smockin' hell


what i'm wearing:
h&m pork pie hat (only £7.99)
primark ankle boots
vintage bag

say hello to my newest purchase from topshop courtesy of my good ol' store card. i don't know if you have noticed but i made a few little changes to my blog layout; it's now wider meaning i can pop on bigger (and better quality) pictures. the only downside to this is all my other blog posts previous to this one don't really look right but just go with it for now as it would took me far too long to get the original pictures, re-edit and resize them and upload them again. so you should know by now if you read my blog quite frequently i'm a big fan of smock dresses, so this is just another one to add to my collection. i got a size 8 which is still pretty generous as i don't care about clothing looking fitted so i look "thinner". some people might think smocks are frumpy and unflattering but when i've had a huge lunch left with a food baby and you can't see it, who will be laughing now? i'm going to see miles kane on tuesday night so this is what i'm planning on wearing, with a leather jacket of course. hope you like :)

dark and dingy


what i'm wearing:
primark fluffy jumper (only £10)
asos skater skirt
notonthehighstreet monaco u necklace*
primark ankle boots

today was pretty crappy as far as a day to take outfit posts; foggy, dull and miserable. nevertheless i thought to myself it will be fine because i've got my trusty photoshop elements to help with a little editing on my photos with brightness etc... wrong. just my luck really that my trial ran out today when i got my images up ready to sort out, so that's why they are a little bit pants compared to usual. as much as i love photoshop elements i'm still pondering over whether i should really fork out £60+ for the full version. if anyone fancies sharing a serial code with me for it i would be forever grateful. as most days in the week are now chilly than not i thought it would be good to show my first autumn/winter ready outfit. as i had the cargidan from primark which i was completely in love with it was only fair that i bought a jumper too right? so warm and fluffy and i just love it. i'm wearing an 8 here and i wish there had been a size 6 for me to buy as they're quite big, so size down if you're thinking about getting one. the skirt was a bit of a fail purchase. i'm a big fabric snob which means i hate the likes of jersey dresses, skirts just because to me they feel cheap. so when i bought this skirt; especially with the high price tag, i thought it was going to be a good sturdy fabric. imagine my surprise when i opened the package and what was it? jersey. i've kept it as i do like the print but it is not worth the money what so ever.

there's nothing wrong with last season


what i'm wearing:
topshop polkadot skater dress (last year)
primark ankle boots
vintage bag

it was about time i posted one of my 'i can't be bothered' day outfits; which also comes with no extensions and straightened hair (which i never have.. ever). but there you have it a more relaxed version of me, goofy faces and all. i am still having a little grump to myself that it's too cold to go bare legged and therefore i have to introduce tights back into my wardrobe. come on sun, come back! i actually bought this dress last winter but i'm not even going to pretend to be one of those bloggers that only ever wear things once. especially as this dress still fits in with this seasons trends. i'm booking up my holiday tomorrow and i couldn't be more excited if i tried. super excited for january now as i didn't get a holiday this year!

it's well and truly autumn now


h&m two-pack necklaces
ASOS sunglasses (sale)
primark ankle boots

i'm sorry but it seems when i step outdoors i seem to have lost my eyes. haha, i jest of course but when i attempted to do this post i underestimated how windy it was and with a combination of trying to keep my hair in place and get a decent(ish) photo the ability to keep my eyes open failed. today was my first day back to work after a week off and i am so tired its ridiculous. i can't wait to just get in bed and crash as i have zero energy to do anything. i'm normally a huge fan of autumn but i feel as though this year it's been sprung on me too fast and i am nowhere near prepared with clothes so when i did this outfit post i almost died by the end as it was that cold. hope you like it though. :)

must-have fashion trends for autumn/winter 2013


  • Every autumn/winter runway has been awash with tartan this season, so get ready to embrace your inner punk meets scotsman.
  • Tartan makes a bold statement, so remember to keep your accessories muted. Choose one key tartan piece and go for plain, subtle colours for everything else, and let the tartan do the talking.
  • Add a bit of style to your office wear by going for a tartan midi skirt. This tartan midi skirt from Boohoo, with its wintery hues, is a great way to easily update your work wear.
  • If you’re not brave enough to fully embrace the tartan trend, add a subtle splash through your accessories. A tartan scarf or pair of earmuffs will do the trick.
  • No longer resigned solely to Barbie’s wardrobe, pink is a big colour for winter 2013.
  • However, there is a right pink to be wearing and a wrong pink. Leave neon pink behind and opt for a softer shade. Baby and dusky pinks are the colours of the moment, and are great for adding a feminine touch to your winter wardrobe.
  • From shoes, to jumpers and coats, there are no limits to how you use pink this season.
  • You don’t have to leave floral prints behind just because the summer is over; you simply just need to update them for autumn/winter.
  • Go for floral prints on a dark background colour to make them more appropriate for winter. This floral skater skirt from River Island is a great example of how to work your floral prints this season.
  • These new season florals are a great way to inject a splash of colour into your winter wardrobe.
  • The reign of the masculine cut shows no signs of letting up, with it filling runways season after season.
  • Oversized clothing remains huge this season, so go for cosy jumpers and boyfriend jeans for a casual winter look.
  • But your clothes don’t have to be oversized for you to channel masculine chic. From blazers to trousers, opting for manly styles will have you looking on trend too.
  • Channel the classic English gentleman look by investing in a quilted jacket. There are a great range of Barbour jackets available from Repertoire Fashion that will help you nail this trend.
  • Including these key fashion trends in your wardrobe will ensure you’re a style icon this winter.

