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i know i might be a little early with this but what can i say, with all the christmas shopping i've been doing for other people i've spied a few things i'd like for myself. although i have a michael kors i've lusted after this olivia burton watch after featuring it in my last wishlist. unfortunately it's sold out and the moment but you never know it could come back in stock! last christmas liam got me a bottle of manifesto and somehow i've managed to make it last me a year (i know, crazy right?) but it is almost gone so i need it topping up. it's the most perfect scent for evening and i love using it when i'm all dressed up. the item i want the most for christmas has to be the ciate mini mani advent calendar. i remember last year so many people getting it and everytime they would post there polish they got each day via instagram and twitter it made me really upset i didn't have one myself. imagine being able to change your nails everyday based on what you got in each window? amazing. i think £42 is a total steal for it too. please get me it someone! finally, the playsuit from topshop i've had my eye on for a while now. after spotting it whilst at the metro centre the jacquard print had me sold. blonde hair and navy goes together like two peas in a pod so of course that means i need it. i've always needed a tan shopper bag as it's the only one i don't have, as i usually buy tan clutches. this oasis bag is such a generous size for the price and i love that the inside is suede so it's lovely and soft. it just means i'd have to take huge care of it. what's on your christmas wishlist? let me know.

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  1. The YSL perfume bottle is so pretty x

  2. Love that jumpsuit, some great picks x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says

  3. The playsuit and watch are gorgeous! :)

  4. love the watch! so different xx

  5. This is soo cuteee

    collette xxx

  6. Lovely items - that watch is gorgeous! :)

  7. I love the playsuit and the bag! x

  8. that jumpsuit is amaazing!! What a great wish list! I've done my own Christmas list over on my blog if you fancy a look :) xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  9. The watch is gorgeous- it looks very autumnal!

  10. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog it's so awesome! Keep up the great work ♡

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  11. Want that bag, it's def going on my christmas wish list :)
    Daniella x

  12. I'm in love with the watch and especially the jumpsuit!

    lucy xx


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