are you in, or out?



for me, every once in a while there is nothing greater than getting ready for a girls night out. from the shopping, to the fake tan, hair, make up, shoes you name it i love making the effort. it might just be me as i am quite the weirdo, but i find sitting down in my dressing gown doing my make up really theraputic. especially if i've had a stressful week. according to a recent survey done by ladbrokes (see here) 70% of women preferred a night in over a night out, which i can totally hold my hands up and say i'm one of those people despite what i said right at the beginning. i don't think i could do this week in week out, i don't know how some people manage it. the novelty would totally wear off and it really isn't good for your body either; the combination of excessive alcohol, staying up to crazy hours in the morning and finally the pit stop to the takeaway followed by the taxi fare to take you home. so for me a cheap night in with a film and a glass of wine is definitely my preference.

as the weather is still pretty warm in the UK at the moment i can't exactly layer up in some joggers and a baggy t-shirt (my usual lazy day choice, how glamorous) so instead i'm really enjoying teddys and the floral number in my 'girls night in' montage of items is no exception. especially as it means you'll still be looking lovely even when in the house doing nothing. pair that with a glass of my favourite rosé wine from barefoot and a cute romcom like silver linings playbook and you are golden. for those nights in when you need a little extra TLC though i love running a nice bubble bath and popping a face mask on. waking up at 6am for work at the moment totally drains me and my skin so origins drink up intensive mask is perfect for bringing moisture back and keeping my skin looking plump and radiant.

so what do you prefer, staying in or going out? let me know.

right on cue



shock horror, i'm lusting after a bazillion things again. i know i promised to try and get some outfit posts but i've had a pretty bad breakout and been feeling not 100% this week so i didn't want to force myself, as the chances are the photos would have been naff anyway. i have a cami vest from river island really similar to the dress from topshop, but i'd love to be able to just wear this with some sandals. the backless style really appeals to me at the moment, and it's not too pricey either at £38. everything else is just little thinks that i keep looking at, especially marc jacobs new perfume honey. i already have far too many perfumes to work my way through anyway but i own all the others so obviously i need this one too... my logic never fails me. the label m ressurection dust is a repurchase as i honestly cannot live without the stuff. a million times better than hairspray for volume and it doesn't damage your hair like teasing can do. it mattifies and keeps your hair in place by sprinkling the dust at the roots.

don't forget to enter my 1k bloglovin follower giveaway if you haven't already here and also if you want to catch up on comment on my previous post reviewing the hyrdopeptide polish & plump peel you can quickly jump to it by clicking here

product review - hydropeptide polish & plump peel


hydropeptide polish & plump peel - £45*

taking good care of your skin is something everyone should prioritise. as we are now firmly into summer i find that my pores are clogging much faster and i'm struggling with small pimples and an uneven skin tone. basically my skin is screaming for some tlc and i've found using the hydropeptide plump & peel duo twice a week has helped greatly. when a skincare product is normally described with having 'anti-wrinkle' qualities you'd think it's for more mature skin but even at my age it's important to think about those things now, in order to really help prevent ageing. the sun takes all the life out of my skin leaving it deflated AND dehydrated so using this duo on a regular basis helps eliminate the problem. first using the polishing crystals to remove any dead skin cells and really get into my pores and clear them up. obviously you don't want to exfoliate the face too often though as it actually can end up doing more harm than good. then i add a couple pumps of the plumping activator and i've motive it's really helped to keep my skin looking healthy and radiant. overall i'd totally recommend it as its going to last a very long time!

my 1k bloglovin follower giveaway


first and foremost this post is well overdue. when the lovely people at box clothing gifted me two ted baker make up bags* i instantly new it was the perfect foundation for a giveaway. one was for myself which i plan on using for an updated what's in my makeup bag post soon. i have found that having a plastic(?) waterproof make up bag compared to the ones i used to store all my make up in is a lot more manageable and isn't getting ruined like all my others, because of loose pigments and things. also I closed in my bundle of goodies inside are some  speckyfoureyes printed sunglasses* similar to those worn by katy perry. they aren't really suited to my face shape but i know someone else will really love them. everything else is pretty straight forward, again thank you for following and supporting my blog and good luck!

