outfit repeater!


what i'm wearing:
asos high neck cowl top
h&m printed trousers (£29.99)
notonthehighstreet amazonite friendship bracelet*
h&m leather court shoes

don't judge me for wearing the same top as i did in a previous outfit post not that long ago! printed trousers are perfect for people who want to dress up without getting there legs out. i really like the jacquard print and i think the hint of gold in them makes them more christmas appropriate. i wore this outfit a week ago when i had a get together with a company for some up coming things on the blog, as i think it allows my outfit to appear smart without looking boring. if you follow me on twitter and instagram you're probably thinking 'didn't you just get a new camera and your photos are still naff'? to which the answer is yes i did, but i haven't had any free time yet to sit down and have a day of doing blog photos. that being said, i did have an exciting day with foxy hair extensions on thursday and i took my camera with me. i got my hair and make up did for collaboration for them and i took some shots of the day, i just need to get them up on my laptop! their just isn't enough hours in the day for everything i need to do at the moment.

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christmas with notonthehighstreet: for your other half


every year i make sure i always do at least one sentimental gift for christmas. last year i made it myself, but this year i managed to find the perfect gift for my other half just by heading online to notonthehighstreet. i think it's so great to give someone a gift like this over christmas as you are able to customise it to give your own personal touch. as this is an actual gift i'm giving to liam for christmas (spoiler alert) i didn't want to photograph my actual promises for him. when designing them on the notonthehighstreet you get to type whatever you want so it can include personal jokes making it that extra special. i'd really love to receive something like this as a present, would you?

note: the photos were taken before i got my canon EOS 600D!

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thanks to poppylux


what i'm wearing:
poppylux felicity dress* (on sale too!)
notonthehighstreet monaco u necklace*
dr. martens 2976 chelsea boots*

so at the end of october i was contacted by the lovely ladies over at poppylux who asked if i would like to do a feature as a guest editor choosing my favourite pieces of the collection. of course i was super excited to do it, even more so when i realised that my mug is right across their homepage at the moment. as a thank you i was sent the pieces i chose as my favourite and an added extra is that i'm also able to giveaway one of them to you. i chose the felicity dress as i think it's an 'all year round' kinda dress and i love the extra detailing with the cut out back. whack on some tights and a leather jacket and you'll be sorted for the winter! the giveaway will run for two weeks so don't worry it still will be with you by christmas. if you haven't read my piece yet if you click the image below it should take you to it. another big thank you to poppylux for letting me do something like this as it was so much fun. :)

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layer up


if you're looking for something a little more long lasting in your christmas gifts i always think jackets are a sure fine way to please. joules' range of quilted jackets add an extra touch of femininity by adding a floral print to the lining, meaning you don't feel like you are reppin' the farmer giles look. the good thing about buying jackets too is you know it's going to get worn. even if just when it's nippy! alternatively, if you know that special someone you are buying for isn't lusting after a new coat a nice bit of homeware never did anyone any harm. i love a new duvet cover, getting into fresh sheets is one of the finer things in life and joules range of duvet covers have a range of prints to suit a whole variety of styles. the best thing is they are reversible too, so if you get sick of having one side too often just give it a flip and voilà! i love floral vintage prints but if i was thinking of my other half i'd have to go for something a little more masculine, like the coastal print i've found. just showing that you can get pieces for both genders!

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*this is a sponsored post*

getting ready with chichi


what i'm wearing:
chichi clothing ava dress*
accessorize clutch bag (old)
notonthehighstreet monaco u necklace*
zara sandal heels

sporting another red number for today's outfit post, just a little more dressy. one of my favourite things around the christmas period is dressing up. there are few things greater than spending some time picking a new dress, putting on the fake tan and doing your evening make up routine. even though i wouldn't really say i'm a 'girly-girl' i do love a girly dress once in a while. when i put on this lovely dress from chi chi clothing i felt so elegant and ladylike which makes a change. it flatters me in all the right areas, and i love that the skirt comes to just above my knees meaning my dignity is kept firmly in place. i am a sucker for all things scalloped so the fact there is just a hint of scalloping around the arms just makes the dress even more dainty and feminine looking. usually i don't really go for embellishment on dresses as i like to add accessories if i feel it needs an added extra but i feel the amount of detailing they have put on the shoulders actually makes the dress look so much more expensive than it actually is. i really do think this dress is lovely if you're looking for an outfit for either a christmas party or a fancy meal somewhere. my only wish is that around the waist had been a little bit tighter so it could have sat better on my waist and the skirt could go out in a more defined way, but that's a minor detail to me.

