care for the environment: make the bin your routine


not my usual post that you would find on my blog, but i love helping out my northern community with campaigns when i can! luckily for me, my make-up routine does not involve make up wipes as i'm totally against them as a method to remove everything off our faces as let's be serious, they don't at all and they just make our faces red and blotchy. for those who are still using make-up or baby wipes are you disposing of them in the correct way? because they are much thicker than usual tissue paper they are blocking up our drains and damaging our planet. the goal of this post is to make sure you add the bin to routine and don't pop them down the loo when you do use wipes. however i am guilty of using cotton buds and i had no idea that such small things could cause such a blockage in our pipes. from now on i am going to make it my goal to make the bin part of my routine! will you? for ways to see how you can help visit or just give the image above a read on how you can help :)

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