why i love notonthehighstreet - part two


i'm going to say this now if you know someone who is a big tea/coffee drinker and you're stumped for a present idea, get them one of these. i'm probably prejudiced as i'm already a big lover of personalised/quirky mugs; being quite the avid collector when it's comes to times when i have to buy presents for liam, but nonetheless i would love to receive something like this as a gift. as you have to fill in each section yourself it means you can add personal jokes, messages or just put something that enables your personality to shine through. after seeing mine my sister exclaimed that she now wants one so i suppose that's me sorted for christmas, right? see how easy that was?

p.s like my new photo editing abilities? this is the longest i've took on photos for my blog and i loved how they came out compared to my others. 

dr. martens store opening: newcastle


*a big think you to OPR and dr. marten's for inviting me*

a pretty photo heavy post - sorry if that's not your thing! the new dr. marten store opened on grainger street in newcastle on wednesday, so lots of people were invited down for the official opening night on thursday evening. me and rachael ventured down and met helen outside the store so we all went in together. two local companies supplied the evening; electric east with lovely street food, and anarchy brew with the alcohol. there was a variety of food on offer but i went for the vegetable curry which was amazing. i loved the packaging too. unfortunately the event got a little too packed so it meant i was unable to really chat and talk to any other bloggers but i did enjoy the event. my phone had died by the time me and rachael went to pleased to meet you for the after party which just took my food consumption to a whole other level. not only did we get champagne on arrival and a free drinks token, waiting staff were constantly going round with burgers, pork sliders, chicken liver paté and most importantly donuts. me and rachael definitely got a little too excited when it came to eating the donuts... oops. i wish i could have taken some photos as all the tables had a dr. marten boot with flowers as a centerpiece. overall i had a lovely evening and went home with a full tummy and a little merry. thanks so much to lauren and OPR and all of the lovely people who organised the event for inviting me down. i hope the store does really well, and luckily i'll be receiving an e-mail soon to say i can go pick up my tartan dress i was waiting to come back in my size. which i might add is bloody beautiful.

how i style DM's for #standforsomething


ASOS quilted leather jacket
h&m two-pack necklaces

i think it's important to stay true to who you are. i know it sounds cheesy and a cliché answer but for me i cannot emphasise it enough. only for the past couple of years have i finally started to be myself and think "sod it" to anyone who has something negative to say about it. i refuse to make this post into a sob story because that isn't my intention but now i've stopped trying to please everyone else in order to be accepted i've been 100 times happier. to stay more focused to blogging, i've said it on my twitter page before that if i had listened to what people had said when i first started blogging i would have given up a long time ago. people are narrow minded and enjoy seeing people fail so learning to look past it is the most important thing. just remember they are not worth it.

on thursday evening i attended the event for the opening of the new dr. martens store in newcastle. i am going to do a more in depth post so don't worry that will be coming soon. i always say it but when i wear chunky boots i always dress overly 'girly' to even it out. that is why my missguided dress was a perfect choice as the lace detailing is stunning and i love the 3/4 sleeve length, such a bargain too at £34.99. i do have a full front shot on my instagram if you would like to see what it looks like. i hope you like it, and i'd love to know how you'd style your DM's too so please let me know.

in the jungle


mac lipstick in ruby woo
zara sandal heels

this couldn't be less of a "me" dress if i tried, but i'm so glad i've chosen something out of my comfort zone because i absolutely love it. is it just me that really doesn't like it when they position there tripod in the wrong place and end up taking a photo further away than normal? just me? okay then.. anyway i wish i'd gotten this dress in a size smaller as it would have been the most perfect fit whereas at the moment it's a little baggy on the arms and hips/thighs region. that being said i think it's such a gorgeous going out dress, as you basically don't need to add anything else to the outfit otherwise it would be too much. just some simple jewellery is all you need and a leather jacket if it's a little nippy.

tonight i'm at the dr. marten event in newcastle as it only opened yesterday! i'm super excited to go with my friend rachael (from beautypea) and hopefully get some good snaps as i've been asked to style some boots for them. i'll also be posting on my instagram so if you're interested you can check it out there. :)

Product review - morrocan oil


being (unnaturally) blonde means one thing and one thing only, your hair falls out constantly. because of the bleach used when i get my hair highlighted i'm more prone to breakage so even when i do little things like put my coat on or play with hair gently a few strands will always come out. obviously it isn't the end of the world as their are tonnes of them on your head but it is important to try and minimise breakage as much as possible. ever since i first decided to go blonde in decemeber 2011 i have been a massive fan of morrocan oil. the greatest thing about it is the smallest amount goes a huge way, if anything too much of it can be worse for your hair. my preference is to use it as a treatment. this means that when i have finished washing my hair, whilst it is still wet i put an amount of a five pence piece on my hands and rub it evenly through my hair. this is just enough to add enough shine and add a bit of extra strength especially when i'm going to use my totem styler to curl my hair.

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