50% off lush? count me in!


all products were 50% off bought in store on the 26-12-2013

as it's almost the new year, i think all topics relating to christmas are reaching their deadline. this basically means as of 12 o'clock tonight all christmas themed posts should not be made live, as everyone will be talking about new year festivities instead. so here is my slightly christmas related post. every year on boxing day lush cosmetics offer 50% off all there christmas products. that means the gift set you might have bought someone earlier in the year for £30, it's not £15 and you can grab it for yourself. at first i wasn't going to even bother with the sales as most of them were pretty naff, but i couldn't miss venturing into my town centre for this. unfortunately the one thing i always go for is the buche de noël cleanser, but for the first year it was sold out! so to make up for not being able to buy it, i bought a million other things instead. the best bit about it is none of what i chose has a distinctive chrismas scent, so i can keep them and use them whenever i need to. also everything that's photographed above only cost me just under £20. total bargain. how was your sale shopping? did you get anything from lush or elsewhere? let me know.

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  1. I love Lush and anything from there at 50% off makes me a happy girl. I bought quite a few gift sets as Christmas presents this year. I love that place and the way they package all the parcels x


  2. I love lush too! I went on Boxing Day and my local store was so crazy, it took almost an hour to get round it. In the end I got 12 bath bombs, 5 bubble bars, 3 bath melts, 2 big bottles of snow fairy and a mini gift box all for £40! I was pretty chuffed, especially as it'll last me until next Boxing Day! x


  3. All looks so lovely! Can't believe it only came to £20!


  4. Gaah, you got some gorgeous bits! The Lush in my town closed down so I was so sad not to get any sale goodies.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  5. 50% off is so good! I wish I had gone to the sale now!!


  6. I picked up a few Lush gift sets so I was really pleased with those. Also got some really good bargains in Space.NK :) xx


  7. I didn't even know there was a sale on, gutted!x


  8. I did a blog post on the things I got in the lush sales too. I make a point of going every year. I'm gutted I missed out on that buche de Noel cleanser. On a plus side their 'let the good times roll' cleanser is going to be part of their permanent collection. X


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