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there comes a time when a girl always finds herself on websites where they only wish they could afford the garments on offer. along with net-a-porter, avenue32 is a firm favourite of mine to do this. i know this kind of wishlist won't be to everyones taste as let's be serious who could afford garments like this on a regular basis? not me that's for sure; but even so for those a little more interested in new collections by designers this is for you. i've never really heard of alexander lewis before discovering the new A/W collection online and now i actually want everything. rust orange is such a beautiful autumnal colour, and i never would have imagined how amazingly well it would go with metallic silver. both the dress and trousers i could imagine becoming staple pieces in my wardrobe (metaphorically speaking of course), ah if only! after seeing this collection i'm now on the hunt for a way to introduce rust orange pieces into my wardrobe on a much more affordable scale via the highstreet. but my heart will always be with these original pieces. so beautiful... what do you think?


  1. I love the playsuit. I am loving the designers at Ave 32 x


  2. Wow, those shoes are calling my name. Love this collection. The colors are perfect for Fall!


  3. Love those trousers as well as those shoes
    S xx

  4. Ahh! It is all...so...pretty.

    Lela - http://www.lelalondon.com


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