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christmas with notonthehighstreet: for her


available in amazonite, lapis lazuli and rhodonite

i think christmas time can be really stressful for most. you're short of money or maybe short of ideas as you have someone who may be really hard to buy for. to try and help with this i'm going to try and do a few posts over the next few weeks leading up to christmas posting gifts that won't break the bank for your loved ones. my first instalment is this lovely friendship bracelet which is perfect for every day wear. with a choice between either gold or silver for the bracelet and then mint, blue or pink gemstones, you are able to decide between creating a bracelet for someone either based on the colour suited to who you are buying for or you can also do it by birthstone. for me, i always wear silver and amazonite is my birthstone which is why i went for the mint colour gemstones. for a mere £22 you will be giving someone (or just treat yourself to it if you want) a thoughtful piece of jewellery they will be able to wear with anything. no need to worry about gift wrapping either as it comes in this sweet little pouch. i'm really loving wearing mine as it makes a nice to have something to wear with my michael kors watch rather than my wrist feeling bare.

what do you think? would this be a good gift idea for someone? alternatively i have also done posts in the past on gift giving. either for an avid tea/coffee drink (click here) or another piece of classic jewellery (click here).

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dressing up in red


what i'm wearing:
H&M blouse
topshop faux leather trousers
ASOS platform heels (really old)
topshop leather clutch

so if you're anything like me, the cold is your worst enemy when you need to dress up. instead of being able to dress up in a nice dress with some cute heels we now would much rather wrap up in several layers and hope for the best. so when i had a meal to go earlier in the week i had no idea what to wear and i decided to throw this together, and i'm quite glad with how it looks. as the blouse is red i think it already keeps in theme with christmas and it's a colour i associate with dressier outfits anyway, meaning if you were looking for something for an upcoming christmas work do this is something i'd choose for it. then of course what else would i chose to pair it with other than my trusty LT's (leather trousers)? i think overall it's a nice bohemian/relaxed look that still shows you've made an effort without allowing yourself to suffer in the freezing cold!

the weather where i live has taken a turn for the worst so after been stuck in apocalyptic weather in my car for the last couple of hours i am now confined to my bed for the rest of this night hoping i'll warm up! in other news *drum roll* i'm buying a canon EOS 600d! i'm so excited to finally take good quality photographs. hopefully this might give liam the final push he needs to decide to do outdoor shots for me, and if not is okay because i have a viewfinder so i can see myself, muhaha. i hope it's easy to navigate and learn how to work so if you already own this camera if you can comment with your tips on how you work it that would be amaze

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wait for me


what i'm wearing:
primark ankle boots
vintage bag

after a long day at work i'm treating myself to wrapping up and going into durham to see their christmas lights get switched on. i love when it starts to become crisp outside and it's the norm to leave the house covering every inch of your body with wooly gear. along with this i've bought myself a matching set gloves and hat that are a lovely burgundy fairisle print. can you believe that this coat only cost me £30?! i still can't come to terms with it, but somehow it's true that a) zara can sell a coat for under £100 and b) it's amazing quality too. since buying it about two weeks ago i've barely been out of it as it keeps me incredibly warm and it has such a smart look when wearing it. my only wish is that i'd popped on a red lip with this outfit as it would just look a little more dressed up. are you getting sick of how many turtlenecks i've been wearing recently on my outfit posts? i'm totally obsessed with them and i think everyone is picking up on it. at the moment i think there is one more outfit to go where i'm wearing a high neck and then i'll try and make it my last. i'm incredibly repetitive with my choices at the moment; first my leather trousers and now this and i feel bad. i hope i'm not boring you all. let me know if theres anything you want to see more on the blog. i'll be doing more christmas gift idea posts over the next couple of weeks.

