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not all of us have ever expanding bank balances and are able afford expensive designer items at the click of the finger. that's why it's important that there are websites like brandboudoir that allow us to get our hands on designer brands for a fraction of the price. a couple of things i've always wanted are a michael kors purse and also in office a while ago i spotted sam edelman spiked loafers which i was totally in love with but couldn't justify the £100+ price tag. in brandboudoir's sale at the moment though i could get the purse for £80 (38% savings) or the loafers for only £83 (41%) savings. which is obviously a lot more affordable for the normal working gal, like myself. obviously there are more brands than what i have just named; such as see by chloe, juicy couture, by zoe and ash. just to name a few. but they also provide for men's and kids too so don't think it's just limited to us females.


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