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available in amazonite, lapis lazuli and rhodonite

i think christmas time can be really stressful for most. you're short of money or maybe short of ideas as you have someone who may be really hard to buy for. to try and help with this i'm going to try and do a few posts over the next few weeks leading up to christmas posting gifts that won't break the bank for your loved ones. my first instalment is this lovely friendship bracelet which is perfect for every day wear. with a choice between either gold or silver for the bracelet and then mint, blue or pink gemstones, you are able to decide between creating a bracelet for someone either based on the colour suited to who you are buying for or you can also do it by birthstone. for me, i always wear silver and amazonite is my birthstone which is why i went for the mint colour gemstones. for a mere £22 you will be giving someone (or just treat yourself to it if you want) a thoughtful piece of jewellery they will be able to wear with anything. no need to worry about gift wrapping either as it comes in this sweet little pouch. i'm really loving wearing mine as it makes a nice to have something to wear with my michael kors watch rather than my wrist feeling bare.

what do you think? would this be a good gift idea for someone? alternatively i have also done posts in the past on gift giving. either for an avid tea/coffee drink (click here) or another piece of classic jewellery (click here).

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  1. such a beautiful necklace! i love Cinderella B jewellery :)

    check out my giveaway over on my blog,

  2. Beautiful gift idea x

  3. this is really cute! i've just discovered your blog and love your style! would you like to follow each other ?:) XXX

  4. Oh my that bracelet is just gorgeous! I want one for myself so bady, oooooooh

  5. this is gorgeous! xx

  6. Such a gorge bracelet!
    S xx

  7. This is very pretty. I love Not on the hightstreet for unsual gifts!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x


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