a fun night in when you've tightened the purse strings


now that christmas and new years has passed, bank balances are low and the desire to go out and party has subsided. a girls night in makes for an ideal evening relaxing with friends and/or family. if you're stumped for ideas there are plenty of websites that can help you with things to do. i've been looking for some ideas for hosting a girly party with friends and came across this interesting post on hosting the perfect girls' night in with homewetbar. from how to plan the menu and if you want to set a theme there is plenty of help when hosting a girls night in. for me, i like to keep a girls night in simple. usually we would order a takeaway and just watch films with a glass (or several) of wine. unfortunately for most of us now we have zero money so we will have to find a cheaper alternative to our usual girls night in. as we are trying to get rid of the lbs that were gained over christmas it's a big no-no to order a takeaway, so instead i'd quite like to open the great british bake off cook book i received as a gift and find something we could bake together. what's great about this is it now means we can do it all together which is a way to keep us entertained, and also not break the bank on the ingredients. if we added a quick trip to the greengrocers too to buy some fruit it means one thing... smoothies! healthy but so incredibly tasty it will give us the boost we all need without resorting to wine which costs more money again. what do you think? is my cheaper alternative too boring for you? i love baking and all things that revolve around food. if you're looking for something simpler, why not host a movie night? this must-see list of chick flicks is sure fine way of keeping your night well occupied and full of laughs.

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  1. love this post. such great ideas! i could definitely do with tightening the purse strings after christmas and new year! :)

    Rachel x
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  2. My best friend is called Charissa and she's the only other person that I've met with that name!
    I love the idea of creating smoothies with friends :)
    Every Friday afternoon I do finds/reviews on my blog, I'd love for you to check out this weeks:
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