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all items except clutch bag are from little black dress
if there is one thing every woman needs in there wardrobe, it's a little black dress. or if you are anything like me you might have five... oops. obviously everyone's style, shade and budget are different so it's great to have one place to find an evening dress online like little black dress. it's so easy to navigate around the website and find an outfit for any occasion, whether that may be a party dress or you need something a little more formal for a wedding or evening event. there were so many i liked on the website but i decided to style this gorgeous geek and stitches dress for a night out for a meal and some drinks. i love the quirky neckline and the contrast of prints; the geometric to the floral (?). although the website URL is little black dress that is not the only thing available online. don't worry there's plenty of colourful numbers to pick from and also you can get some gorgeous maxi dresses from little black dress. what dress would you pick? let me know :)

*this is a sponsored post


  1. That dress is freaking amazing :o I LOVE the neckline detail!


  2. That dress is gorgeeeeeeeeeous! And I love the little clutch bag! :) xx

  3. I am in LOVE with that dress! The neckline and cut is just so amazing!x

  4. I love the dress! x

  5. Ooo definitely checking them out now
    S xx

  6. Definitely going to check them out, nice post (:


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