Product review - Magnitone Face And Body Cleanser


magnitone pulsar daily skin cleansing & toning system for face and body - £58.50*

are you looking for a cheaper alternative to the clarisonic? well look no further as i think i've found it.   basically identical in style, the magnitone pulsar provides four stages of cleansing; deep cleanse, exfoliate, sensitive and pulselift massage whilst also providing a brush for full body usage. this means that not only can you make sure your pores are as clean as a whistle, you can help those tough parts to tighten on the body (yes, tops of thighs i'm talking to you) just by clicking a button. as the magnitude pulsar is 100% waterproof it means you can take it into the shower or bath with you without worrying. my experience with this has been positive thus far. obviously when first using a deep cleansing tool like this as you are purging the skin it can cause a few breakouts as it's getting right to the bottom of your pores and cleaning them out. but afterwards i've noticed that my skin is looking loads better. overall i really like the magnitone pulsar and think it's a cheaper and good alternative to the clarisonic.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Charissa, sounds like a great alternative to the Clarisonic x

  2. Thanks for sharing :-) x

  3. I've been looking for a cheaper version of the Clarisonic, this one sounds good :) x


  4. This looks so cool! I can't imagine you need that much help at 20, but at my age anything that scrubs away the 'old' is great news to me ;-) Thank you for sharing
    Love Vicky

    1. Oh I really do! But thanks it really does help. X

  5. This sounds like a great alternative to the Clarisonic! Thanks for sharing xx

    Leanne | Seeking Serendipity

  6. way cheaper than the clarisonic! ive been wanting to try it for ages but i think i may have to have a look at this :D thank you my dear


  7. Hey man, love your site its so organized! haha
    Jeux de beauté

  8. This looks so cool! I've always wanted a clarisonic but couldn't afford to get one but this looks so interesting and cheaper!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |


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