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introducing lush's emotional brilliance range


i can't believe it's been nine days since my last post. i feel really bad especially as none have been outfit posts or anything either but the past couple of days have picked up my mood and i'm feeling back to normal. i'm off work for a week come monday too so i have a fair amount of time to catch up on my many many posts i have to do. the only negative of having a couple of weeks off means i'm really behind. not to worry, it's nothing a couple of days dedication can't fix. providing i can get my laptop back on as the charger is currently messing up... luck is definitely not on my side right now.

last sunday i was lucky enough to be invited to visit my local lush store and find out about the new emotional brilliance range. i was welcomed by lol who was the sweetest thing and you could tell she really did love working there which is always what you want when you visit a store. she took me on a tour of the store explaining all the types of products available; massage bars, moisturisers, cleansers, face masks, perfume, shampoos you name it. the best thing about lush products are they will never add any extra ingredients if they don't need to. meaning its as natural and great for your skin. i've always been a huge fan of lush products anyway but i was totally oblivious to the fact they had a make up range. the emotional brilliance range links colours to moods based on a study where 9 out of 10 people would link the same mood to the associating colour. with the colour wheel i was asked to close my eyes and imagine a white canvas and then when i opened them again and chose the first three colours i was drawn to. my picks were (how i feel at present) fantasy meaning i'd be daydreaming a lot, (my subconscious) confident as i've been lacking confidence recently and finally drive, which told me i always push myself when it comes to things whether that's with my blog or in my personal life. the best thing about the readings is that you will never get the same reading twice, as you will always be feeling different. it was pretty spooky though. lol was kind enough to gift me three of my own products from the range that she had personally chosen by looking at my blog and she definitely didn't disappoint. happiness is a gorgeous metallic gold which is a gorgeous eyeshadow, power the perfect red lip colour and dynamic a lovely pearlescent that can be used as a highlight or even an eyeliner. overall i had a great time and can't wait to start using these products more.

a night at the boilerhouse


a big thank you to kayleigh from couturegirl for inviting me and to the boilerhouse and LWPR for having me 

one of the greatest things about blogging is that no matter how bad your mood there is always things that can keep you up, and for me having events to go to is one of them. instead of sitting in the house i decided to suck it up get ready and make my way over to jesmond for a trip to the boilerhouse salon. two buses and a metro journey later i was there. the interior was just my cup of tea, renaissance meets shabby chic. the owner kim offered me a complimentary blow dry and treatment with one of there stylists hannah and i decided to just go for my usual laid back look of beachy effortless waves. they paid so much attention to all the bloggers constantly topping up my glass of prosecco and offering nibbles of parma ham and asparagus and also strawberries dipped in chocolate. we did also have the offer of getting our nails painted upstairs in the beauty room which i did take a wee snap of but as i'm currently trying to grow out my acrylics i decided not to. the whole salon just felt so comfortable as if i was coming into someones home. i definitely will consider going back if i find myself close to jesmond. i also want to say a big thank you to the LWPR girls for gifting me with some schwarzkopf hair products and also a chocolate treat from a local company. i won't lie, even though it was great to get myself out of the house i still wasn't feeling 100% and i think it probably conveyed as i wasn't as chatty as i normally find myself when i go to blogging events. it may have been seen as me being rude but i didn't mean it to be that way i just keep getting a lot of moments recently with my anxiety; which i used to be really good at controlling but now more often than not all of a sudden i want to go into a closed space and lock myself and never come out. but i'm working on it, i swear.

keep it up


what i'm wearing:
topshop skater dress

just because i'm currently lacking the motivation to stand in front of my camera in my room and take photos for posts at the moment doesn't mean i want to be completely AWOL from you guys. if i can get someone; like my sister in this case, to take a photo of my outfit for me i will. but if i do try and stay regular to blogging over the next week it may be wishlist posts or something similar. i am hoping to get a giveaway up in a couple of days though for reaching 1k bloglovin followers (<3) so keep your eyes peeled. i decided as i got paid on friday i deserved to treat myself with some retail therapy as i'd been feeling a bit pants so me and my sister decided to venture to the metro centre. what was the outcome? don't shop when you're sad as you will end up spending almost all your pay, minus £30. so i now have £30 out of my pay to last me until two weeks time. it's a good job i have some extra pennies in my honey pot. i got some lovely new things though, i think my favourite had to be two huge yankee candles from collectibles (who have 20% off as they're closing down) that i got for £25. my room just smells amazing all the time now. hope everyone had a lovely weekend, i think i'll be involved in the bbloggers chat tonight so please say hi. :)

sassy swimwear of summer 2013


let's get beach body ready!

