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it's been quite a while since i've done a wishlist post isn't it? the worst thing is i always seem to want a million things when i have zero money, like right now. on the plus side my wonderful nana bought me a car. it's just an old shape clio but i have a full years insurance and a years tax so at least i don't have to think about anything car related for a while; most importantly no more buses! this means it's now going to be a hundred times simpler to go to blogger events in leeds/manchester now.

anyway back to the post, after having a quick smell of the new estèe lauder perfume i'm in love! also liam if your reading this i know you already helped buy my michael kors watch but i'm begging you to get me this watch. it's everything i love wrapped into one, and it's not really expensive either. come on, you know you want too. everything else is pretty straightforward items i've spotted online that i'm really liking. especially the bag it's absolutely lovely and not pricey either. finally, as it's getting into colder months and closer to christmas i'm now looking into darker lip colours and christmas scented candles. for some reason every dark lipstick i buy i've lost; rebel where are you? so i thought this year i'll get a cheap one that's still a good formula.


  1. Love the lipstick shade :) x

  2. I was so tempted to order that top, it's beautiful!

  3. yankee candles have been my faourite candle for years! :D

  4. love your nice blog, dear!

    i'd love to follow each other, what do you think?
    i'm following your lovely blog now via gfc and bloglovin, follow me back please if you like my blog)

    keep in touch, xoxo
    love, Yulia

  5. I love Yankee candles. I really want to buy the Velvet cupcake one. Red apply wreath sounds like such a lovely christmas candle. x

  6. I swear you want more things the poorer you are! My wishlist is sooo long right now and I have no money. I love it all especially the look of the watch and the lipstick :)


  7. I love yankee candles! Especially the Christmas ones, ahh I can't wait!

    Tilly xx

  8. I just got the nude version of the bag, so tempted to get the black too! xo

  9. That watch is gorgeous :) I love yankee candles too!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  10. Love these posts! All the items are fabulous!

  11. I want everything! You have wonderful taste!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. Oh no, the watch is already sold out! It's gorgeous!

    -Trina ♥

  13. The Body Shop do a lipstick this similar to this colour (I'd highly recommend them) I've recently started to collect them and this kind of shades next on my list! xx

  14. That topshop top is so lush
    S xx


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