the simpler outfits are always my favourite. i understand smock dresses are not for everyone, as they're so big and oversized but i absolutely adore them. there's something great about not having to worry about your figure when you wear a smock. my boyfriend absolutely hates this dress but when i saw it on the ASOS website i desperately wanted it but as i was skint i had to leave it :( lucikly a week later they had 20% off and voila it is now mine! it's a pretty thick and heavy material but that just means it's good quality and it isn't going to blow up with a gist of wind. I think the shade of blue really compliments my new daniel footwear suede boots. i have to be super careful with these as i'm horrendous for ruining material shoes which is why i stick to chunky boots. they are the perfect balance of dainty but edgy. what do you think? p.s if you're from manchester keep an eye out for me as i'm there for the day today!

i finally got round to uploading my next youtube video which is the TMI tag, here's the link if you'd like to check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upd_3BC1Vds x

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loving dot


what i'm wearing:
primark faux leather skater skirt (last year)
H&M leather heeled boots

my hair is as flat as a pancake on here, it's crazy how short my hair becomes if i don't straighten out my waves. since doing this post i've trimmed my fringe as it's been covering my eyes for far too long now, which is ridiculous since i've only had it two weeks. i wish my whole hair grew that fast! i absolutely love this jumper as it brightens up an outfit when you will be wearing it on a chilly day. it was a lovely surprise to receive it on blue monday to help #beattheblues. i absolutely love my cute new iphone case from a lovely lady called bethany who is an independent company called loving dot! she's just starting out and does the sweetest badges, pocket mirrors and iphone cases. please give her a check out as she's just starting out and needs some help :) 

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take me to paris


what i'm wearing:
primark lace collared jumper
H&M tulle satin skirt (similar here)
pepe jeans bucket bag via ASOS
zara navy doubled breasted wool coat
H&M leather heeled boots
topshop earrings

my mind has gone blank with ideas of what to write so instead i'm talking about the fact i don't know what to say... makes no sense i know. this weekend has been an incredibly boring one for me as i've been at work for the entire duration of it, and for another three consecutive days too. i can't wait for my day off on thursday as i'm travelling down to manchester for an exciting meet with flannels and then hopefully i should be meeting with my my friend who i've known my entire life who i don't see much as she lives there for uni now. i absolutely love the skirt i'm wearing in today's outfit and i cannot believe i got it for £3.75 (yes you heard that right)! i love that is has the right amount of poofiness to it without going overboard and pairing it with a striped jumper gives a parisian look to it. parisian fashion is my all time favourite i could just look at it for hours, so classic and elegant. what do you think? hope you like it.

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sleepy head


what i'm wearing:
H&M shirt dress (worn under jumper)
H&M leather heeled boots (similar here)

today was dark and dingy, which means dark and dingy photos :( from today's post i have learnt that tiredness shows. i was supposed to record youtube videos as well today but there is just not enough hours in the day at the moment for what i need/want to do. i wouldn't give it up though for the quiet, relaxed life as this is what i love doing. it's just a very hectic life haha. so i know this jumper is probably something you would never see me wearing or choosing to wear, but when i was given a styling challenge by ASOS i knew i could put my own girly twist to it. ellesse's have launched a new heritage range exclusive to ASOS; think cool, sporty 90's inspired pieces. what i love about this jumper is even though it is sporty in it's style, because it is presented with a distressed finish it becomes so much more wearable as it now looks vintage. i popped on a collared shirt dress underneath, bringing it up and cinching it in at the waist. of course my trusty baker boy hat made an appearance. do you like it? let me know. 

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vintage floral


what i'm wearing:
zara trench coat (old)
H&M leather heeled boots

this post is going live whist i start to get ready for my first day back to work :( i am truly exhausted after a hectic couple of weeks of being non-stop; that includes the week before going away as i put together ten posts to schedule whilst i was away. you don't actually realise just how long those little things that you're used to doing in small quantities (3 or 4 posts max). even so i ain't planning on slowing down, i'd rather work every hour given to me to achieve what i would like. no one gets there dreams sitting on their tush now do they? ;) anyway i should probably talk about my outfit for once as i always end off topic. this beautiful dress from missguided is everything i've been looking for and more. a little bit right at the moment i'll admit with me carrying holiday weight but apart from that i just wish i could wear it all the time. obviously me being me i like to roughen it up with chunky boots as i can't handle being too girly! it's a perfect day to night dress, what are your thoughts on it?

p.s if you saw my instagram/twitter yesterday you will have seen a few bits of my day with inlovewithfashion in london. i can't describe how good it was, i didn't want to leave i had so much fun. ❤️

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baker boy


what i'm wearing:
H&M denim collared dress (sale £7)
H&M leather heeled boots
ring and bracelets from market
vintage bag

hello! i'm back from holiday and ask you can see i am without a tan. three out of the seven days it rained, and the rest was cloudy with only a few times the sun appeared. even so i had a lovely time and it was really great to get away; i did not miss the ice that i had to scrape of my car at 7.30am this morning! whilst away i definitely indulged a little too much, so now i'm refusing to weigh myself. what i don't know won't hurt me right? i know i said it over twitter, but i do want to say a big big thank you to all the positive comments on my decision to make and post videos on youtube. it's so nice to see all your kind words and i've already been writing down ideas for my  future videos. i am not looking forward to returning to the world of work on wednesday after two weeks off, but before i go back i've been lucky enough to be invited to travel down to london tomorrow for a day with inlovewithfashion. without you that opportunities like this would not be possible, as you are the one that likes and comments and gives my blog attention. i am forever grateful and you are the reason i don't give up when i feel like putting away the camera when i compare myself to bigger and better blogs. so thank you, so very much <3.

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visiting the fragrance shop


just before christmas i was lucky enough to be invited to visit the new opening of the fragrance shop in eldon square, newcastle. what used to be a small, closed off, behind the counter frangrance store has now became a much more inviting open space allowing you to try and test the perfumes you like without having to ask someone beforehand. i was very impressed with the new layout as reminded me of the layout you would see in department stores such as debenhams, house of frazer and selfridges. a colour divide of white; for your everyday affordable high-street scents, to the black; the high end designer scents such as chanel, marc jacobs and estée lauder. of course being a woman, i have focused more on female scents but of course they provide men's aftershave as well. there's nothing more uncomfortable for me than the awkward small talk that you would need to do to ask to smell a certain scent, it would be even worse if you didn't like it after all that effort too! overall, i really like the new design of the fragrance shop as it invites you in and gives you the opportunity to shop to your own liking.

p.s have you seen how great it is that if you own thierry mugler alien or angel you can refill your bottle?! it makes me tempted to buy it if you get a refill.

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angry yeti


what i'm wearing:
H&M fluffy cardigan (similar here)

so, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this outfit was photographed prior to my new haircut but i didn't want to waste a good outfit post :) i wasn't fortunate enough to have the funds to get a dusty pink coat (as most were £80+) so when this dusty pink cardigan came into work i knew i had to have it.  i won't lie i do feel a little 80's in it with the mega shoulder pads but hey-ho. it's always nice to find staple pieces you can wear and keep the rest of your outfit simple. what's your staple piece you know you can always pop on to make an outfit more interesting?

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