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dear santa



i know i might be a little early with this but what can i say, with all the christmas shopping i've been doing for other people i've spied a few things i'd like for myself. although i have a michael kors i've lusted after this olivia burton watch after featuring it in my last wishlist. unfortunately it's sold out and the moment but you never know it could come back in stock! last christmas liam got me a bottle of manifesto and somehow i've managed to make it last me a year (i know, crazy right?) but it is almost gone so i need it topping up. it's the most perfect scent for evening and i love using it when i'm all dressed up. the item i want the most for christmas has to be the ciate mini mani advent calendar. i remember last year so many people getting it and everytime they would post there polish they got each day via instagram and twitter it made me really upset i didn't have one myself. imagine being able to change your nails everyday based on what you got in each window? amazing. i think £42 is a total steal for it too. please get me it someone! finally, the playsuit from topshop i've had my eye on for a while now. after spotting it whilst at the metro centre the jacquard print had me sold. blonde hair and navy goes together like two peas in a pod so of course that means i need it. i've always needed a tan shopper bag as it's the only one i don't have, as i usually buy tan clutches. this oasis bag is such a generous size for the price and i love that the inside is suede so it's lovely and soft. it just means i'd have to take huge care of it. what's on your christmas wishlist? let me know.

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hopeless wanderer


what i'm wearing:
h&m v neck t-shirt
topshop joni jeans
choies quilted jacket*
asos loafers

this jacket may be a little too colourful to be worn in A/W but i've done my best to try and make it appropriate. by wearing an all black ensemble to go with it it allows the colour to stand out without being too in your face. i know this jacket won't be everyones cup of tea but i like how when i put it on, it brightened my mood. suddenly the fact that outside it was a sub-zero temperature didn't matter. another new addition to my wrist is my gina stewart cox bracelet sent by lovely people at mybag.com. clean and classic pieces you should know by now are my favourite so i just love how simple it is. the disc with the logo stamped on is enough. with a variety of colours to chose from it means you can buy them as a nice little extra gift to wear as either friendship bracelets or just chose the colour that appeals to you the most.

today is the start of a hectic week for me, so if i happen to not to keep up with posts i apologise now in advance. hopefully that shouldn't be the case, just with being in more days than usual at work and a couple of other commitments including for once having social plans (i know can you believe it) it might mean there physically won't be enough hours in the day to get a full weeks worth of posts done.

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harley davidson


what i'm wearing:
harley davidson oversized t-shirt via etsy
topshop faux leather trousers (last year)
F&F black faux fur gilet*
primark loafers

so today's outfit post is probably one of my more casual outfit choices, however it is one i have found myself wearing quite often. much to my boyfriends dismay. i feel so much more comfortable in something like this over a dress, especially if i have a full day at work or of running errands. what can i say i thought it was time to tell the truth ;). this outfit was supposed to be completed with my electric blue loafers i own from asos however i couldn't find them this one time. they just made the outfit look a million times better but even so i still love it. i bought this tee about two years ago and it was pretty pricey i think about £25 and it came all the way from the US and i just love it, even though in reality it's a tatty extremely oversized tshirt. you're probably sick of the sight of me wearing my leather trousers in outfit posts. i practically sleep in them. in hindsight maybe it's time to invest in a new pair of black skinny jeans to try and ween me off these.

in other news i've finally paid off my holiday - yay! i had two months to try and make up £550 and somehow i did it. i am as skint as skint can be, currently living in my overdraft until payday on friday but i'm glad it's all done and all i have to do now is count down the days until january. so excited.

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keeping my toes warm


what i'm wearing:
UGG Australia darcie knee high boots*

so, it's official i've found my perfect winter boots. after searching high and low for some knee high boots that would be able to endure thick snow, heavy rain and still look stylish. so when i had these delivered at the beginning of the week i knew they will be shoes i'll be wearing for many years to come. as there hasn't been any bad weather just yet i'm still able to get away wearing no tights with them so i popped on one of my favourite summer smock dresses and that way i've been able to transition it to an autumn appropriate piece. apart from these boots looking really nice to wear, the piece de resistance has to be that inside the boots the soles are lined with sheepskin; which is affiliated with UGG as a brand. they are so well made and i honestly can't find any faults with them whatsoever. i know i'm going to become one of those people who will end up dressing there outfit around there shoes, rather than the other way around. let's face it, with shoes like these who wouldn't? i'm sure you'll see them feature several times on the blog over the next few months. hope you like.

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