now that summer has officially arrived, it’s time to find that perfect swimming costume for hanging poolside or on a beach resort. Luckily, there is a number of attractive and appealing swim attire available that won’t break the bank. additionally, with the assortment of swimwear available, you can easily create a beach ready look that’s chic and trendy. whether you want to flaunt your best features or rock the most fashionable suit on the beach, there are a multitude of chic beachwear in an array of sizes, shapes, and colours. from sassy swimsuits to hip beach dresses, the 2013 swimsuit season has everything you need to look good whilst basking in the sun.

much like this summer’s fabulous clothing trends, this season’s beachwear is all about style, sophistication, and curve-flaunting pieces. this summer, expect to see swimwear in vintage designs, patterns and prints, and unique details. here are a few of the trends that will be a hit around the pool or at the beach no matter where you go.

suits with curves appeal

if you're a buxom lady who loves to expose her lust-worthy curves, then 2013's swimwear styles are the perfect fit for you. in the past, curvalicious ladies often hid behind unbecoming tankinis or “mum” suits, however, current swimwear designers are creating sexier pieces for voluptuous women. today’s swimsuits are flattering, form-fitting, and reminiscent of swim attire worn by classic pinup girls. not only are full-figured women no longer confined to boring, conventional one-pieces, they can highlight or downplay certain parts of their bodies with this season’s unique cover ups, dresses, and beach pants. retailers like M&S offer all the charming beachwear trends of summer 2013, including beach dresses and cover ups, at remarkably affordable prices. one of summer’s hottest trends is vintage-inspired, and items such as high-waisted bikinis are ideal for ladies with curves.
spunky summer attire

during the summer, we typically shed our usual, conservative clothing for sassier wares, and, with this summer’s beachwear, you will definitely look saucy. bold colours, intriguing prints, and crazy patterns have been added to swimsuits and are available in a range of styles. if you're mad about the sexy, lingerie-inspired swimwear trend, there is a medley of designs, cuts, and styles that run the gamut from slightly racy to uber risque. although most of the lingerie-esque swimming costumes have kept the brilliant, radiant colours, prints, and patterns associated with this season’s beach garments, designers have also included lace and fierce cutouts. in addition to lace, funky prints, revealing cutouts, and plunging necklines, details like sweet bows and girly patterns such as polka dots have been incorporated to many garments in this year’s swimwear collection. expect to see bikini tops and bottoms with ruffles, as well as one-piece suits with shear cutouts, making the summer’s beachwear both sweet and enticing. if you like the sexy designs featured this season, but are a bit modest, throw on a matching wrap or linen beach dress or trousers.

*this is a guest editorial post

get me my plane ticket


what i'm wearing:
urban outfitters strapless dress
topshop leather clutch
zara strappy sandals
MAC lipstick in ruby woo
intial disc necklace
pandora heart ring (gift)
MK watch

i decided to keep the dress, mainly because i couldn't be bothered with having to return it. i do really like it though and it's a lovely simple addition to a summer wardrobe, or nice for an evening out if you are going on holiday as you need something breezy and comfortable so the heat doesn't make everything sticky. i think a nice statement necklace would be nice to add to the outfit too, as everything else is so plain. how would you style this dress? let me know.

p.s i'm currently dealing with some personal things at the moment. i will be back to blogging regularly when i can but for now i hope you all can understand and keep reading. if i feel up to making a blog post i will, don't worry. i am planning on going to the couture crush event in manchester next week though so please let me know if you're going too.

let the shoes do the talking


what i'm wearing:
MAC lipstick in ruby woo
pandora heart ring (gift)
MK watch

sometimes a lot of photos for an outfit post just aren't needed. choies are really on top form at the moment, providing a lot more pieces that look high end such as these shoes. i think they're perfect as they are so me; meaning i'd be dressed in black and white all day everyday if i could. although that makes them sound like they're incredibly boring they are far from it, the cut out detailing with a snakeskin fabric makes them a statement piece in my eyes. that being said a little but of red lipstick to help make an outfit better never does any harm. because i'm always up early and try to get ready for work as quickly as possible 9 times out of 10 i'll not even think of applying a lipstick even though i own so many that i love. it's a shame really as i do like wearing a lip colour as it can be just as important as accessorising sometimes. i'm going to make a note to myself to try and wear a colour more often.

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