would see in department stores such as debenhams, house of frazer and selfridges. a colour divide of white; for your everyday affordable high-street scents, to the black; the high end designer scents such as chanel, marc jacobs and estée lauder. of course being a woman, i have focused more on female scents but of course they provide men's aftershave as well. there's nothing more uncomfortable for me than the awkward small talk that you would need to do to ask to smell a certain scent, it would be even worse if you didn't like it after all that effort too! overall, i really like the new design of the fragrance shop as it invites you in and gives you the opportunity to shop to your own liking.

p.s have you seen how great it is that if you own thierry mugler alien or angel you can refill your bottle?! it makes me tempted to buy it if you get a refill.

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  1. Refills sound amazing! I may have to give it a sniff! Xx

  2. I will have to visit a fragrance shop, I hate having to ask to smell something I might not even like! thanks for sharing x


  3. I love your blog

  4. I have Thierry Mugler Angel! I love the idea of a refill rather than having to buy a whole new bottle!

    Just curious, what's your personal favourite scent? :)
    Sinéad xo | ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  5. This is really cute, I was tempted but the gold finish put me off and I'm too lazy to paint it haha xx


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